Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



"I came in to check on you and you were so naked and beautiful - you looked like Michelangelo's David. And you had the most gorgeous erection...It was a shame to waste it."


I look down at myself and my morning glory is standing so hard and proud, I half expect it to start singing the national anthem.

HOLY CRAP! Must be the warm Mediterranean air!

Elena stalks slowly towards me, her high heels clicking on the smooth tiles.

"We don't have to if you don't want to." She almost whispers. "I can untie you immediately - if that's what you want?"

"No! No I want this. I want YOU." I say firmly.

"Good." She smiles and grabs a cup from the nightstand. "Drink this. I need you to be hydrated. Maybe it's a good thing we're doing this at six-thirty in the morning." She places the cup against my lips and cradles my head whilst I drink. "I'm going to speak to George when he comes and ask about fitting the place with air-con. These fans are just recycling the warm air."

I gulp down some welcome cold water and as she moves the cup away, a thought hits me.

"I've brought condoms...they're in my toiletry bag in the bathroom."

Elena smiles and strokes my face. "My sweet boy. We won't need them."


"I'm not going to go into details now, Christian, but I can't have children. We won't need condoms. I also had full health checks last week to be sure I was clear - even though I've not had sex in over a year."

We don't need condoms, she can't have kids and she hasn't had sex in over a year - when she must have stopped seeing Alan because of me. HOLY SHIT...

"I'm in excellent clear health, you haven't had any sexual are we good to go then?"

"Oh hell yeah!"

Elena laughs and cups my face gently. "I've waited a long time for this, Christian." She whispers and kisses me softly.

"Me too," I breathe against her lips. "I've dreamt of this since the first time you slapped me."

She smirks and then she looks at me appraisingly. "Before we start I want to tell you something."


"I'm not going to go as hard on you as I usually do. You've been ill and it's also your first time. I want to build up to all the heavy stuff."

A pang of disappointment hits me, but I manage a small smile. "Okay."

She straightens up and walks sedately to a chair by the door. She picks something up I cannot see from my prostrate position, then saunters slowly back over to me.

Holy shit! She's got more silk scarves AND a flogger!

"I thought that today, this would be better than a crop or cane."

I nod, suddenly struck dumb in anticipation.

Did she pack all that stuff in her case?

"Do you want me to try it on your bare chest?" She asks as she ties an ankle to the bedpost.


FUCK! I don't know if I do or I don't!


"I...I'll try." I whisper.

"Good boy. And you promise to safeword?" She ties my other ankle to the opposite bedpost.


Suddenly the flogger lashes down hard on my thighs.


"Yes, what Peachy?"

"Y-yes Elena."

FUCK! And so it begins...

She places the flogger on the bed beside me and takes the final silk scarf - embroidered with some kind of infinity pattern - and covers my eyes, tying it at the nape of my neck. She kisses me swiftly then I feel her move away and she follows with two swift lashes to my knees and shins, making me cry out.

"That's it Peachy, no one can hear us out here. I want you to make noise. Release all those demons from within you."

And with that she delivers a ringing lash to the sole of my left foot. It tickles as well as stings and makes me shriek.

FUCK! I sound like a girl!

The shock wave travels up my leg and connects with my swollen balls. I know there's another one to follow on my right sole and as I psyche myself up, the flogger is lashed against the already sensitised flesh of my left sole again, catching me totally off-guard.

"FUCK!" I shriek.

I am way beyond caring about being embarrassed at the sound now, as Elena swiftly follows with a couple of sharp ringing lashes to my right sole. All the hairs on my lower body - from the tiny ones on my toes upto my curly pubes - have now all jumped up and are standing to attention. Elena then swiftly delivers three strong lashes in quick succession - on my shins, knees and thighs and I cry out again.

"You are doing really well, Peachy," she breathes over my erection.

CHRIST...I'm glad one of us thinks so...

My brain is still scrambling when I suddenly feel her go down on me and suckle the top two inches in her warm wet mouth. She then grasps me firmly with one hand and I feel her lift my erection up...then the flogger lashes hard against my balls.

"ELENA!" I scream as my hips lift of the bed.

The pain is sharp and stinging, but thankfully swiftly replaced by a sweet all-encompassing agony, topped off by the feel of Elena gently lapping at what must be eager droplets of dew at the tip of my cock.

"Hang in there, Peachy." She hisses and the flogger lashes suddenly across my abs.

"AHH!" I cry out more in shock than anything else.


"Yes," I hiss.

The flogger lashes down again and stings my abs.


"Yes," I mumble and try to empty my mind of all thoughts as the flogger lashes over my chest, stinging my nipples with a sweet sharp kiss.


It's the first time I have felt pain there since that bastard pimp, but this time I'm left with a sharp sweet pleasure and not lingering immense pain.

"Again, Elena. Please." I beg.

The flogger lashes down in the same place and my nipples swell and become achingly hard and erect. Suddenly Elena's mouth surrounds one of my areola and she sucks and grazes it with her teeth and swiftly does the same to the opposite one, before blowing across them both.

I cannot speak. All I can manage is some kind of gargled version of her name in my throat.

"I've wanted to do that for so long Peachy," she whispers against my lips. "I so wanted you to feel pleasure there instead of pain." She captures my lips in a lush wet kiss.

"Elena," I finally groan. "I don't know how much longer I can hold on for."

She grabs both sides of my face. "Oh you WILL hold on Peachy." She hisses. "You have to pleasure me first."


I feel her move away and her heels click on the tiles. I hear a zipper and shuffling, then the bed dips and I know she has climbed aboard. I feel her stand and walk between my legs and then she widens her stance as she moves up and I feel her bare feet either side of my shoulders. The headboard behind me moves slightly and suddenly her wonderful musky scent is in my nostrils and her weight is on my chest.

Her index finger pulls at my lower lip. "Stick your tongue out, Peachy."


My lips are trembling as my tongue slides apprehensively forwards. I feel Elena pinch the tip and shake it gently.

"Leave your tongue in this position. As it's your first time today, I'll do all the work. Next time it will be your turn. But don't worry - I will teach you how."

I nod helplessly and suddenly her weight lifts off my chest and she lowers herself onto my waiting tongue.

"Yes!" She gasps.

Holy mother of all fantasies. I have dreamt of this since I first saw the outline of her bare mound that time in her bedroom. I never thought it would happen like this - where I am trussed up, helpless, and totally surrounded by her. She feels so soft and smooth against my face, and she tastes...a mixture of salty and tangy. I LIKE...

The metal bedposts tap softly against the wall behind my head as she rocks against me, building up momentum and moaning loudly.

I seriously cannot fucking wait for her to show me how to do this properly. How she likes fast... It certainly beats the toothbrush...

Elena suddenly stills and after a beat she shrieks her release as she undulates on my tongue, riding out her orgasm.

"Fuck..." She hisses. "That was wonderful, Peachy."

I feel her slowly lift off my mouth, then her hands are at my temples and she whips off my blindfold, making me blink rapidly in the sunlight that has begun to flood the room. It takes a few seconds for me to focus, then I am greeted by her wet mound, her amazing tits and her flushed face.


She strokes my tongue. "You can put that away for now." She smiles. I replace my tongue as she shuffles back down me and I'm amazed by how much stronger I can now taste her.

She is sat on my hips, my erection pressing into the crack of her sweet ass.

"I'm so proud of you Peachy. You've handled all that better than I could have hoped. Are you ready for the final step?"

"Definitely. Everything you have done so far has been amazing, Elena."

She beams. "And it's only going to get better from now on," she rasps as she grasps my hips, levers herself over my erection...

...And finally descends onto me.




"Breathe, Christian."

I gasp as the air leaves my lungs and I inhale sharply.

"Deep breaths my darling. It will make you last longer. I know how desperate you are to come."

About as desperate as I can fucking get...

She undulates slowly on top of me and I try to gain control over my breathing and emotions, as I slowly slide deeper.

"That's it, Peachy. Just focus on my eyes for now." She pants.

"Okay." I breathe

I desperately want to take in all of her naked beauty but I know I will lose control if I do and I'm sick of exploding before my time.


I now get why Elliot is such a man-whore! This is like the best thing...EVER!

"I've ached to have you inside me, Christian. It was worth the wait. You feel incredible my darling."

"Oh Elena, so do you! Everything in my life has been leading up to this you..."

She leans forward and grabs my shoulders. "Well my darling, I have fettered and flogged you. I think it's high time I fucked you...HARD!"

I gasp at her words as I slip even deeper inside her and she begins to grind hard against me. The feeling is mind blowing.

"AHHH!" I cry out. "Elena...I..."

She places a long elegant finger on my lips. "It's okay Christian." She pants riding me faster. "Let go. Let go with everything you have. NOW!"

Everything in my being has travelled to the centre-point of my hips, gathering like a hot wave of molten lava...


I scream out her name as my body thrusts upwards and I explode deep within her. Somewhere in the distance I hear my name...

"Christian, Christian...OH! CHRISTIAN!"


The ceiling fan whirs above our heads, distributing the warm breeze from the window over our naked bodies on the bed. I lie on my back all loose aching limbs and Elena is propped up on her elbow as she strokes my face.

"That was amazing, my gorgeous darling. You did brilliantly."

I smile a stupidly happy smile at her that I'm sure makes me look like a love-struck fool, but at this moment in time, I really don't care.

"I have an amazing teacher."

She beams. "Yes you do."

"I'm a very lucky guy."

She shakes her head. "I'm the lucky one, believe me. If someone told me eighteen months ago, I would be training a young, brilliant submissive, I'd have had them certified!"

I frown. "Is that how you'll always see me - as your submissive?"

She grabs my face. "Oh darling no! Of course not! Okay maybe in the beginning it was all about teaching you how to submit to me, but now that is only a part of our relationship. You've become so dear to me, Christian. I wake up every day with a smile on my face because of you. You are a wonderful person and are growing into a fine young man - who is going to make his family very proud one day."

I close my eyes and shake my head. Elena grips my hair and pulls on it hard, making my eyes spring open. "YOU WILL CHRISTIAN. I totally believe that. And I will do anything I can to help you achieve it."

"Thank you, Elena. I don't know how I am ever going to repay you for all this..."

She places an elegant finger on my lips. "By fulfilling your potential...and by letting me beat you and then fuck your brains out regularly!"

I gasp in mock horror. "Mrs. Lincoln!"

"Are you going argue with me, Peachy?"

"Umm...maybe after breakfast..?"


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