I have to be saved *ON HOLD*

Lauren was saved by a knock on her door. She was so relieved and happy that they had knocked otherwise she would've lost her virginity to her father and she was 9 at the time. And that was 4 years ago. She is now 13 and living the life any teenage girl would want. She's living with teen heart throbs, One Direction. But once apon at time, she has been having the same dream over and over again and One Direction have to step in and save her. But what do they have to save her from? What is this nightmare that Lauren keeps having?

Read to find out in... I have to be saved


3. So far, yet so real

Lauren POV

I awoke from my usual corner with stinging eyes and patchy tear stains on my 1 week old top. Yeah, my father wont let me out his sight, so he wont let me get changed. :( "LAUREN!"


My fathers footsteps can always be heard. You can never miss them. I hide myself away in my usual corner and try to go back to sleep. "LAUREN YOU BITCH!" He called out. I pushed the comment away and curled up even more in 'my corner' as I call it. Im always there, 24/7 to 7 days a week, to all year round. He came closer and closer to me, but once I could feel him so close to me, he just hit me round my cheek, and across my face. Tears threatened to fall, but I tried to keep them in otherwise, it would just give my father another good reason to hit me again. "You listen here...."


My father ran off to answer his phone so in the mean time, I forced myself to let the tears fall and cried myself to sleep before he came back to hit me, or just to humiliate me on the internet. I just wish that if pictures of me ARE on the internet, that people arent laughing at me and thinking how bad of a loser I am and wanting to come after me to just humiliate me some more and to bully me through my father.


"NO! PLEASE DONT, IF YOU HURT MY MOTHER, I SWEAR!" I shouted out and cried. "OR YOU'LL DO WHAT? YOU SUCH A LITTLE BITCH ARENT YOU?!" He shouted back at me. I could see my mother in agony and screaming out my name and telling me to run. But I couldnt. I was just about to speak when something covered my mouth so I couldnt speak properly. "DKHORODODF!" "Im sorry, what did you say?" He asked, filling himself with laughter. My anger and rage was building up rapidly inside me.

"DORKVJIDFSHIRTGFF!" He just laughed at me and slid the knife across my mothers kneck. The tears fell faster as I watched her blood ooze out of her kneck. That little idiot! He killed my mother, and if I knew better, I would've killed him before he killed my mother. My mother was my world, my everything. She was there for me when I cried, or I got hurt at school, she was there to help me with my homework, and she was there to feed me and to keep me healthy and going strong, She was there for me when I did my christmas plays and cheered me on. My father on the other hand, wasnt there for anything. Not even one of my school plays.

*End of dream*

*In another dream but Lauren doesnt realise it at first*

 I shot up to not find my father forcefully waking me up and ordering me to do things I dont want to do, but instead I couldnt even see or find my father anywhere. "Father!?" I called out. No answer. "Lauren!" My mothers voice rang through my head. "I love you mum, and I want you here right now with me..." I whispered. "Its ok lauren. Ssssh, its ok." My mothers soothing voice, sounded like she was right next to me. I felt a warm pair of arms wrapping around me and I squeezed my mother tight. "Im so sorry mum!" I cried. She kissed my forehead and looked at me in the eyes. She had lovely brown hair with some shiny blue eyes. "M-Mum, I-I-I...." I was so lost for words.

"How come you're here? I want you to stay here forever with me mum..." My mother smiled her lovely smile and said "I want to stay here forever with you and help you, but Im dead." "What do you mean you're dead?" I asked. She tilted her neck revealing the scar that my father had drawn on my mothers neck with a sharp blade end with a knife. Tears fell when I realised this was all a dream. "I have to go now so, come visit me sometime!" My mother was fading away and I called after her. "MUM NO! I NEED YOU HERE! GET ME OUT!" And she was gone.

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