Who are we...?

Stella grew up as a rich mans daughter, not even realizing that life was too easy to be true. But eventually she sees that, and when she does, she meets her twin sister Ivy she didn´t even know she had, on her elleventh birthday. Ivy tells Stella that she is a witch, and Stella without any doubt, exepts the fact. Stella invites Ivy to come and live with her, and together they find an old map of the house and find a library that once belonged to e great wizard... But Stella cant go to Hogwarts, because her parents will think she is crazy.., But luckily headmistress Mcgonagall is there to help... Together they find a solution, and Stella and Ivy start a new chapter of their lives in a book they didn´t even know existed....


4. The tower

Half an hour later they sent the owl out the window, with the letter they had written to Headmistress Mcgonagall, explaining their situation. Stella was still worried, but Ivy who was now thinking of other more cheerful things, was sitting and examining the map of the house. "Hey look and this!" She suddenly exclaimed. Stella hurried over to the table. "There seems to be a room at the top of the tower!" She shouted, suddenly very excited. "Are you sure it´s this tower?" Stella asked her. "Hundred percent sure!" Ivy said jumping up. "Let´s go check it out!" She said, already over by the shelf. "Which book..." She muttered. "Midsummer nights dream..." Stella told her. "Shakespeare... It´s been there since I can remember..." She said quietly. Ivy quickly found the book and opened the shelf. "So how do we get up there..." She said knocking on the ceiling. She suddenly came across a little string. "Look at this!" She exclaimed. Stella quickly came over to her. "I hadn't even noticed that!" She said and looked carefully at the string. "Well are you going to pull it?" Ivy asked, as she smiled. Stella smiled back and pulled the string. There was a sudden sound of metal against metal, and suddenly there was a small square hole in the ceiling and a dusty rope ladder rolled itself out in front of them. "Wow!" Stella said looking at Ivy. "Want to take a look?" She asked as sunlight suddenly hit their faces. "There must be a window up there!" Stella said as she began to climb the latter. Ivy followed straight behind, and soon they were both standing in a large round room, with several full sized windows leading out to balconies. The room was completely empty, except for a desk Ivy quickly went over to. All the drawers seemed to be locked, and Ivy groaned. "Why do they always have to be locked?" She asked. "Probably because there is always something valuable inside them..." Stella slowly answered, coming up beside Ivy. "Maybe there´s a key in this room..." Stella suggested. "Not very likely... If someone wants to keep something secret, they normally don't hide the key in the same room..." Ivy said. "Yeah but it must have been ages ago since the person was up here... Because I´ve had this room since I was like 5... And this is my grandparents place, but they gave it to my mom and dad, when they retired to they´re luxury home on Hawaii..." Stella told her.

"So the person hiding the key must be like... Dead..." Ivy slowly concluded. "Did your dad live in this house while he was growing up?" Ivy suddenly asked. "Yes..." Stella nodded. "So your mom doesn't know about this for sure..." Ivy thought for a while. "Who had this room before you?" She asked Stella. "Well I don't really know... Never asked..." She stopped. "But the person who had this room before me must have known about the door..." She said firmly. "Why do you say that?" Ivy asked. "Because the room was empty except the shelf, and the book was standing to hide the levar... Wait I've got it!" Stella said and jumped up and down. "The person who had the book probably wrote who owned it! We can check who it is!" She said happily. "You really are a genius!" Ivy said.

They quickly got down in the room, and put back the shelf as Stella took out the book. "Midsummer nights dream..." She said slowly and opened it. But she couldn't believe her eyes. She slowly sat down on the soft carpet and looked miserably at Ivy. "What does it say?" Ivy asked her. Stella silently handed her the book. "This book belongs to Harold Danefield..." She read out loud. "But that means..." Ivy said not understanding anything. "That means that my dad knows about this door, and probably also the room upstairs." Stella said miserably. "But why then give you this room?" Ivy asked and sat down beside her. "Dunno..." Stella whispered. There was suddenly a rapt knock on the door. "Stella your tutor is here!" Her mother's voice sounded through the thick oak door. "Coming mum!" Stella shouted. "I've got to go!" Stella told Ivy and left.



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