Back to the Past

Lily Potter. Daughter of famous Harry Potter and Ginny Potter nee Weasley. Sister to James Potter and Albus Potter. What happens when she's chosen by the Ministry along with two other students, her best friends, to go back in time, to James Sr. Potter's time. Will it go good? Or does she look to much like her grandmother?


2. The Request

     The Minister at the time was Tony Marcelo. Marcelo wasn't old, or young, he was in his mid years, around 36 years of age.  He was a fatherly type and was a wise man. He loved children and was doing all he could to protect the wizarding schools. 

     As Lily was walking to her first class on her first day of her third year she was stopped by Professor Longbottom. "Lily, can you go to Professor McGonagall's office? They wanted me to round up the top girl and boy students from your year in my house." He says.

     Nodding, Lily starts walking to the headmistress' office. "Professor?" She asks, stepping inside the wide office.

   "Lily dear, have a seat." Minerva smiles warmly at the red-headed girl, waving to the eight chairs that had been set up. "When Henry gets here we can begin." She says

    As Minerva says that, Henry walks in, Henry was a Slytherin, he was arrogant, annoying, and often picked fights, although he was very smart.

     "Alright, now that your all here, the Minister would like to talk to you." Minerva says, Tony stepping forwards as the older lady sat at her desk.

     "Hello children, now, we have a project. I'm sure you all know of the Potter Family, and what happened to Mr. Potter when he was younger." Tony starts. At the sound of her last name, Lily starts paying more attention, the other kids look right at her as well. Tony notices, "Are you related to the Potters?" He asks

      "Yes sir, I'm Lily Potter." Lily introduces herself quietly, looking at the minister.

      "Oh, then you will know of your father's story." Tony smiles lightly, "I went to school with your father, granted I wasn't in the same year as him, I was in your mother's year though. I was a Hufflepuff." He explains, "Anyways, back on track. We have a project. 60 years ago today would be Mr. Potter's and Ms. Evan's first day of Hogwarts. We are going to send three people back. Using this." He holds up a Time Turner. "Now, if anyone would like to leave now, feel free." As he says this, six people stand up to leave, including Henry.

     "Awww, is little Henry scared?" Lily hears Danny, a girl in Hufflepuff, tease. 

     "No! I was just standing up!" Henry lies. That was one of Lily's skills, she could tell when anybody was lieing or not telling the complete truth. 

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