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Stella grew up as a rich mans daughter, not even realizing that life was too easy to be true. But eventually she sees that, and when she does, she meets her twin sister Ivy she didn´t even know she had, on her elleventh birthday. Ivy tells Stella that she is a witch, and Stella without any doubt, exepts the fact. Stella invites Ivy to come and live with her, and together they find an old map of the house and find a library that once belonged to e great wizard... But Stella cant go to Hogwarts, because her parents will think she is crazy.., But luckily headmistress Mcgonagall is there to help... Together they find a solution, and Stella and Ivy start a new chapter of their lives in a book they didn´t even know existed....


5. Breakfast in bed, with a little twist

Ivy sat and thought of the different explanations there could be. Did Stella´s dad really know about the shelf and the room? Another thought hit her. "Who´s my dad?" She said out loud. The only way they could be twins was if they had the same parents... Ivy sat for ages, thinking of the different things that had recently happened. Even meeting Stella, must not have been a coincidence. It seemed like someone had planned all these things. There was suddenly a silent hoot outside the window, and Ivy quickly got up from the floor and hurried over to the window. The same owl that sent them their letters, was silently making small loops in the air a little ways outside the window. Ivy opened the window and the owl swooped in. "There we go..." She muttered. She hastily got the letter from the owl and opened it.


Dear miss Danefield.

I am aware of your situation and I assure you, that I will help you as I can. Please have patience but remember that help will always be given to the ones who ask for it at Hogwarts.

Headmistress McGonagall


"I wonder what she will do..." Stella said after reading the letter. "Help will always be given to the ones who ask for it... It sounds familiar..." Ivy slowly whispered to herself. "Stella..." Ivy suddenly said. "Do you think we have the same parents... I mean it doesn't make any sense if we dont have..."

Ivy stopped. Stella sat and thought for a while. "It doesn´t make sense if we dont have..." She slowly said. "The only thing I can't make out is how you ended in the orphanage..." She stopped and looked out at the window. "Wait what did you write back to McGonagall" Stella asked. "I didn't write anything... The owl is sitting up in the tower." Ivy said not realizing Stella´s staring. "You were up in the tower?" Stella asked, a little stunned. "Yeah the maid came in... Knocked first though, so I hid up in the tower." Ivy told her. "I dont have a maid..." Stella said, her eyebrows furrowing. "Wait what?" Ivy asked suddenly much more alert. "I said, I don't have a maid!" Stella said laughing a little. "But someone was in here..." Ivy said sitting down on the bed again. Stella thought for a while. "No one ever comes in here..." She said quietly. "You know what?" Ivy said breaking the silence. "Why don't we sleep on it, and think about this tomorrow... Maybe we'll have a better explanation there..." She stopped.They looked at each other for a while, thinking of the day's excitement. Then Stella suddenly laughed. "Well I have a question for right now... That we need to solve, right now..." She laughed again, and Ivy looked weirdly at her. "Where are you going to sleep?" She asked and they both broke into laughter. It seemed to be such a simple question compared to the ones they had previously thought about. But little did they know, that their adventure had just begun.


Stella woke up the next morning, hoping that it had not all been a dream. The dazzling sunlight shone brightly on her face, and she slowly turned her head over to one of the sofa´s, the one where Ivy was sleeping. She breathed out, not even aware of her holding her breath, but quickly came to other thoughts. The owl they had brought down from the room upstairs, was gone and the only thing suggesting that it had been there, was the open window. Stella quickly got out of bed, and went over to her closet. She chose the same outfit as the day before: Jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing to formal, she thought. Then she realized. "It´s Saturday!" She half shouted, but quickly dropped her raised arms as the sofa gave a little groan. "Wake up sleepyhead!" She laughed as she ran over to the sofa. She shook Ivy awake and got met by the grumpiest face in the world. "Wow what happened to you?" She asked laughing so hard she nearly fell to the ground. "I´m hungry..." Ivy muttered. But then she saw Stella rolling around on the floor, laughing. "Hey!" She laughed and got up from the sofa. "But seriously," she said as Stella slowly stopped laughing. "I am starving. The orphanage doesn't give people a lot of food, and I haven't had a meal since lunch yesterday, which was basically just half a roll." She stopped as her stomach gave an uncomfortable growl. "My stomach talks for me..." She said and laughed as Stella fell to the floor again. "Ok..." Stella finally got to her feet. "I´ll call the kitchen and request breakfast in bed..." She went over to the phone. "Just dial K..." She said slowly, as she held the phone up the her ear.

Half an hour later they were both sitting on the bed, enjoying breakfast in bed. Ivy was shoveling eggs in her mouth like a maniac, and Stella was sitting and staring weirdly at her. She had never seen anyone eat so much at the same time. "Go easy on the sausages..." She laughed and took a sip of orange juice. She slowly got up from the bed and went over to her desk, that was standing bathed in sunlight from the window above. She picked up the map that was laying on the table, and unfolded it. There was nothing new. She had studied the map hundreds of times, but still she found it so mystical and interesting, that she could never resist looking at it for atleast a minute. She looked over at Ivy, who was about to start on the biggest piece of toast she had ever seen. Stella laughed to herself and continued over to the shelf. "I´m going to take a look upstairs..." She looked over at Ivy. "Don't overeat..." Then she laughed, because she knew that Ivy already had. She pulled "Midsummer nights dream" and the shelf moved aside revealing the staircase. Stella found the string and a second after the rope ladder folded itself out. "I'll never get used to that..." She said to herself. She then climbed up and came into a sun filled room, with only a desk in it. She walked over to it, the old floorboards creaking beneath her feet. She studied the desk inch by inch, and suddenly came across a little flap of paper, sticking out from the second drawer. She tried pulling it, and was surprised to find that it was a long thin piece of parchment. She pulled the rest of it out and was suddenly standing with a long piece of folded parchment. She quickly hurried down the ladder and into the room. And was not surprised t find that Ivy was still shoveling food into her mouth. "Look what I found!" She said, and Ivy immediately stopped eating. "Wharg ih ik?" She asked, her mouth full of food. "Go wash your hands and I´ll show you!" She laughed and Ivy looked down at her oily fingers. She had long forgotten all about utensils. She qiuckly washed them and came out to look at the new map laying on the table. "It´s another map of the house..." Stella slowly concluded. "Except it´s bigger..." She looked up at Ivy. "It has a basement drwn on it too..." She looked down at the map agin. "But the weird thing is, all the years I have lived here, I have never heard of a basement..." she looked up at Ivy again, who was eyeing the map with furrowed eyebrows. "Hey sherlock," she said laughing. "You´ve got a bit of toast in your hair!" She said laughing uncontrollably. Ivy put a grumpy face on, wich only made Stella laugh harder. She quickly got the toast out of her hair, and grabbed the map. "Strange..." She muttered to herself. Stella slowly stopped laughing. "Whatcha think we should do?" She then asked serioulsy. "Dunno..." Ivy answered. They studied the map for a while, but Stella broke the silence after a while. "Why don´t you get dressed and we´ll go down and check it out..." She said with a grin.

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