The Triad

Meet Elise, sarcastic, witty, charming, oh and a witch.

Elise has her whole life planned out before her eyes, as most witches do. She becomes leader of the Convant and High Priestess of the Witches Circle. Running a World full of Wizards and Witches. These things will most definitely occur, there's no doubt about it. The universe does in fact work in favor for magic. Though this doesn't mean there won't be any adventure along the way to this future. Perhaps a rogue would do the story good? Or maybe a charming Elf fellow from a whole new dimension, and by charming I mean completely annoying and having no good graces in Elise's little witchy book. Though when the fate of the Dimension's rests in the pairs hand, well you can't help but call back up can you?

The Triad is the first installment of the Convant Series and brings to you an action packed journey with a lot less of the romance side and a lot more sarcasm, magic and adventure. Read Elise's story and join her through magic.


4. The Plastic Soldier

Author's Note   
It recently just came to my attention that the previous chapter had not updated correctly and was working with the old unedited file. Chapter 3 is now: The Broken Crown. And is finished correctly. I do hope you can finish reading that chapter and then read this one as it is would help you gather what's going on in this chapter.......... If that chapter is completely the same.. Well awkward I must be going insane! I also wanted to thank you for the reads, comment, favourites and of course the likes. This story isn't quite as popular as my other works that I am involved in on Wattpad which exceed this story. So thank you for supporting this story and my current way with it!




The Plastic Soldier 


"Were there any attachments between the two of you?"

"Seriously? At that point of time we had just met." 

"You didn't answer the question. Did you or did you not feel attraction for The Lady?" 

"No! I was bloody saving my own ass to feel anything towards her!"

"All we needed was a yes or no." 





The man in front of her smirked, his dark brown eyes turned to an obsidian black and Elise found herself drawing up a considerable amount of power. One of her hands flickered with the warmth of the flames she held while the other sparked with a tingling amount electricity.

“Shouldn’t you be out sucking up to your creators, Nephilim?” yet again the word came out as a hiss filled with such vehemence that the creature flinched at her hate.

However the creature still shrugged, his eyes going back to a dark brown, “That does not interest me one bit, however you do interest me Miss Elise.” Elise sighed she was going to get nowhere with this guy tonight. While he was still speaking Elise brought the extended power forward, shaped it into a spell that instantly knocked him out before transporting them both into the kitchen of her house.

While the house was fine and thankfully not burnt down, something Elise thanked the gods for, she quickly knew everything was not as a scream sounded from the lounge room.

Bounding through the entry to the lounge room the scene she came across was one that was different to what she had envisioned.

“Ragon?” To be honest her voice came out hesitant and worried as she took in the lanky elf curled up on her couch. The now pathetic looking elf had tears streaming down his cheeks and was trying to lean back even further into the couch as he took in the effects on the TV. Elise turned the TV and instantly understand what had him to emotional and captured into the moment, Game of Thrones.

With a sigh Elise pried the remote out of his hands and with one quick press the TV that was just showing scenes of the Red Wedding was now black.

“Don’t tell me you’ve become emotionally invested with Game of Thrones while I was gone! I wasn’t even gone that long.”

The elf looked up at her and she had to choke a laugh at how pitiful he looked, “This show is something else. Do they usually like toying with our emotions and watching meaningful people die. Why did Robb and his mother have to die? Was there no other justice?”

“Look kid if you have any complaints write up George R.R Martin, I’m sure he’ll be happy to ignore you and then kill off some more people in the series in spite of you.” Tarragon looked horribly mortified at the prospect and shook his head at her words.

“Good, now get your but in here. I’ve got a Nephilim that’s clogging up the kitchen and needs to be dealt with pronto.” Elise shook her head and walked back to the kitchen.

“Wait a Nephilim is here? Why is a Nephilim of all creatures here? You didn’t do anything did you?”

Yeah you dimwitted elf, me of all people decided to go and find a Nephilim to rile up and then bring it to the house, “The freaking thing was following me, I tried to talk, wasn’t getting nowhere so bam I knocked the guy out then came here. Now help me bring this guy down stairs to the basement. I’ve got a nice little secret awaiting down there.” Elise knew that her position and power held her as one of the most wanted for those against the Convant and the Circle. While her house held numerous warding sigils and spells from all types of creatures, it wouldn’t harm anyone to have a sort of debriefing room down stairs.

Nodding at the elf who was carrying the Nephilim, Elise ran down stairs and opened up the room and gathered the right tools for the sigil she was about to do that would keep her personal stalker in place. Sure she would also place in some spells here and there but you couldn’t be too safe when it came to enclosing one’s body and essence. Elise grabbed the spray paint and after moving the table and chairs out of the way she sprayed a perfect circle and moved on to symbols that represented that of King Solomon’s. Perhaps they were his and has been modified to accustom the modern era, she didn’t know and really couldn’t care less. Just as long as it stayed its place.

As Tarragon came into view she quickly moved the chairs and table back to their original placement, not before muttering a quick spell that helped the paint dry. The setup of her room was incredibly similar to that of the interrogation room back at the station and her basement as it is contained all things ranging from a collection of grimoires, to and array of weapons, and even unique pieces she had gathered from travels. Her basement held and showed the magical and mystical side of her, while the two levels above her showed the touch of personal feel and femininity.

“Nice place you have going on for you Elise. Really brings out the animalistic mysterious side of you.”

“Yeah, I like to keep things kinky for any guys who come over.” Elise through in a wink which cause a large shiver to pass through Ragon. “Just place the Nephilim in the chair and that should cover him.”

Ragon did exactly as she asked without a single comment and then stood back to where Elise sat at the other side of the table.

“How are you going to wake him?”

Elise smiled slyly, she knew that an angel could not stand any presence of angel fire meaning their offspring couldn’t either, “Easy.” With a snap of her fingers hundreds of little candles lit up around the room, not before blocking her own senses out of the angel fire for what was to come. Though what lit them was not no ordinary fire, if you had a keen sense of smell and was aware of the supernatural world then you could easily tell these candles present the scent of angel blood, or otherwise known as grace, mixed with the sweet devilish tint of demon blood. The use of both bloods, light and darkness, created a potent formula that could easily ward off both angels and demons and also trap them. The smell together would easily bring this Nephilim back to his senses though.

With as much as a second the creature’s eyes lit up with the power of grace before closing back to the human colour of dark brown. Elise watched as he thrashed for a bit and hissed at her and Tarragon, the effects of the angel fire, before he finally settled down and looked at her and her companion with tired eyes. She too would have acted in accordance to how the Nephilim was acting had she not blocked out those senses for the time being.

“I see it’s true you like to subdue your victims before giving them the pleasure they do truly desire Miss Elise.” The Nephilim’s voice was clipped yet held a humor that only he seemed to find completely hilarious.

Elise ignored him. “I gave you a chance, I asked very nicely if I remember correctly who you were and why you were following me. However you ignored me,” Elise sat back and played with her thumb nail, “I’ll ask you once again,” she leant forward and smiled widely, “don’t answer and I don’t think you or your grace is going to like the outcome.”

The man in front of her scoffed, “Such deadly words for such a pretty witch. Tell me why don’t you just do some hocus pocus and bring the truth out of me.”

“I like to play with me food beforehand.”

The Nephilim leaned forward and smirked, “It’s a good thing I like to be played with then isn’t it.”

With a hiss Elise narrowed her eyes and brought one hand up, fire from the candles instantly obeyed her command and surrounded the creature whose eyes were now glowing with grace in such a deadly way that made Elise really wonder who he was. Blisters slowly formed on the angel offspring’s skin and he stood up from his place, trying to move out but finding no way to.

A growl escaped his lips before the sound of thunder entered her tiny basement. Elise stopped the flames at once while a gasp came from her. In front of her stood the young Nephilim with wings. She had not heard of any Nephilim with wings nor did she know of any other angel and non-angel offspring who had wings besides herself, though she was a completely different exception all together.

With the stopping of the angel fire he seemed to relax and sit down, wings disappearing and grace gone.

With a sigh his tired eyes returned and he spoke “My name Miss Elise is Carter Williams. I am the product of the angel Annaree and a human who is dead. I was raised and trained as a warrior for the angels in Dimension Prima.”

She waved him off, still not quite understanding the wing that had unfolded from his back, nor the factor of their colouring, “You are a Nephilim yet you have wings. Better yet they are tinted red with the mark of the warrior. I’ve never…” Elise trailed off in respect and curiosity. While she may dislike all angelic things put forward she could still respect and admire the beauty of the angelic warrior.

Carter smirked, “Something that took years to attain in Prima my dear. If I’m not mistaken you and I are the only products of an angel and non-angel to have wings?” The way he said it proved that he knew exactly was he was talking about and knew all there was to Elise, however Elise could only nod and answer remotely and she brought up pictures of the white wings with the tint of red made by the markings of a warrior.

“Yes I don’t know any others.” Her heart wasn’t in her speech and she knew she was only remotely there with them.

“Your wings are a bit different though aren’t they?” Carter shook his head and smiled, “I’ve heard that they are of purest gold with the markings of smoke filling them. They call you the Fallen Purity back in Prima you know? You have lots of other names as well, Abomination, Queen of Earth, Spoken Truth, Angel of Souls and Pathways, that one I really like. Could you imagine being the Angel of that? Well you’d get to work with the big guy, God himself and whoever is running hell this Christmas.”

Elise snapped back into reality as she listened to the names she was called in Heaven. Queen of Earth? Seriously?

“So you’re telling me that I’m basically famous in Heaven? Well isn’t that just dandy!” Elise rolled her eyes, sure she knew she was pretty well known through the Dimensions for her parentage and position, but to be known in Prima as so many knows all because of her wings? Well that certainly was a first.

Carter just smirked in front of her, “I had your posters all over my walls. Some were very, well you know.” The Nephilim winked at her sending the right message on what he was insinuating, no matter how sarcastic he was as well.

Before she had time to retaliate though, Tarragon leaned over the table. His already slit eyes were narrowed towards the eyebrow line and she found herself holding back a grin at how non-menacing his face was.

“Cut to the chase already half breed,” Elise frowned and rounded on the elf. Tarragon’s words were a low blow on any standard, and with the amount of vehemence they held it was sad but true that the words affected her more than the intended.

“Watch your words, Tarragon. Any foul mouthing and you will be joining him, go it?” Her words were hissed and underlined with the promise of deadly sin of revenge if his mouth opened again.

Ragon glared at her, clearly fed up with how much time was being wasted, and opened his mouth before thinking better of it and stepping back, “More flirting and I will handle this myself, got it Elise?” his words held promise but also resignation that from there on in he would only observe. And all Elise could do in response was nod before looking sharply at Carter.

Pulling up the chair she quickly sat down and observed the man in front of her as he did the same. A quick and silent mind joining spell was sent to get the required information from Carter however Elise was brought up short as a barricade stood in her way from entering his mind. No matter how much she poked and prodded she was not getting past his mental wall, and with the smirk on his face he knew she knew that.

Elise looked down and whispered a near inaudible, “Fuck sake,” before glancing up at him again and frowning. The Nephilim, Carter, was tricky and new. She hadn’t had to deal with one in ages. Not since she was a babe and her dad would train her. But that was something she certainly decided she would forget everything of.   

“Seems you’re having a bit of trouble?” Carter’s face was all cockiness, something she seemed to find on most men’s faces these days when they came to try their luck on her. Men who were overly cocky was something she could certainly deal with, and with that in play she grasped at the feeling of her new alpha role over the Nephilim.

With a smile Elise stood up and advanced to Carter whose face was fading in and out between wariness and cockiness. Elise found herself behind Carter and leaned down and indulged in the powerful scent he brought with him. A quick wave of the hand sent Ragon out and upstairs as she worked her ploy.

A sharp intake of breathe was the only sound as Elise slowly breathed on his neck before the moisture of a lick was felt travelling up and up to his ear. Carter knew he should push her off, at least laugh at her and tell her she was not one to get to him. But who the fuck was he kidding, at this moment she could bloody well bite him and he wouldn’t give a fuck. Light kisses replaced licks and it was soon a mixture of her cold breathe hovering over his damp neck and producing goose bumps. A sense of desire filled Carter and he found himself reaching up to bring her further down to him. So he in return could bite her precious lips and make her swell with emotions.

Elise knew that as soon as the hand came up she had done her part, a smirk fell into place as she dodged it and watched as he grasped at air. A light chuckle escaped her and she bent down to his ear, “I come with a price Carter. Tell me what you were following me for,” she grasped his throat and tightened, “and tell me fast because I don’t have much patience and the last man who lost to my patience was castrated. You don’t want that do you Carter? Why we would lose so much fun, wouldn’t we? Oh well, you better not test me.”

Elise spun back to her side and grinned. Carter’s eyes were fogged, both with desire and now with a slight fear at her warning. The Nephilim slouched back and rolled his shoulders before sighing.

“I was hired.” His words were tired and he knew he shouldn’t be saying them at all, but Carter would rather keep his dick on him then loose it to the insanity in the woman’s eyes.

“Who?” Her words were strong yet there was a sense of knowing in them. Who else had the power to hire a Nephilim?

“General Toran and…” Carter stopped short. It wasn’t his place, it never would be.

“And Mr. Carter? I’m waiting.”

His words were jumbled a couple of times before he finally completed the actual sentence. “Your father Elise. I was hired by General Toran and your father.”


It was Elise’s 10th birthday when her dad showed her something remarkable. Elise practically glowed that day, not only was she able to see dad for the day but he was going to show her something incredibly! Oh she only dreamt of what it could be, that new book she had been eyeing desperately since she read the back? Or perhaps a pony, yes it was every little girls dream for a pony. Elise snorted in her un-lady like fashion. She was older now, gosh getting a pony was too childish for her age. She needed something like a book on spells and charms! Or perhaps a grimoire to right down spells she had created.

It wasn’t till later that she learnt that dad hadn’t got her a book, neither any on spells or charms for that matter. Instead he had taken her out to a field and told her that as part angel she too had wings. At first she didn’t know what emotion toppled the other, the excitement to fly and go anywhere! Or the fear of suddenly being different.

Her dad slowly taught her to bring it her inner essence and feel the flight before letting it go into one. Her dad did not show her his wings, he never had and never spoke of them. That didn’t matter Elise though, what mattered now was her wings. And as she went over to a lake at stretched them out and marveled their beauty she couldn’t help but squeal a little in delight. For they truly were beautiful wings, even her dad said so!

Her wings shined and swirled in the sunlight, the colour of glittering gold they were, however pure they were not. Swirls of intricate patterns faded in and out of her wings and brought and ethereal beauty like no other.

Elise grinned broadly at her dad and told him she loved them, the man above her nodded and ruffled her hair. It was on that day that 10 year old Elise knew she could never part with this side of her, this beautiful angelic side. 


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