Insanes Haven

Bradie has a hard time dealing with her who has passed and her father who has been in the army for a while. As she cuts herself Cody, her childhood, best friend immediately suspects something. Cody tries his best to make Bradie feel wanted and not alone. Cody tries so hard to make her happy and as he was trying to make her smile, romance started to appear. But will this new couple drift away over college?


3. The Date

I woke up at 10 o'clock this morning, took a warm shower, did my hair into curly locks, and pulled on a little strapless peach colored dress with lace on the bottom. I brushed my teeth quickly and popped a mint into my mouth. I spotted the razor next to the sink with the dried up blood from yesterday. The thought of cutting again filled my brain as I knew Cody would be disappointed if i tried again. I just couldn’t help myself. I grabbed the razor held it against my arm. “NO!” I yelled to myself but my arm flew forward and dug into my white as snow skin. I yelped in pain and looked down at what i had just done. “Shame. Shame shame shame.” I repeated over and over. The fresh thick dark red oozing liquid trickled down my arm as I slammed the wall wondering what Cody would say. “MAN! What the fudge just happened” I thought to myself. “I’m totally messed up.” I cleaned my arm with disinfectant wipes and it stung  horribly. I wiped up the counter and threw the razor away. I looked in the mirror , stared at myself and then rolled my eyes. I didn't deserve to be here. Cody didn’t deserve a girl like me. I am worthless. I live by myself since my mom died in a car accident and my dad is in the army. I’m bullied constantly. I get pushed into lockers, walls and even other people. There are so many other worse things that people have done but i don’t feel like explaining them right now. The day went by so fast and it was already 7pm. I walked on over to the lake around the corner or the “Secret Chamber” as Cody and I used to call it. “CODY!” I jumped up and wrapped my hands around his neck and my feet around his waist. Memories filled my mind as I saw the little picnic he had set up for the two of us. It was just like the days when Cody and I used to build forts and pretend we were on adventures and become spies of some sort. The day would always end in a picnic.There laid the red, green and blue plaid blanket with the old picnic basket we made out of twigs. I sat with my thin yet chubby legs crossed and Cody sat with his legs out and leaning on his arm.  

“Just like old times eh?” He questioned

“Exactly!” I answered. He opened the basket and two plates popped out along with cups, forks, spoons and knives. Then the food appeared.

“I made this myself, try it.” He was the best cook in the whole world! His dishes were amazing and my tastebuds danced and craved for more. He made pasta, to steaks, to salads, to other italian dishes and of course, our tradition, the dinosaur chicken nuggets from when we were little. We always ate those whenever we came to the woods. I almost cried that he prepared all of this for us. He really believed in me, and in us. Us as a couple and things not getting awkward. Nothing was awkward. Not anything! Everything was perfect.


“Yeah?” He responded.

“Thank you. Thank you for preparing this and making everything so special”

He leaned in and his breath tickled my face and teasing my lips. I leaned forward . Our lips pressed together and his tongue ran against my bottom lip. I let out a moan and he took that opportunity to plunge his tongue into my mouth and they danced together, a forbidden dance. We stopped and looked at each other for a while. He has wavy chestnut colored hair  down to his ears and violet colored eyes. He is about six feet tall, muscular but still skinny. He has tan skin and perfect full lips.  Me on the other hand is totally the opposite. I have pin straight long blonde hair and pale blue eyes, fair skin, about 5`5 and I have a few small freckles under my eyes. It was nearing 10 o’clock. “How bout a movie night tomorrow?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me!” He replied

“Is 1:00pm ok?” i questioned

“Yep!” We started to pack all of our stuff and find our way back home in the pitch black darkness. A cool breeze made me shiver and i clung onto Cody’s arm. “First stop, Bradie’s house!” he joked as i let go of him and waved goodbye.


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