Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



Still avoiding eye-contact she reaches up, bypassing my erection and suddenly releases the bow. Slightly surprised and despite my still bound hands, I stretch up in relief - relieving some of the tension in my shoulder muscles from not being able to move my arms.

"Give me your hands...please Sir," she says in a breathy voice still with her eyes downcast.

Bemused, I place my hands in front of her and to my astonishment she begins to untie them.

"Elena..?" I begin questioningly.

"I thought Sir would like to hold my head whilst I sucked him off..."

HOLY SHIT! So that's why she untied me!

"I'd like that very much." I growl.

FUCK! Where did that voice come from?

Elena's eyes shoot upwards, breaking all Submissive protocol. She cocks her head to one side and gazes at me. Her expression giving nothing away.

Steel your nerves, Grey...

I gaze back and at the same time I push my shoulders back and stand a little straighter. I narrow my eyes at her slightly and aim to look as dominant as I possibly can. Her breathing begins to increase and her ruby red lips part as she begins to gently pant. Her cheeks begin to glow with colour and in the next breath, she lowers her gaze, grasps me firmly with both hands and plunges me into her warm, wet mouth.

"AAHHH!" I cry out in surprise at her sudden, but welcome assault. I wobble slightly, automatically grabbing her head to steady myself.

Hmmm...hold her head whilst she sucks me off..?

I grasp her either side of her jaw and aid her movements.


Holy crap! This is awesome!

I gaze down at her in awe, but she is still in her Submissive-no-eye-contact-role. As much as I'm enjoying the mind-blowing visuals at long last, something just doesn't feel right. I need her to look at me. I want her to see what she's doing to me...

"Elena," I breathe.

No response. She continues to suck me off stoically, without looking up.


On a moment of bravery, I fist my hands in her hair, pulling them down so that her head is forced upwards. Her startled ice-blue eyes find mine, as I hold her head perfectly still.


FUCK! I'm growling again.

She kneels at my feet and places her hands on her knees. Her is face flushed and glowing, her tits rising and falling in her vest and her juicy wet mouth is full of my straining cock.

"Christ. You look so fucking beautiful like that, Elena." I pant. "I know as a Submissive you aren't meant to make eye contact, but as it's my first time at this...can we make an exception to the rule? Please? I want you to look at me. I NEED you to. I don't know why, but I do."

She continues to stare impassively at me and then she blinks and nods slowly.

I let out a relieved breath. "Thank you. I promise you can spank me black and blue later."

Hell - at this moment in time I'd take another caning as long as she didn't fucking move.

She blinks slowly at me and I take it as my cue. Releasing my grip on her hair slightly, I angle her head to the exact point I want it and hold it in place. Elena makes no attempt to move or protest. Pulling back so only the last couple of inches remain in her mouth, I then gently push my way back in, feeling my cock slide to the back of her throat. Not taking my eyes off hers, I repeat the motion again and again.

"Faster?" I pant, not wishing to push my luck, as I pull back.

Again she nods slowly, but this time her lips twitch into a slight smile and my heart flips in my chest.


Holding her gently but firmly in place I begin to move, thrusting into her accepting mouth, but mindful of not pushing myself too hard or too far. Our eyes lock as she grips my hips - blazing gray eyes into glittering blue. I grit my teeth, wanting to prolong this time; to burn this moment into my mind forever - so when I am next crawling around in the depths of my despair, I can recall it vividly and escape my torment.

I feel my balls tighten and I know my time is almost up. I will my eyes to stay open, but they just won't - no more than I can stop my neck from arching backwards, as I thrust one last, glorious time...


I explode into her mouth as my juices burst forward and slip down her throat. She remains stock still despite my tightening grip. The only movement is her swallow reflex as it constricts around my pulsating head. I shudder and slowly bring my head forwards as my eyes search for hers. She looks at me through thick dark lashes and hooded eyes. Very gently and still holding her by the jaw, I slowly ease out of her mouth. She places her hands onto mine and levers herself up to a standing position. I am suddenly hit with a wave of sheer gratitude towards this amazing woman, but still being unable to put into words how I feel about any other person in this world, I instead plunge my mouth onto hers and kiss her with all that I have. She responds immediately, her hands fisting in my hair, holding me to her as our tongues dance together. At the back of my mind I realise I can taste myself on her. It gives me a little illicit thrill. I pull away gently and look down at her.

"That was," I pant. "Without doubt, the most amazing experience of my entire life. Thank you, Elena. Thank you for giving me what I so desperately needed."

"Oh Christian," she breathes as she strokes her thumb against my lower lip. "That's all I wanted to do. Give you a break from all the crap you've been through...and are still going through." She smirks naughtily at me. "Besides...I love to watch you come."

I gasp and then grin at her. "Talking of which...I think it's only fair I return the compliment."

"Christian Grey...are you offering to make me come?" She says, feigning surprise and shock.

Oh fuck yeah...

I nod enthusiastically, making her laugh. "Well how can I turn down such a kind offer," she says looking at me coquettishly through her eyelashes. "Grab the toothbrush."


I look at her in bewilderment. She points to the floor. "Linc's toothbrush. It was my improvised vibrating device."


I look at her in horror.

"Don't look at me like that!" She suddenly snaps. "You know with bondage and domination you have to keep an open mind. You would be surprised what ordinary household implements you can use for pleasure."

I lower my gaze. "Sorry," I mumble. "I didn't realise it had been a toothbrush. I...I didn't really know what it was. And the fact that it's Linc's..." I trail off.

Shit! That's fucked-up even by my standards...

She suddenly grabs my chin roughly, forcing me to look at her. "Hey. Don't over-think this. I would have used mine, but he's got a new state-of-art-100-oscillations-per-millisecond-one. I thought it would be more pleasurable, as it vibrates more. That's the only reason why I used it."

I let out a deep breath. " you've explained's not so bad."

She arches a perfect eyebrow. " I still getting an orgasm?"

I grin at her. "Who am I to deny you an orgasm? Get on the bed."

She beams as I let go of her and I turn around to pick up the toothbrush.

"Grab the baby oil too."


I grab both items and turn around. She has got on the bed and flung her exercise vest off, revealing her amazing breasts glowing with a fine sheen of sweat. She then wriggles out of her tight, black exercise leggings, whilst I watch utterly enthralled and completely immobile.


I almost stumble forwards towards her, as for once, my greedy eyes don't just feast on the sight of her amazing tits, but instead to the flimsy triangle of black lace that covers her most intimate area...



Not only have I been caught staring, my mouth has watered so much, I have to swallow so I don't drool in front of her.

"S-sorry Elena. You look incredible." I mumble.

She smirks seductively at me. "I'm keeping the thong on. I thought it best we take it one step at a time - and judging by your reaction...I was right!"

I nod, as it's just about the only thing I can manage right now.

Dammit...she knows me better than I know myself...

I crawl onto the bed and kneel up between her spread legs. I still can't take my eyes off her crotch. Now it's so close to me I can see every line of her sweet mound through the fabric...

Shit! There's no fucking hair on it...

"I have it waxed regularly." She responds to my unanswered question.


"Doesn't that hurt?"

"It does a bit. I've got used to it and my beauty therapist is very good." She cocks her head to the side again. "I've just've never seen one up close have you?" She whispers.

"Only in porn magazines and they've usually got some hair on them..."

SHIT! What a time to have another brain to mouth malfunction!

She smiles at my horrified face. "Darling boy...I would be shocked if you DIDN'T look at porn."

I smile weakly as a blush flames my face.

"No time to be embarrassed, Peachy," she snaps. "I need you to focus."

And just like that, I'm brought back to the here and now.

"Warm the oil in your hands," she instructs.

I nod, and with trembling fingers, I pour some of the sweet-smelling oil onto my hands and rub them gently together.

"Now...I want you to caress my breasts with your hands. Whichever way you want. I want you to get an idea of how they feel and also of what I like..."




I eagerly go to grab her breasts and at the last second I realise my hands look like two huge claws. I straighten my fingers slightly as my hands sink onto the pillowy flesh.


They have to be, without doubt, the best thing I have ever touched in my life. Even jerking myself off doesn't come close to this. Elena closes her eyes and moans softly, making my already semi-hard cock, twitch dangerously.

"That's it...just go slowly for now. Squeeze...yes...again...good. Now take the nipples in between your thumbs and index fingers. That's it. Now use the oil to just roll the nipples between your...AHHH...Oh God..."

Her head falls back and her mouth slackens as she moans. The sky blue sheet under her, bunches at her sides as she grips it with white-knuckled force.

Her eyes suddenly spring open and she tilts her head and looks at me.

"Okay...enough. I can feel you throbbing against my leg."


I was so mesmerised by my task, I'd totally missed my huge boner rubbing against the inside of her thigh. She passes me her discarded vest. "Wipe your hands and get the toothbrush."

Never in a million years, did I imagine that sentence would ever turn me on the way it just did.

I do ask she asks and she brings her knees up and bends them either side of me. I can smell her hot musky arousal and see a dark, damp patch seeping through the lace.

Holy shit! That's so hot...

"Turn it on. It's got two speeds, so we'll go with the slower setting first."

I nod and flick the switch, making the toothbrush vibrate in my hands.

"Now take the tip of the brush and place it gently here." She indicates a spot just above the damp patch with an elegant finger.

Thankfully the vibrating toothbrush masks my shaking hands, as I put the tip where she asked.

"AHHH!" She hisses loudly. "Oh God...that feels so good..." She places her hands over mine. "Just move it now in tiny circles like this...YES! OHHH..."

FUCK! I never dreamt technically not touching a woman would be so FREAKING AWESOME!

"Mmm...oh Peachy...I'm not far off..." She moans as she briefly closes her eyes. When she opens them again they are like fiery shards of ice. She looks directly at me. "Top speed. NOW."


I flick the switch again and the toothbrush buzzes with new energy. Her hands grip onto me holding me in just the right place for her.

"Yes...yes...right there..."

She suddenly lifts off the bed, her spine arching as her head is thrown backwards.




"Hey..." she sits up and grasps me firmly either side of my face. "Darling, please don't be embarrassed."

I can barely look her in the eye. "But I got it all over you," I mumble, blushing to my roots.

"Yes you did. And I loved the feel of every hot drop of it."


"Really?" I ask in total disbelief.

She kisses me tenderly. "Yes really. Everything about you is hot, Christian. Your face, your body, your mind...your cum."

I don't know whether to be mortified or pleased. I didn't mean to ejaculate - and certainly not on her skin at the exact moment she had climaxed. I'd gotten it all up her thighs, but thankfully not on the covers.

I look at her sheepishly. "I'm only hot because you made me this way."

She beams. "I know. Go me!" She squeezes my hand. "Now that I also know that you are capable of coming twice in quick succession...a whole new world of possibilities opens up..."


I launch myself at her, grabbing her face and kissing her hard, all my earlier embarrassment forgotten. We kiss passionately and then I pull off her lush lips reluctantly. "It's getting late. I should head back."

She nods. "Help yourself to a shower. I don't think Grace will appreciate you turning up to supper all hot and sweaty."

I smirk and give her a final swift kiss before leaping off the bed. I spot something on the floor by one of the four poster bedposts and pick it up.

"Elena...Can I keep this tie?"


...So that's where he got it..!


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