Find That Girl

When a picture is dropped in the young and talented, Justin Bieber's guitar case, Justin is being send out on the search of his life. An ordinary day, and ordinary guy and an ordinary girl. Everything is so ordinary, but how come Justin is suddenly feeling something he has never experienced before? He NEEDS to find that girl before summer is over, and he has to leave for boarding school. Will he succeed? What if the girl turned out to be something he had never thought of? What if she could change everything? "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game."


1. Chapter 1.



Someone so beautiful, I couldn’t believe my eyes. One picture. It was all it took for me to be hooked. I keep looking but there's still no luck, my friends all think I'm crazy, they tell me I should give it up, but they didn't see those eyes…

My eyes shot open as I fell out of bed. Stupid alarm. Scares the shit out of me every morning. I rubbed my eyes as I got up from the floor. I looked at the time and saw that I was running late, just like any other day. I grabbed my phone and plugged it into my stereo as I blasted some music while getting ready.

I threw on some pants and my favorite t-shirt from Popular Demand. Awesome brand. I ran a hand through my hair and was ready to go. I ran out of the door, forgetting to lock it. Like any other day.

Walking down the streets of L.A I couldn’t help but smile. It was a beautiful sunny day, people were walking down the street, minding their own business, smiling, laughing, and generally just having a blast.

I turned left and walked into the OPEN sign, again. Why I keep doing that, I have no answer to. I opened the door with a cheeky smile on my face as I walked into the back of the shop and dropped my guitar, put on my nametag and waited for customers to arrive.

As the time went on, more and more people came in to look at the CD’s and instruments we had. I even sold an acoustic guitar to a young girl who wanted to chase her dreams.

My job at the music shop isn’t the biggest job, and I don’t earn the most money, but I like it. It contains three of my favorite things to do.

I am paid. I work with guiding people to the right instruments. It has a lot of down time where I can work on my own music.


I was sitting with my own guitar when this guy walked into the shop. His short blond hair was unforgettable.

“Yo Ryan. What are you doing here bro?” I asked as I placed my guitar firmly on the ground and went in for a bro hug.

“Just checking up on my best friend. Easy day at work Bieber?” he asked with that cheeky smirk of his. Ryan’s dad owns a car shop, and Ryan earns a lot more than I do, and he always teases me about it.

“I sold a guitar.” I just answered. Ryan thinks that my dream of becoming a popstar is stupid. One in a million actually make it. Get real, Bieber. It’s never gonna happen. He always tells me. But I know when it comes down to it, he believes in me.

“Really? That’s huge.” He said while trying not to laugh. I just smacked him. “So, me and some friends are going bowling later, you in?” he asked. But even before he was done, I had shaken my head no. Ryan sighed with a smile.

“You’re not going to give up, are you?”


“Good luck, Justin.” He said honestly and clapped my shoulder before he left the shop. Even though I was alone, I felt peaceful surrounded by all the instruments. Music is my passion. I live to play, sing and dance.


I smiled at Mellissa as she walked through the door to take over the shop. I dropped my nametag, grabbed my guitar, gave her the usual hug and smile and left the shop. As I was about to shut the door, I heard Melissa yell “watch out!” but as always I walked into the OPEN sign. I saw Melissa shake her head laughing while passing by the window. I saluted her with a smile and a wink and sat my mind on the park.

With my guitar on my back, and music in my ears, I sat down at a small stump in the park. As I looked at all the people around me, I smiled. Everyone had a different story.

The girl who is sitting at the swings next to a little girl? She has a story no one knows about.

The man who is selling hotdogs at the entrance to the park? He has story.

The mom that is walking through the park with a pram? She has a story.

The girl sitting at the bench right across me with a book and a smile on her face? She has a story too.

We all have a story, a history no one knows about. Sitting in the park every day, have made me realize that judging people won’t make you happier. If you just realize that everyone has a story, and accept that, the world would be such a pretty place.

As I played a few notes, the girl with the book looked at me. She looked confused. Almost as if she was thinking “what is he doing? Why is he playing the guitar in the middle of the park?” I smiled as I looked at the paper in front of me, and sang an original I had wrote a couple of days ago.

As I finished Be Alright, people had gathered around me for the next song. Even the girl that had looked so confused had put down her book, just to listen.

As I found the lyrics for my next original, I couldn’t help but glance back at the girl. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a side braid, and her eyes were locked on me. She was waiting patiently for the next song. Finally, I found the piece of paper that had the lyrics to Catching feelings another original.

My guitar case was lying open in front of me, and people who felt like it, threw a dollar or two occasionally. But that wasn't why I was there. I was there for the music. For the feeling, an amazing song gave me.

For some it is bungee jumping, for others it’s gambling. For me? It is singing. I get an amazing feeling inside of doing something meaningful. Something powerful that no one can take away from me.  

As I played the last few notes, I noticed that the girl with the book, started walking towards me.

I was flipping through all my lyrics trying to find the next song, when she got down on my level and threw a ten dollar bill in my case, smiled and got up.

“You’re pretty good. Keep working hard, and I’m sure you’ll become something huge.” She said, and before I had the chance to say something, she turned around on her heels and walked away, her blue summer flower dress, flying around her, carelessly.

My eyes followed her until I couldn’t see her anymore, where after I turned to look at the bill she had given me. But something else caught my eye. A picture. Of her. She had dropped a picture of her in my guitar case.

She was wearing a flower crown in the middle of a cornfield, and it looked like she had a lot of fun. She was smiling from ear to ear. I snapped the picture and turned it around, hoping to find her address or something. But the only thing I found was a small text.

“Never let the fear of striking out, keeping you from playing the game- Emma Jones.”

The only thing I had left from the mystery girl, was a quote, and a name I wasn’t sure was hers. 




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