Find That Girl

When a picture is dropped in the young and talented, Justin Bieber's guitar case, Justin is being send out on the search of his life. An ordinary day, and ordinary guy and an ordinary girl. Everything is so ordinary, but how come Justin is suddenly feeling something he has never experienced before? He NEEDS to find that girl before summer is over, and he has to leave for boarding school. Will he succeed? What if the girl turned out to be something he had never thought of? What if she could change everything? "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game."


3. Chapter 3.


I can’t believe it’s been a week since I found that picture. How come it is so important for me to find her? I don’t even know her. Sighing, I stood up and got dressed. I had a park to visit. I put on my beanie and grabbed a hoodie.

I grabbed my keys of the kitchen table and locked the door after me as I hid my hands in the pockets of my jeans and walked down the stairs in the apartment building I lived in.

It was a cloudy day in L.A. But I didn’t really think that much about it as I just kept walking, while letting my thoughts run wild. Occasionally I pulled down my beanie so it covered my ears. But beside that, I didn’t move anything but my legs, who just kept walking.

As I walked around on the streets of L.A I thought about how my life was about to change. I was leaving for boarding school after summer. While I don’t know what to do with my life, Ryan is going to New York for some Law School. Chaz is going to live with his uncle in Canada, where he will become a carpenter. Chaz has never really been good at anything else.

As all those depressing thoughts went through my head, I finally reached my destination. As I walked through the park, I noticed all the people walking around, minding their own business. I couldn’t believe it had been a week since I found that picture. A picture that made me obsessed with the thought of a girl I had never met nor seen before.

I sat down at a bench and watched all the different people that walked by. Men as well as women. Teenagers as well as kids. But I didn’t see that one face I wanted to see so badly.

A group of girls passed by, but no matter how hot they looked, not even a single one caught my attention. I was starring right ahead, hoping to see a brown haired girl in a blue flower dress, with a shy smile and her head buried in a book thicker than anyone of those I had ever laid my eyes on.

I glanced down at my phone once in a while, just to see the time, but the thought of her walking by while I wasn’t looking was unbearable, so I always hurried to put it back in my pocket as I locked my eyes at the path once again.

While the amount of people walking past me, got less and less, and the temperature went down, I didn’t move. I wanted to absolute sure that she wasn’t going to walk through.

When the time hit eleven pm, I took a chance and told myself that no girl would walk through a park at that time of the night, at least not without company, and most likely manly company, and if that was the case, I didn’t want to see it happen.

I slowly stood up, as I let my body get used to the sudden movement. I was freezing cold, tired and hungry.

As I slowly started my slow walk home, I couldn’t help but glance back at the park. What if she suddenly walked in? I couldn’t let that happen!

But my shaking body won the battle, and my walk became faster by the thought of my warm and comfy bed. And some food. Food is good. Me like food. Food is amazing.

Simply just amazing.

The moment I walked through my front door and threw my keys away carelessly, I crashed on my bed, hugging myself to get warm. Realizing, after fifteen minutes of trying, that it wasn’t going to work, I decided to take a shower. And we all know what happens when we shower.

We think.

And that was how I thought of my amazing idea. The moment it hit me, I jumped out of the shower, dried my body, put on some sweats and a tank top and hurried into my room where I found my laptop.

The moment it finally allowed me to get on the internet, I typed in the first thing I thought of.

Emma Jones.

Getting 91.100.000 results, I went on Facebook, just to see if my luck was with me today. Knowing that I was going to get over a million results I sighed. But being my stubborn self, I grabbed a redbull from my fridge and started looking through ‘em all.

I wasn’t going to give up. I don’t care if I have to spend the rest of my summer trying to find her, I will do everything in my power.

As I realized that, I made a deal with myself.

If you haven’t found her, the day you start at boarding school, you will give up, Justin. You have to focus on school, and we both know you cannot do that with this mystery girl in your head 24/7. My inner voice stated. And with a bit of complaining, I finally agreed. Two more weeks. No more.

 I gotta find that girl. 





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