The Diary Of A Depressed Teen

Just my day-to-day diary of struggles.


3. Thurday 14th November.

So today I went to school.

Its my only full day i do in the week.

I got into school, I went to maths. I did my college application. I went to english, 15 minutes late, only because i had to get bandaged up from last night. I went to science but ended up walking out half way through.

I got home at 3:15 and got changed straight away because on a thursday i help out at brownies.

When i got to brownies, my favourite brownie was there. I think she used to get abused, but she lives in care. I would love to adopt her.

After brownies i went home and had dinner.

Then i went back and helped out at guides and went to rangers.

Today was a good day.


Jess Xxxxx

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