Are You Kidding Me?!?!?!

This is about a 17 year old girl Katie that lives in Wolverhampton,England. She doesnt like One Direction, all but one. What happens when she runs into him. What will she do, act like she hates him, or will she act like she loves one direction, or even will she fall for him but confess that she isnt the biggest fan.


2. Is This Really That Bad?????

I woke up feeling horrible. Like im going to dread this day, and i will pray that it goes by fast. I go downstairs, im not really that hungry so i just pour myself a glass of orange juice. And then my mom walks into the kitchen from the livingroom with boxes. 

"Bring these to your room so you can finish packing" my mom said as she hands me the boxes.

"Ughhh do i really have to"?I say in return. 

"Yes, like i said before we have to support your father. This is the best thing that has ever happened to your father.Its a chance to start fresh with everything", my mother explained.

"Whatever if you say so. But i dont want to start fresh"i say as i carry the boxes up to my room.

I start throwing stuff into boxes. Clothes, books, pictures, pillows, and anything else in my room. And before i know it my room it bare empty and its 3 p.m. So i put my phone, ipod, and the chargers and my kindle in my carry on so i have something to do on the plane. 

Maybe this wont be as bad as im making it out to be. Maybe im over exaggerating just a little bit to much. Like my mom said its a fresh start. New friends, new guys;). At least i can only hope they will like me.  

"Katie", my mom calls from downstairs.

"Yeah mom" i say back.

"Start putting the boxes and everything in the back of the truck"my mom replies.

"Yup yup okay" i reply.

If i bring two  boxes down at a time, that means only two trips. I pick up two of the boxes. And i think to myself ehh they aint tht heavy. Then i call Sam and tell her everything but she already knew but we stayed on the phone for a while.

After im done my mom ordered pizza and we ate pizza on the way to the airport seems how its 10p.m.

They call out our flight number so me and my parents went to board the plane. 

There werent very many people on the plane. As soon as i find my seat i take out my ipod and headphone and shuffle through the songs and i end up falling asleep.







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