I have to be saved *ON HOLD*

Lauren was saved by a knock on her door. She was so relieved and happy that they had knocked otherwise she would've lost her virginity to her father and she was 9 at the time. And that was 4 years ago. She is now 13 and living the life any teenage girl would want. She's living with teen heart throbs, One Direction. But once apon at time, she has been having the same dream over and over again and One Direction have to step in and save her. But what do they have to save her from? What is this nightmare that Lauren keeps having?

Read to find out in... I have to be saved


7. A/N

Hey guys! Ive made a new book called 'Love me while you can'. Its based on a girl who falls in love with Harry Styles and Niall Horan and she cant decide on who to go for. So, just go and check it out and Like,favourite, and Comment on what you think! Im also in the middle of writing a chappy to this book, so yeah... I have a feeling you're gonna love it! :)


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