Can You Love Me? Can I Love You?

Ingrid White wasn't typical. Basically imagine the most spunky, hipster-like girl in your school, and and add some nerd and even more spunk. Your end result would be Ingrid White. She was a writer, and she lived in a small town in Tennessee.

Enter Niall Horan. International celebrity. Irish. Loved by all.

Will these two be able to fall in love despite totally different lives?


1. Read Into My Love, Why Don't You?

(Ingrid's POV) 

I suppose now I'll tell you about how I actually fell in love. I mean, I've had plenty of boyfriends, but until I met my future, I never loved anyone. I thought I did, just like everybody does when they get caught in the moment, but I was so lost in that moment that I never realized how horrible my boyfriends were treating me... He helped me learn though. 


                                 5 Years Earlier 


(Niall's POV) "Mate, I know you miss Alicia, but you can't seriously think you love this girl, you just met her." Louis was trying to convince me that I just missed my ex, when in reality, I loved this girl. I mean, I've never actually had a real conversation with her, but I've always believed in love at first sight. See this girl, I think her name was Ingrid, I heard a producer yelling at her after we left the studio, anyway, this girl wrote an article for Teen Vogue and she was our interviewer today. I was expecting to have a good interview, Teen Vogue always tried really hard to make interviews fun, but the last interviewer we had was really rude and I honestly just wanted to go back to our hotel and sleep. So when we walked in, I was caught by surprise when we found a pretty girl who was probably about 18 sitting in the couch that's supposed to be for the person/people getting interviewed. The first thought in my head when I saw her was that she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, she literally took my breath away. Alicia had never done that, no other girl I'd ever been attracted to had taken my breath away like that. What was I supposed to do? I knew I wouldn't be able to answer any questions she would ask me. In that moment I was glad for the first time ever that I wasn't the most popular of the boys. But the whole interview she asked me the most questions! Me! Out of all the boys, she asked ME the most questions! I'm still excited about it... Which might sound dumb, but man, this girl... 



(Ingrid's POV) "What!?! Grid you've NEVER loved any guy in your whole life! How can you love one that you've never even held a real conversation with?! And what about Issac! Your BOYFRIEND! You know what he'd do if he ever heard you say that you loved another guy! Especially one you've barely met.... IS it just because he's famous? it's because he's famous... Oh, Grid.."  My best friend Lila was pretty much freaking out on me just because I said that I MIGHT love Niall Horan.. Oh gosh... I might be in love with Niall Horan, no that's a lie, I AM in love with Niall Horan.. Oh what do I do?.... Today I was interviewing One Direction for Teen Vogue, where I worked. I was NOT pleased, I had asked if I could do an interview for Fall Out Boy and they left me with One Direction! Of ALL bands, I had to interview One Direction... I hated One Direction... When I got there, I saw them coming in, so I ran in to sit on the couch that was supposed to be for them, I couldn't find a crap to give.  When they came and sat down, I noticed Niall first. And I thought he was the hottest guy I'd ever met, forget my boyfriend Issac, I wanted this Niall character. Basically I hated the rest of the band, everything about them made me want to punch them, so I really only asked Niall questions... Oh, well. But I really do need to figure this out, cause gosh, that boy....

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