I have to be saved *ON HOLD*

Lauren was saved by a knock on her door. She was so relieved and happy that they had knocked otherwise she would've lost her virginity to her father and she was 9 at the time. And that was 4 years ago. She is now 13 and living the life any teenage girl would want. She's living with teen heart throbs, One Direction. But once apon at time, she has been having the same dream over and over again and One Direction have to step in and save her. But what do they have to save her from? What is this nightmare that Lauren keeps having?

Read to find out in... I have to be saved


9. 4 years later

Lauren POV

Today is my 4th anniversary of coming here... "LAUREN! BREAKFAST!" Louis called from downstairs. I sat up and sighed. Louis was like my personal alarm clock, but he shouts from downstairs. Its quite funny actually. I wrapped my dressing gown around me and wandered downstairs. "Hi louis,.." I said and skipped passed him. "Well, someones happy!" I just giggled. "No, Im not really happy but I guess I am!" "Why arent you happy?" Louis asked. With that, Niall came zooming past us and ran straight for the pancakes. "Good Morning Niall!" I sat down next to him, watching him eat 5 pancakes. "Goog morgifg...." He said with his mouth full of pancakes. He nodded and swallowed his food.

"Good Morning Lauren." We hugged each other and I got on eating my breakfast. Once I ate all my breakfast, I went upstairs and got into the shower. I let the warm water fall all over my body. I put on my cherry flavoured shower gel using my butterfly bodypuff. I put on my rasberry shampoo and rinsed it out of my hair. I turned off the shower and wrapped my towel around me.

I got out and went into my room. I put on some fresh uderwear, clean bra and knickers. I then put on my grey jumper that says 'Dance all night and sleep all day' and put on my favourite pair of jeans with just a pair of black flats with some gold studs. I brushed my brown curly hair and towel dried it abit. I pulled my hair up into a loose ponytail and sprayed on the one direction perfume, Our Moment. I completed it with some appropiate make up and then I took one look at myself in the mirror. Good. "Lauren!" Harry said as he had his arms out for a hug.

I walked down the stairs and gave him a hug. "Hi Harry! Where were you this morning at breakfast?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. "In bed still, you know me..." Then we just giggled. "We're going to the recording studio, wanna come?" I nodded. "Nah, I'll stay h......" I was interupted by harry. "No, you're coming with us! Or no cookies?" I sighed and turned and ran upstairs to get my bag. I quickly put in my purse,phone, lip gloss, etc. "Im not a 5 year old you know!" I called down to Harry. "Yeah we know that!" Niall replied.

"Lauren!" The boys yelled. "Im coming!" I yelled back. There I was, standing on the last step of the staircase, and the boys were just grinning. "Do you like my outfit?" They nodded. "Cmon, lets get to the recording studio!" Liam said and we all followed him behind. Once we got there, the boys just walked straight over to the instruments and started playing but me on the other hand, I just looked around the studio. "We're gonna record now..." I nodded and sat down on a chair and watched them pluck at the strings of different instruments.


You're hand fits in mine,

like its made just for me.

But bear this in mind it was,

meant to be.


And Im joining

up the dots with the freckles

on your cheeks and it,

all makes sense to me.


I know you've never loved,

the crinkles by your eyes

when you smile you've never

loved, your stomach or your


The dimples in your back

at the bottom of your spine,

but I, love them endlessly.


I wont let these little things

slip, out of my mouth. But

if I do, its you, oh its you,

they add up to. Im in love

with you, and all your little things.


You cant go to bed, without a cup of tea.

Maybe thats the reason that you talk,

in your sleep. And all those converstations

are the secrets that I keep, though it makes

no sense to me.


I know youve never loved,

the sound of your voice on tape

you never want, to know how much

you way. You still have to squeeze into

your jeans, but your per - fect to me.


I wont let these little things

slip, out of my mouth. But

if I do, its you, oh its you,

they add up to. Im in love

with you, and these little things.


You'll never love yourself,

half as much as I love you!

And you'll never treat yourself

right darlin, but I want you to!


If I let you know, Im here. For you.

Maybe you'll love yourself like I,

love you oh!


And Ive just let these little things

slip, out of my mouth. Cos its you,

oh its you, its you they add up to.

And im in love with you and all these little things.


I wont let these little things

slip, out of my mouth. But

if its true, its you, its you,

they add up to. Im in love

with you, and all your little things.



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