Find That Girl

When a picture is dropped in the young and talented, Justin Bieber's guitar case, Justin is being send out on the search of his life. An ordinary day, and ordinary guy and an ordinary girl. Everything is so ordinary, but how come Justin is suddenly feeling something he has never experienced before? He NEEDS to find that girl before summer is over, and he has to leave for boarding school. Will he succeed? What if the girl turned out to be something he had never thought of? What if she could change everything? "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game."


4. Chapter 4.

Internet is shit. Didn’t help me at all.

I sighed as I threw yet another piece of paper after my trashcan. I put my pen between my fingers and started scribbling down once again. As the time passed by, the whole process became easier for me. It was as if the lyrics were floating out of my mind and onto the paper without any difficulties.

As I finished the first song, I couldn’t believe what I had just written. I had never written anything like it. It was new, different, and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world. As I put the papers with the lyrics into my folder with lyrics, a new idea popped into my head.

As I wrote down the lyrics, the sun started rising outside. I played the chords on my guitar as the lyrics almost wrote itself down at the paper. Playing the chords over and over again, I finally agreed that it sounded perfect.

Putting down my guitar, I climbed under my blanket and let sleep take over my body.


You know, it kind of starts to piss you off when, every time you wake up, it’s because of your phone.

I grumbled as I reached out for the nightstand from the floor where I was currently lying because I fell out of bed. It happens all the time. Freaking annoying..

I finally got a hold of my phone and answered it, sounding way too grumpy. But so did the person in the other end.

“Why are you not at work?!” Melissa almost screamed at me. My eyes opened wide when I realized that I had work today.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry Melissa! I’m on my way! Oh my, I’m so fired!” I said as I got up from the floor and grabbed the first pair of pants I laid my eyes on.

“Relax, Bieber. I told the boss that you had a time at the dentist. You have thirty minutes, but not more!” She said firmly and hung up on me. I sighed as I dropped my pajama pants that I had grabbed and hurried to get dressed in something normal.

It only took me ten minutes and then I was ready to go. But of course, something had to go wrong. There always has to go something wrong when you’re already late. This time, I couldn’t find my keys.

I searched my entire room for them, but I couldn’t find them. And Just as I was about to give up, I sat down at the floor in my entrance and sat directly on my keys. I had walked past the so many times, without realizing it.

But I didn’t have time to curse myself to hell, I got up, grabbed my guitar and left as fast as possible. Walking down the street, I almost stumbled into a girl and lost my breath when I saw her. She looked like the girl I was looking for, except her hair had blond stripes in it.

I apologized and carried on, with a little less lust to keep going.

As I turned around the corner, I walked into that stupid OPEN sign once again. Kicking it out of pure frustrations, I sighed and walked in to Melissa.

She was in the middle of helping a customer, so I just walked into the back room, got my nametag, and put down my guitar and folder with lyrics on the small table.

Just as I was about to place myself behind the counter, Melissa pressed in the code and sold a guitar to a young guy with a Mohawk. It looked kind of ridiculous, but everyone has their own taste. As the customer left the shop. Melissa turned to me with a stern look on her face.

“Why do you look like someone who haven’t slept the last few days, Bieber?” She asked.

“Because I barely have.” I answered honestly.

“And why’s that, Justin?” She asked, more sweet this time.

I sighed. Should I tell her? Maybe it was for the best if I didn’t. But Melissa is like a sister to me. Maybe she could give me some advice. I sighed as I looked up on Melissa. But something, no, someone, outside caught my eye.

Blue flower dress, brown hair, a book in her hand. Could it be..? my suspicion was only confirmed when the girl turned her head and looked at one of the guitars we had in our window.

It was her!

I stood as paralyzed. Melissa looked at me with a weird look on her face. I couldn’t get a single word over my lips. There she was. Just as beautiful as the first time I saw her.

But she disappeared as fast as she had walked by. It took me a few minutes to finally understand that she was gone. She had left. She hadn’t seen me.

Then I ran. I ran out of the shop, turned around on the corner, and looked around. But she was gone. I had seen her. She was right there! Right in front of me. And all I did was stare.

I turned around my heels and walked back to the shop where Melissa was demanding an explanation.

So I told her. I told her about the day in park, where I had seen her the first time. About how she dropped that picture in my open guitar case. About how obsessed I had been to find her. About how nothing I had done, had gotten me any closer to her.

And suddenly, when I expected it the least, she walks past. I had felt myself smile a real smile for the first time since the day I saw her last. I put my head in my hands and sighed.

Melissa and I sat and talked about it for a while, when I had to stop her from talking.

“I’m sorry Melissa. But I have to go. I have to go to the park.” I said, sounding like I was in some kind of trance.

“Go get her Bieber. I’ll cover your back.” Melissa said with a slight smile on her face. I hugged her tight and grabbed my things and ran to the park, where I sat at the exact same stump I had been sitting at that day. I opened my guitar case and put the picture of her in the middle with a sign that said If you see this girl, can you tell her where I am? And then I began playing.

I started out with the new song I wrote last night, called Fall. Everyone around stopped up to listen. And when people read the sign, they smiled. But in that moment, all I cared about was to sing out my feelings. After Fall I continued with the other song I wrote.

“This next song goes out to the girl in the picture. It’s called Heartbreaker.” I said before I started singing.

I was singing my heart out, in the middle of a park, around people I didn’t know. And they loved it. It only made me sure in my choice. I was going to attend boarding school, and after that, I was going to work on my music career.

As I ended Heartbreaker, a girl caught my eye. It wasn’t her, but she was pretty. She walked over to me and got down on my level.

“If you can make up a song right now, I’ll give you twenty bucks. Up for the challenge?” She asked with a smirk on her face. That was when I realized that she was the girl I walked into earlier. Smiling back at her, I nodded.

 I played a few chords, and then the words just started streaming out. Like this was song I had been wanting to write this whole time.

It was her. It was her all the way through. She was my inspiration to this song. It felt so right.

“I keep thinking that I see her face, everywhere but I just can't find her. I keep going back to that place, every day at the same time, and I know that I'll never forget the way she looked at me when she smiled... When she smiled.

I don't know how I let it go, when I saw her passing by me. Somebody so beautiful, I couldn't believe my eyes. Why couldn't I find the words when all I had to say was hello... Hello.

Where did you go? She could be half way around the world, I gotta find that girl, I gotta find that girl. And I won't stop until it hurts, I gotta find that girl, I gotta find that girl. Where did you go? Where did you go? Where did you go? Where did you go? I gotta find that girl.”

The rest of the lyrics just floated out. Even the girl who challenged me, looked impressed. When I finished the song, I had the most amazing feeling inside. I had never felt like it before. It.. It was amazing.

The girl who had challenged me smirked as she threw the twenty dollars into my guitar case.

“Good luck on finding her. If she’s the inspiration to that song, she must be pretty fucking amazing.” She said with a slight laugh. I watched as she walked away, like nothing had happened.

I packed up my stuff and left. I had to get home and get that song down on paper. Because she was right.

It was pretty fucking amazing. 



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