Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



I feel her walking around the bed and then she grips my left wrist and binds it tightly with one end of a silk scarf. It just borders on being painful. She glares at me, so I drop my head down again. I feel her pull on the scarf, pulling...pulling until I can feel my shoulder almost protesting, then it settles, so I assume she has secured it to the bedpost. She then stalks around the bed and does the same to my other wrist, then tugs on the scarves.

"How does that feel?" She asks huskily.

"My shoulders are aching a bit, but it's bearable."


I hear her walk away from the bed and I sneak a look. She wanders over to the CD player, stops the Thomas Tallis CD and then ejects it. She leisurely browses through the rest of her CD's before selecting the one she wants and presses the tray to send it back into the player. I only just manage to get my head back down, as she turns.

Christ...What the hell's this?

The room is suddenly filled with a pulsing synthesised drum beat, accompanied by some sultry guitar riffs. It's nothing like I've ever heard before in this room or elsewhere. Its rhythm is repetitive and every now and again there is a hard beat - almost like a whip being cracked. Suddenly a deep, throaty voice starts singing and I can feel Elena move round the back of me.

"Open your legs wider," she orders.

I immediately obey, despite the protest from my shoulders.

"I want you to block everything out except this song," she instructs. "Just focus on the beat," she murmurs, as I feel her hands begin to caress the soft flesh of my ass.

Ooh - she's put on silk gloves... Mmmm...

"You have the most perfect ass, Christian." She rasps, "Round and pert like a peach. I want to bite it."

Holy shit!

"Ar...Are you going to bite my ass?" I say in such a high pitch squeak, I barely recognise myself. I'm scared, trepidatious...and horribly turned on, all at the same time.

SHIT! How can I be getting turned on by this?

"No, Christian. I'm not going to bite your ass - even though it deserves to be." She breathes. "I'm going to spank it."

"Spank it?"

What the fuck? I've never been spanked in my life!

She continues to caress the smooth flesh of my butt cheeks. "You've been a bad boy, Christian. And bad boys get spanked. HARD."

Before my mind can process this information, I feel her hands move off my ass and then a split second later, her hand connects with my butt cheek in a sharp, stinging slap.


The softness of the glove barely nullifies the sting, as it ripples across my ass.

"Shh," she says softly, and gently fondles my butt cheeks again.

Well... I guess that wasn't so bad in the end...


SHIT! It's not over!

My body quivers as she delivers another stinging slap across the opposite butt cheek and I feel my whole body tense up.

"Don't fight me, Christian," she breathes. "Or I will punish you for longer."

Holy crap!

I try and fight my natural instincts; which at the moment are to rear up and rip the satin scarves right off the bedpost, so I can put an end to this spanking.

"Remember - you can always safeword, Christian."

Oh yeah, I'd almost forgotten about that.

"What's your safeword?" She murmurs.

"Mia," I moan.

It's the only word that makes me feel safe...

"Do you want to safeword, Christian?" She whispers softly as she caresses my ass with gentle, silken strokes.

"No." I breathe.

Well...Not yet...


And with that, she delivers another ringing blow. But this time its lower, at the bottom junction of my ass, and the impact connects with my hyper-sensitive balls - shooting them forwards against my cock.


A strong tremor runs through me and I am instantly as hard as stone - the tip of my cock rubbing against the bottom curve of my navel.

"Elena," I cry out in anguish.

"Focus on the music, Christian," she growls.


'Sometimes...Sometimes bad is bad,' the deep throaty voice sings.

Christ - whoever this guy is, he's not fucking wrong...

A pattern slowly develops as the song goes on repeat - right cheek, left cheek, junction; caress, fondle, SPANK! I'm struggling to connect to that dark place in psyche I usually go to in times of pain or distress. This isn't like any pain I've ever experienced before and with my bare ass in the air for the first time, I feel very exposed and vulnerable...

...And so fucking hard it's almost painful...

"You're doing very well, Christian." She says encouragingly. "But don't come just yet..."

"I...I don't know how much longer I can hold on for," I groan.

How long does she intend to prolong this torture?

In the midst of my torment I suddenly realise she's stopped spanking me. I hear a drawer being shut then something soft begins to flutter across the sensitised skin of my ass. It's some kind of feathery instrument. It's light caress is ticklish and I automatically clench my butt cheeks in protest.




The combination of my sore ass, the feathers lightly tickling my warmed skin and the clenching of my butt cheeks, sends a sharp, sweet agony directly to my groin and my cock thickens automatically. Before my brain can assimilate all these sensations, something furry takes a grip of me and slides slowly down my straining cock.

"ELENA! WHAT THE FUCK?" I cry out, as my head twists and jerks downwards.

I can see her legs now, as she is standing side onto my hips and her right hand is encased in a tiger-patterned fur glove. She strokes me firmly from root to tip and it's the closest she has ever come to actually touching me intimately in the past six months.

"Shhh. Concentrate and ride it out." She hisses as she continues to stroke me.

"I want to COME," I plead in desperation.

She increases the tempo. "No one's stopping you," she pants.

Oh fuck...Oh fuck...Oh...FFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!


I gradually begin to feel the satin covers of the bed under my bare groin, as my senses try to return to normality. I realise I can now actually move my arms freely and I use them to push my chest slowly off the mattress.

When did she untie me? Did I pass out?

My eyes find hers and she is propped up on the bed next to me.

"Hi," she murmurs and smiles, as I feel the feathery sensation return to stroke my cheek. I turn slightly and realise she is holding a long handled duster with ornate black feathers. I look into her face again. It is flushed and glowing with a fine sheen of sweat. She looks utterly beautiful. "You handled that really well. How do you feel?" She purrs.

How do I feel? Actually, how DO I feel?

"Umm..." I take the opportunity to stretch out. "Despite the sore ass... I feel amazing!" I grin impishly at her.

She beams and grabs my face, pushing her lips hard onto mine and plunging her tongue into my mouth. I grip the satin sheets with white knuckled force, so I don't give into temptation and make a grab for her amazing tits. We kiss for I don't know how long, then she withdraws her tongue and kisses me gently at the corner of my mouth.

"Don't move. I'll get you something for that gorgeous ass of yours."

I beam and link my hands under my chin, watching her intently as she moves around the room. She rummages in her make up on the dresser and returns with a bottle of baby oil and cotton wool pads.

"Baby oil?" I ask in amusement.

"Oh Christian, you wouldn't believe what I can do with some baby oil."

HOLY SHIT! My mouth waters as my mind plays all sorts of fantasises at warp speed - mainly consisting of my hands on her well-oiled tits...


"What are we going to do in the future, Elena?" I hesitantly ask, as I lean up on the breakfast bar in her kitchen an hour later.

"How do you mean?" She enquires, as she hands me a glass of ice-cold Sancerre.

"Us... This... Umm...arrangement," I frown. "The extension will be completed in a couple of months. There's just the painting and fixtures and fittings left to do - none of which I can help with - so I'll no longer have a good excuse to come over."

She looks coyly at me over the rim of her crystal wine glass. "And DO you still want to continue with our arrangement, Christian?"

"Yes," I almost whisper. "Do you?" I hold my breath.

Please don't end it yet...

After what feels like an eternity she suddenly breaks into a smile, reaches over and places her hand gently over mine. It's the first time her hand has directly touched anywhere other than my face or hair and I fight my automatic reflex - which is to yank my hand away.

"Yes Peachy, I do."

I let out a relieved breath and it's a few moments before my brain registers what she actually said.

"Peachy?" I ask, confused.

She smirks naughtily. "It's my pet name for you. To celebrate your fine, peachy ass. How is it by the way?"

I shake my head, amused. "Still stings a bit, but the Sancerre is helping." I take a deep breath. "Can I give you a pet name?"

She inhales sharply and I hold my breath again. I don't fancy another spanking so soon. I may have bent the truth a little when I said it was only stinging a bit...

"Depends on what it is," she says in a low, hard voice, as her ice-blue eyes begin to glimmer dangerously.

"Pamela." I blurt out, as subtly as a kick to the head.

She takes a deep breath and looks coolly at me and I don't know whether she's angry or amused.

"Pamela?" She asks quietly.

I nod nervously. "After Pamela Anderson. Your tits in that basque thing remind me of hers when she was in Baywatch."

She suddenly cackles loudly. "Oh Christian! I don't know whether to be pleased or annoyed!"


I look at her wide-eyed in fear, but she gives my hand a gentle squeeze.

"Luckily for you, I've always thought she was very attractive."

Phew! And wow, I actually don't mind her holding my hand...

"It also wouldn't be a bad thing for us to use these names in the bedroom. It would help with setting up a scene and role-playing, if we get into character."

I clear my throat. "'re saying you'd find a way we could still see each other, even when the extension is completed?"

She beams and taps the side of her nose conspiratorially. "I'm working on a plan. You'll just have to trust me, Christian."

At this moment in time, I'd trust her with just about anything...

I nod and she moves her hand and walks seductively around the breakfast bar.

Then her lips find mine.




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