Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



Time is standing still. I stand frozen, surrounded by cool water, hot sun and Elena's expert hands urging me forwards. Her beautiful eyes are wide and gaze encouragingly at me.

"Breathe, Christian." She whispers softly.

I let out a breath I didn't realise I was holding and then inhale deeply.

"That's it. Good boy. You can do this, Christian. I know you can."

Holy shit. If it was anyone else asking I'd back off, maybe even run. But for her...

I lower my hands and before I can change my mind, I grasp the hem of my tank top. She continues to hold me firmly - one hand stroking me rhythmically up and down, the other hand cupping and caressing my balls. The extra sensation of the water makes it feel even more intense. Gripping the material hard in both my hands I pull it away from my skin and begin to slowly move it upwards, my breath starting to come in shallow pants.

"Focus just on me, Christian. Nothing else. See me," she squeezes my cock tightly making me gasp. "FEEL ME."

I can feel the blood thundering round my head, chasing the demons that would drag me down again if I let them.


My tank top has now cleared the water and is under my chin. I only need give it a hard tug over my head to be rid of it.

"Nearly there my darling. You are doing so well. I'm so proud of you."

Her words are undoing me. My entire path in life hangs in the balance.

It's now or never, Grey...

Gritting my teeth so hard they grind audibly, I screw my eyes closed, yank the tank top aggressively over my head and launch it high into the air.

"YES! Well done Chr..."

I grab Elena hard either side of the face and kiss her with everything I have, my tongue plunging deep inside her mouth. She kisses me back equally hard and suddenly she's pumping me strong and fast under the water and rolling my aching balls between her fingers. The feeling is so intensely pleasurable it makes me gasp and pull off her lips.

"Elena," I pant. "I'm gonna come."

"Good," she hisses. "Don't hold back, Christian. I want to hear you. Release it all from within you."

"Ahh...AHHH...Oh...SHHIITTT..." I throw my head back, my eyes closed, my neck arched as I finally and gloriously reach the pinnacle of my climax.


I scream her name from the bottom of my lungs into the cloudless cornflower blue sky. An emphatic, cathartic scream as intense as the pulsating orgasm hurtling through me.

I convulse in her hands over and over as she pumps me whilst squeezing my balls. My mind as well as my load, have been well and truly blown. This is by far the most sexually intense, explosive experience of my life. I tilt my head slowly forwards and I can see my cock practically jettisoning thick spurts of cum under the water. Elena is also watching and is practically salivating.

"Oh Peachy," she murmurs sadly. "That should be in my mouth."

I reach out and run a trembling thumb over her lush lips. "Don't worry." I pant. "It will be soon." I shudder as the last drops spurt forwards and Elena finishes massaging my balls.

Christ...I'm fucked...

I lean my damp forehead against hers. "But I could do with a bit of a recharge first," I breathe looking into her eyes and smirking. "Besides...I believe YOU were making the sandwiches..."




We lie on adjoining loungers holding hands and listening to songs on my MP3 player, as we share an earphone each. We had a lovely meal from the fresh local foodstuffs in Tony's basket. Elena made sandwiches from the wonderfully dense, crusty bread and smothered it in tomato purée, olive oil, capers, olives and tinned tuna - apparently it's a typical sandwich filling, native to the islands. We also had a cheese salad made from tangy peppered goats cheese and wonderful fresh crunchy lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes, followed by some delicious date pastry wreaths for dessert. Now replete, we lie staring up at a myriad of stars in an inky-blue night sky, drinking a couple of bottles of ice-cold Cisk - the local beer.

And I still haven't put another t-shirt on...

Elena runs her thumb rhythmically over my knuckles. I find it comforting, but also a little sensual. She squeezes my hand and I tilt my head towards hers and smile fondly.

"How are you feeling?" She asks softly.

I take in a deep lungful of warm Mediterranean air and close my eyes briefly as the wonderful Villa Lobos aria floats through my brain.

"If I'm absolutely honest Elena, I'm feeling all kinds of things. I'm delighted we're out here alone together with just the crickets for company and I'm still shocked I managed to remove my tank top in front of you and not made any moves to cover myself up since. I'm awed by what you did to distract me so I could achieve that and how intensely I came because of it, and I feel a deep sense of relief and excitement that now I have achieved that... I can finally have sex with you." I finish sheepishly.

She beams at me. "It's been quite a day, hasn't it my darling?"

I nod, stifling a yawn. Elena squeezes my hand and removes her earphone. "I think it's time to hit the sack. You've gone through a lot today and you're probably a bit jet lagged too."

I take my earphone out and stretch upwards. "Yeah, with the best will in the world, my re-charge is taking longer than I'd hoped!"




We stand in the corridor leading onto the bedrooms, the cool tile floor bringing a welcome relief from the heat.

"Thanks for everything today, Elena. I couldn't have done it without you - but I may have to bend the truth a little when I tell Dr. Flynn!"

Elena smirks. "Yes, I'm sure the good Doctor can be spared ALL the gory details! He is helping you though?"

"Oh God Elena, he's the first shrink who doesn't treat me like some dumb kid who's making a fuss about a few scars! How did he diagnose my haphephobia when none of the others did? How do his therapies start to work where all the others failed? I can't thank you enough for recommending him."

She cups my face and strokes her thumbs over my lips. "Oh Christian, I'm just so glad he's helping you. You've been through so much, you deserve to be happy."

I snake my arms around her waist and fondle her sexy ass. "YOU make me happy. More than I can ever express or say."

Beaming she pulls me to her and kisses me hard. Her tongue unrelenting in my mouth. I respond with my own hard kisses, my tongue thrashing against hers. Eventually we breathlessly pull away. I rest my forehead against hers as I catch my breath.

"You're amazing," I pant as my heartbeat begins to slow.

She closes her eyes momentarily and seems to absorb the information for a moment. "No one's ever said that to me before." She whispers.

"Well you are and I'll keep saying it to you."

She smiles fondly at me and strokes my cheek. "Bedtime Master Grey. I'd like us to go sight-seeing tomorrow."

"I lean forward and kiss the tip of her nose. "You definitely okay with me sleeping on my own?"

"Oh darling of course I am! You explained all that. If that's what you are comfortable with, then it's fine by me. I promised you we'd take everything one step at a time."

I nod. "Thanks Elena."

"You don't have to keep thanking me. I'm getting my reward just being here in this beautiful place alone with you. Now off you go. Go and have a good sleep and wake up all refreshed tomorrow. Goodnight my darling."

"Goodnight." I watch her sashay down the corridor to her bedroom door. "Oh and Elena?"

She turns and looks at me. "Yes?"

"Dream of me."





I feel a warm breeze kiss my skin and sunlight dance on my eyelids. It takes my brain all of ten seconds to fire up and remember where I am. My eyelids slide open and focus on the window. The terracotta voile net curtains sway in the gentle breeze and beyond them I can see the cloudless blue sky and shimmering aquamarine Mediterranean. I smile sleepily.

Looks like another perfect day in paradise...

I stretch in bliss.



I twist on the bed and look up. My wrists are tied to the metal headboard with silk scarves.

"Good morning Peachy. Did you sleep well?"

I twist again and standing in the corner of the room is my Domme, dressed in a black basque, black panties, black silk hold-ups with lace tops and black leather high heeled boots.









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