Who are we...?

Stella grew up as a rich mans daughter, not even realizing that life was too easy to be true. But eventually she sees that, and when she does, she meets her twin sister Ivy she didn´t even know she had, on her elleventh birthday. Ivy tells Stella that she is a witch, and Stella without any doubt, exepts the fact. Stella invites Ivy to come and live with her, and together they find an old map of the house and find a library that once belonged to e great wizard... But Stella cant go to Hogwarts, because her parents will think she is crazy.., But luckily headmistress Mcgonagall is there to help... Together they find a solution, and Stella and Ivy start a new chapter of their lives in a book they didn´t even know existed....


6. That one special place, just for you and me...

Stella and Ivy were soon on their way down the long hall, and they turned left down the hall. Stella was looking intently at the map, and leading the way. "We need to turn right down there." She pointed down the hall. They turned right and the right again. "Ok we should be there in just a...." She stopped. They had come to a dead end. "Minute..." Stella finished her sentence. "Are you sure you are reading the map right?" Ivy asked as she looked over Stella´s shoulder and looked at the map. "Yes absolutely!" She pointed at the map. "You walk down those stairs and follow the hall until you come to the turn, turn left, then right and then right again..." Her voice drowned away as she suddenly noticed a small sign on the map, where they were standing. "Wait what´s that?" She asked and pointed at the little sign. Ivy looked closer. "Looks like a snail shell..." She said slowly. Stella suddenly got an idea. "Or a conch shell!" They said in unison. "Well the sign is placed on the floor on the map..." Stella said slowly. Ivy bent down and looked at the marble floor. And soon enough she found a small dent in the floor that matched the conch shell´s size. Stella who had also bent down, nodded at her. She slowly got her necklace in the dent, and there was a small "swoosh" sound and a wooden staircase came to sight. They both got up, and Ivy went down the stairs first. "I wonder how we close the stairs again..." Stella wondered out loud. She then stopped and gaped. They had stepped into a huge library, with rows and rows of shelves all filled with thin and thick, old, new and dusty books. "Wow..." Stella exclaimed. "This," Ivy said with her mouth open, "is... is... Incredible!" She finally closed her mouth and turned to Stella. "Well?" Stella asked with an amazed grin on her face. "Wanna go explore or what?" She laughed and started running down one of the isles. Stella looked at the stairs. And then at the floor. Again, there was a small dent where she put her necklace. The stairs folded themselves up again, and Stella relaxed. She then looked around in the library. "This is going to be awesome..." She grinned to herself and started picking up random books on the floor.


"There must be like a million books in here!" Ivy´s voice sounded distant. Stella had already picked out more than fifteen books that she wanted to read, but found that most of them were about the wizard world. She also realized that there were no windows, but thought that it was probably because nobody could know about the library. Ivy had run down the main aisle, but could never find the end, and worried that she couldn't find her way back, so she ran back and started flipping through books. "Stella?" Stella barely looked up from the book she was reading. "Stella?" Ivy stood up. Nothing. "Stella???" Ivy snapped her fingers in front of Stella´s eyes. "What?" Stella demanded. "Alright, first of all, I just found out that you are apparently deaf when you read. Second, You need to look at this book! I think it´s a book of spells!" Ivy looked excitedly at Stella, whose eyes lit up like fireworks. "Wow, wicked!" she exclaimed. She quickly grabbed the book and put it in a basket she had found. "I´m bringing these up to the room..." She explained as Ivy kept staring weirdly at her. "Sure..." Ivy walked away. Stella tossed the book she was holding into the basket, picked it up and started exploring the shelves. "I wonder if my dad knows about this place..." Stella muttered to herself. "Someone must..." Ivy appeared from behind a huge stack of books. "Yeah... It´s just so strange..." Stella shook her head, still not able to understand how everything happened in the first place. She suddenly came across a small long box. "Wow..." Ivy stopped flipping through a book and came over. "What did you..." She stopped and gaped. Stella looked wide eyed at the open box. Inside lay a perfect 11 inch wand. It looked like it was made out of mahogany. "Is that a..." Ivy didn't finish her sentence. Stella slowly nodded. "I wonder who it belonged to..." Ivy asked quietly. "I think it may have belonged to my dad..." Stella slowly said. Ivy pulled a face. "Why would you think that?" She asked, edging nearer to Stella. "Because it says so on the box." Stella handed the box over. 

Harold Danefield was engraved on the side. 


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