The Triad

Meet Elise, sarcastic, witty, charming, oh and a witch.

Elise has her whole life planned out before her eyes, as most witches do. She becomes leader of the Convant and High Priestess of the Witches Circle. Running a World full of Wizards and Witches. These things will most definitely occur, there's no doubt about it. The universe does in fact work in favor for magic. Though this doesn't mean there won't be any adventure along the way to this future. Perhaps a rogue would do the story good? Or maybe a charming Elf fellow from a whole new dimension, and by charming I mean completely annoying and having no good graces in Elise's little witchy book. Though when the fate of the Dimension's rests in the pairs hand, well you can't help but call back up can you?

The Triad is the first installment of the Convant Series and brings to you an action packed journey with a lot less of the romance side and a lot more sarcasm, magic and adventure. Read Elise's story and join her through magic.


1. The Unruly Convant

Chapter 1: The Unruly Convant


"What was your exact job with The Lady?" 

"My details were to protect her at all cost." 

"Were you told to get close to her?" 


"Then what happened?" 

"She seemed to happen." 




“The session is now in order and under the court of General Toran. Please be seated.” The people that were situated around the room all sat down in unison, most with a bored expression on already regretting the choice they made years ago when they joined the Convant.

Elise played with the sleeve of her long dark coat. She was slumped against the chair next to Toran. As second in command and the heir of the Convant there were things she could not get out of. No matter how much she argued the excuse of having a case of power overdose or an allergy to Wiccan Witches Flu Remedy. The latter could be used arguably considering witches never actually got the flu or allergies and just made the remedy for humans that suffered badly in the brisk winter nights.

Though even if she did somehow become sick and break out into hives, there was no way she was missing this hearing in all her Wiccan life. To see the end of the snooty nose bastard who called himself High Wizard of the Triad. It was about time the little Wizard community got someone else to run it. Maybe then they could finally make deals with Elise’s Wiccan Circle, properly making sure that the resources were managed between the two, and that they could also properly consult each other in matters of the Convant.

 While the Triad was run by Loyin, and the Convant Toran, the Circle was run by the Wiccan Priestess. Someone Elise had known to be reaching her peak and to be soon announcing her retirement of Priestess of the Circle. Elise looked down at her fingernails and picked at the already worn out thumb nail, there was much longer till she would be both Lady of the Convant and Priestess of the Circle. This was something Elise didn’t know if she could really cope with. Being second in command to the Convant was enough drama, but not only running the Wiccan society and also controlling the Wizard and Witches of this Dimension was something that put a huge weight on her shoulders. But she was ready, just like they should General Toran and Priestess Louissia had prepared her well, and she still had something like 5 years remaining until she had both the burden of these two things. It wasn’t that the roles worried her it was more the factor that becoming Lady of the Convant made her a representative on the Council of Dimensions and Worlds. And the Council seemed to cause more spats and food fights then a human high school. Elise shuddered in thought, she would rather keep her face clean of any wine or inter dimensional snack that the other members brought.

Her head snapped up as the applause sounded through the echoing. Rolling her eyes she leaned back into the chair even more, she kept low squinted eyes on the man that entered below the Convant. Her face was hidden beneath her cloaks hood that rested just above her eyes. Loyin glanced up at her and Toran, it was no hidden secret that he hated Elise just as much as she found him utterly distasteful. He seemed to despise the factor that a Witch was going to be running the Convant and not one of his trained lapdogs.  He glared at her in defiance before looking over to Toran, his cocksure stature seemed to resonate into the air and fill it with the stench of wine and gold.

“Master Loyin today you come to the Convant to renounce your retirement of High Wizard to the Triad. As your duty you must announce your successor and bestow the power of the Triad.” Elise tried so hard not to yawn at Toran’s voice. They didn’t really need the theatrics they had, it was just a simple handing over the Triad’s power to his next snooty nosed wizard and then giving away his title to the next kid. All well and simple Elise thought.


Elise looked down at her lap and made a spark shoot up from one of her finger tips before dancing it from hand to hand. These Convant meetings always bored the living daylights out of her. However it needed to be done to progress the order of the universe. The spark was warm and she sat straighter as she noticed that Loyin was about to announce his next in line. The members of the triad would already know who their heir was just as the members of the Circle knew Elise was to become High Priestess when Louissia retired.

“General Toran,” he glanced over to Elise, “Peeress Elise. I the High Wizard of The Triad not only take my place in renouncing my retirement but also giving you the name of my heir. He has been trained and selected specifically for the role of the Triad,” Elise rolled her eyes again but still sat a little straighter in anticipation on who she would be joining in so many years.

“I present to you my successor Cress Petron.” The figure that came out was probably the same age as herself and looked to be in the same bored state as her. He was tall and lean, a face that looked to be sculpted from the Gods themselves. Elise instantly wished to see his eyes that were hidden under a fringe of black messy hair. She predicted they’d be grey or green. Nonetheless she would meet him at the after ceremony in the foyer.

Elise zoned out of the rest of the session. It would be nothing out of the ordinary, a couple of announcements and then it would be finished. It wasn’t till a tap on her shoulder made her realize she had drifted off, still with the spark in her hand. While no one would have seen her little nap she was certain Toran would know. Elise glanced up at him and gave him a lazy smile.

“Hey Tor. How are you going? We up for the after party for that Cress kid yet?” She swung herself up, cancelling the spark when Toran glanced at it.  

“Elise you really shouldn’t be so childish. You are to have roles on you that you need to have the act of maturity in. And I do believe Cress Petron is the same age as yourself, he does however have a higher sense of maturity then you though. Perhaps you should work with him. What to acquaint yourselves with the Triad for when you are Lady and Priestess.”

The second in command backed up a bit before making her way to the foyer, Toran next to her, “No offence Tor, but I have no desire to hang out with some prissy nosed Triad Wizard whose egos just been boosted with the role he got.”

Toran just shook his head at her as they entered the foyer, “Many wishes with you Elise Ereshkigal. Do have a good evening and try not to scare too many people.”

“Many wishes with you as well Toran Sophronia. I will see you in three moons. And as for the scaring part? Well I’m afraid that just comes naturally,” Elise winked at Toran before walking over to the snack table. While she may not be human Elise still ate like one. The table was lined with cream puffs, cocktails, those little sausages that you can stick with a tooth pick and an array of other foods. The array of food left Elise with the tough choice of what to eat, though it was immediately decided when she faced a small platter of caramel tarts. So with one last thought, Elise grabbed a plate, piled it with two caramel tarts and then grabbed a glass of chardonnay before stalking off to the corner of the room where a couch awaited her.


Elise never really was one for talking, either that or it was people she wasn’t one for. She never really knew. Her dark cloak that she wore at the Convant sessions allowed her this vibe that seemed to ware people off of herself. There were only a few number of people she could hold a conversation with and those consisted of a couple of the witches in the circle, the Priestess, Toran and the human detectives that she knew and liked. As second in command to the Convant it made her one to help out the detectives on magical cases in her district.

Elise eyed warily as the new High Wizard came over to her seat. It’s not like she was busy or anything, didn’t he happen to see the plate of tarts by her side? Or the glass of chardonnay she held and sipped? The witch sighed, guess he didn’t as he was now in front of her placing his hand out.

“And who are you?” She asked. Perhaps it was a bit rude, and there was no denying that she did know who he was considering it was evident that she was at the meeting.  

His face fell slightly and she now noted that his eyes were a silvery gray, “Look I don’t want to be here but General Toran told me to come over and introduce myself so here I am,” he stuck his hand out further, “Newly appointed High Wizard of the Triad, Cress Petron.”

Elise looked at the hand and stood up, placing her glass on a table, before shaking his hand. His grip was firm as she found herself finding the thrums of power it held. He was certainly powerful that was for sure, however it was expected of the chosen High Wizard.

“Considering it seems like we are doing titles, Second in Command and heir to the Convant and Circle, Elise Ereshkigal. You probably already know who I am I would presume. As for the Circle part, well I suppose I can let you know now that we will be working together.” Her voice was cocky and she started playing with her thumbnail as she said this.

The wizard before her looked at her closely, his silver eyes narrowing in on every detail of herself, “I suppose we will have to get to know more about each other then. Tell me Elise Ereshkigal, how did such an immature sarcastic witch manage to not only get to be the heir to the Convant but also now I know the heir of the circle?”

Elise bit back a snort and instead smiled thinly at the wizard, “Simply with the use of my sharp wit and charm. There’s more than meets the eye to me High Wizard Petron,” Elise winked at him and sat back down on the comfy sofa. She reclined into it, getting comfortable at the soft feeling that it gave her, “I suppose you are as stuck up and snooty as all the other Triad boys?” Her hand crept for her glass, her fingers entwining around the coldness that it produced, before taking a small sip of it, all the while keeping her eyes trained onto Cress. Grasping at the coldness of the glass she produced an ice shard in her hand before simply crushing it and dispersing it into her glass. “I always liked my watered down,” she stated, though it was quite obvious he didn’t care whatsoever.

“It depends on how you look at us. You witches seem to find at least one of us striking and then try to toy with us,” he crossed his arms across his chest and smirked, “Who’s it been for you Elise?  Was it one of us snobby Triad boys as you put it or perhaps a human mortal? Or maybe the heir has a thing for demons?”

Elise glared, there was no way she way being outwitted by this kid, “I’d have you know that I’m a witch with no desire to let my heart stray, when the universe gives me the sign I will be there to knock it down with the roles I will be dealing with,” She stood up and finished her glass, “Now if you excuse me I have some people to see and human magic gone wrong to sort out.” She smiled thinly and walked off.

It was true what she had said, Elise really did have places to go, namely the police station of Chrysler Rivers. She had received the usual text of ASAP help needed for some stupid idiotic reason. Whether it be a stupid curse on a family heirloom or some idiotic kid trying to summon death who wanted a thrill of the rush.

Elise sighed, waving a quick bye to Toran and she was out the door. The meeting wasn’t actually as embarrassing on Loyin as she thought it was and that severely disappointed her to know end. It didn’t help that Cress Petron had tied her up and left her with no time to annoy Loyin. She frowned as she walked to her car, the cold air would have affected any human but you know, witch. Cress Petron… Now he was certainly going to be a handful that was for sure. She’d dealt with his type before, cocky, filled with the new ego of power. Nothing she couldn’t handle Elise thought as she drove off through the portal back to the town of Chrysler Rivers.



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