Find That Girl

When a picture is dropped in the young and talented, Justin Bieber's guitar case, Justin is being send out on the search of his life. An ordinary day, and ordinary guy and an ordinary girl. Everything is so ordinary, but how come Justin is suddenly feeling something he has never experienced before? He NEEDS to find that girl before summer is over, and he has to leave for boarding school. Will he succeed? What if the girl turned out to be something he had never thought of? What if she could change everything? "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game."


7. Chapter 7.


Rubbing my eyes, I placed my guitar on the ground. It was seven am and I had work in an hour. I got off my chair and took a quick shower. I let the warm water run down my body for a few minutes, before I turned it over to cold.

The water was freezing, but it woke me up. When I was done doing my things, I swung my guitar over my shoulder, grabbed my stuff, and left for work. It was a cloudy day in LA, but I didn’t really feel it. My hoodie kept my upper body warm, and the beanie on my head kept me looking fly, so I didn’t look like some douchebag with my hoodie and sweat pants.

Stepping into the shop, I placed my guitar in the back of the shop along with the rest of my stuff, then I sat down and waited. Summer break would be over soon, so we wouldn’t have that many customers. I have to start at boarding school in just three days, and it is stressing me out.

I have to pack my stuff, and clean the entire place before Saturday. Then I am leaving early Sunday morning because I have to check in at nine a.m. It’s going to be some intense days and I’m honestly not looking forward to it.

It’s going to be weird, not being able to just walk out of my apartment and go wherever I wanna go. It’s going to be weird to have classes again. I haven’t had any classes since I dropped out of senior year to follow my dream of becoming an artist.

Yeah, and look how that went. My inner voice mocked at me. Sighing I pushed it out of my head and far down the street.

I pulled out my phone and found the picture I always looked at when I was feeling this kind of doubt.

Her smile lighted up my screen and I felt myself smile and be sad at the same time. It was a picture of my mom and me. We had talked about it for so long, before she finally agreed to let me move here all by myself.

But she had made me promise that, if it didn’t turn out the way we wanted, I would go back to school after a year. And no matter how much I try to deny it, a year has passed and I have to get my head back to reality. It isn’t going to happen.

It’s okay to have dreams, but mine ain’t going to become reality. Ryan has been right the whole time. The bastard got his will.

I give up! You hear me Ryan!? I give UP! My inner voice yelled for me.

Getting frustrated, I grabbed my guitar. I shut everything out, and focused on the strings as I played my heart out. I needed to get that voice out of my head.

Never say Never, Justin! Remember to dream big and just believe! Everything’s going to be alright!

As I finished my frustrated guitar session, a customer walked through the door. Smiling at the young girl, I told her that she had to tell me if she needed any help, finding what she needed.

“Thanks. But I’m just looking.” She replied with a smile. I smiled back.

Picking up my guitar, I started playing Find That Girl, just because I felt like it. So while the customer walked around, I was singing about a girl I had only met once. I didn’t even know her name, but I had to find her. She could be half around the world, but I still wouldn’t give up, until I stand at the check in counter at my new boarding school.

While I was singing, the girl was smiling. Her fingers were tapping along to the melody on the instruments as I sang the chorus.

 I won’t give up. Not until Sunday at nine a.m. I’m not quitting this. I will keep working on my music, even at boarding school. I don’t care. I WANT this! All I gotta do is, believe. Believe that when the time is right, good things will happen. I know this is meant to be.

“Have a good day.” The girl I had forgotten everything about, said from half way out of the door. I smiled.

“You too! Oh, and by the way? You have a cute smile.” I said. She smiled back.

“Thanks. I love that song. You should record it and put it up on YouTube! You’re way too talented to be sitting in a music shop, playing for yourself. Bye” She said as she smiled one last time before she closed the door, and continued down the street with her hands in her pockets.

You just gotta Believe. And good things will happen. 





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