Are You Kidding Me?!?!?!

This is about a 17 year old girl Katie that lives in Wolverhampton,England. She doesnt like One Direction, all but one. What happens when she runs into him. What will she do, act like she hates him, or will she act like she loves one direction, or even will she fall for him but confess that she isnt the biggest fan.


1. Wow...

 Hi my name is Katie Rose. Im seventeen years old. I live in New York City, New York. I live with my mom and dad. My bestfriend lives right nextdoor, we have been friends since birth. We even shared a crib together. Her name is Samantha or Sam for short.

"Katie come here we have some exciting news to tell you"my mom yelled from downstairs.

Ughh why cant she ever come up here, instead of making me come all the way down there to hear he tell me something thats not problay even that important. If you find it so important come up here and tell me. Expecially when im listening to my favorite song in the world by Drake!

"And i said Hell Yeah Hell Yeah Hell Yeah Fucking right damn right alright" i sing in my bedroom.

"Katie get down here now"my mom yelled again.

"Give me a minute im doing my homework" i yelled back.

Ya, i know i lied but oh well. I dont even want to go down there and hear what is supossed to be so important when its not. Like one time she had me come down there to tell me Justin Bieber got arrested again but for graffiting. Like really i dont even like Justin Bieber, just his name ewww. Im more of a country and rap kind of girl. And Justin Bieber is just so fake and looks like a girl(i made this up i rlly love him).And yes this means i cant stand One Direction just like they are to peppy for me. (also made up)

"Katie if you dont get down here in the next two minutes you wont like the outcome"my mom yells one last time.

"Im coming god damn chill the fuck out" i yelled back annoyed at her while turing off my music and stomping down the stairs.

"Language young lady"my father said.

"Ya whatever" i say as i go in the kitchen.

"Sweetheart sit we have something very important to tell you, your dad just got a job offer in Wolverhampton,England. He will get paid way more money . So that means we are moving there with him to support him"my mother said smiling.

"We leave tomorrow night 10p.m. sharp"my mother added.

What you have to be kidding me!! I love it here this is where my friends are. This is where i was born and raised, and she just wants me to get up and leave. No im not leaving i dont want to go where that gay british/irish whatever boyband is from. I can tolerate moving to Canada and dealing with Justin Bieber over dealing with them.

"What no what about school, what about all my friends, what about Sam. I love it here  i dont want to go i refuse to go. I will go live with Sam if i have to" I say very upset.

"Im sorry sweetheart but you have to go. You can make new friends. Start fresh at a new school. You cant go live with Sam her mother has her own kids to worry about. And i heard there are alot of cute boys your age there.Youre going and thats final."my mom says.

"Ughhhhhhhhh" i say as i go upstairs.

I go up stairs and slam my door. Ughh why cant i just stay instead of going to England. Im going to call Sam tell her this horrible news even though she would love to go to England because she loves One Direction.

"Please answer, Please answer", i say despritly into the phone while its ringing.

Voicemail. Ugh why do people have phones if they are not going to answer them. It pisses me off. Well might as well start packing for my oh so exciting day tomoorrow.



***Please READ: I am truly sorry if this is horrible. This is my first fanfiction. But feel free to leave comments about what you think or anything and i will deffinetly take note of them. 


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