Insanes Haven

Bradie has a hard time dealing with her who has passed and her father who has been in the army for a while. As she cuts herself Cody, her childhood, best friend immediately suspects something. Cody tries his best to make Bradie feel wanted and not alone. Cody tries so hard to make her happy and as he was trying to make her smile, romance started to appear. But will this new couple drift away over college?


6. Last Time

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!! I forced my eyes open and hit the snooze button on my alarm clock. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! “Ugh! Stupid alarm!” I yelled as I yanked out the plug.  The light shined in my eyes and the neighbors dog wouldn't shut up. The birds were chirping unusually loud and the door bell kept ringing. I had possibly the worst sleep i’ve ever had in my whole life. Just thinking about Cody and I not being together was just overwhelming and frustrating. I didn’t want to be with any other boy but him and i didn’t want to see him with another girl. Just no. No. NO. NO! DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG! “Coming!” I groaned as I dragged my feet out of bed. My hair was a knotty mess but I didn’t bother combing it. I grabbed the key to the door thinking it was Cody and opened it with a gruff. “Frederick Feinstein What the bloody hell are you doing here!”  Fred was the weirdest kid ever. He used to or still has the biggest crush on me.

“Will you go out with me?” He stated. I slammed the door shut and locked it. without saying a word “You look like an angel!” I heard him say though the door.

“GO AWAY!” I yelled back.

“I love you….” He whispered with his nose pressed against the window by the door.  I rolled my eyes and decided to take a shower and get ready to surprise Cody with a sleepover date. I texted him real fast and he replied instantly. The date was on! I packed all my clothes and we decided that it would be at his house. I approached his door and lugged my luggage up the stairs to his door bell. He sustained my one thousand ton bag and directed me up to his  blue room. Then he led us back to the reddish brown living room. We played scrabble, and some simple card games. he prepared hot chocolate for the both of us even though it was August. August 31st. “Tomorrow I’m going to college..” Cody mentioned.

“And I’m going to Vietnam.. we are going to be in too different countries.. and we won't be able to communicate that often.” I snuggled into his arm and I nuzzled my head under his fine chin then he turned on the  flat screen TV that draped on his wall. We watched Adventure Time till 11 o'clock and I fell asleep on the couch in his well built arms. I felt an arm reach beneath my back and legs. Cody was lifting me up and I swung my arms around his neck in a tight grip. I didn’t open my eyes, and didn’t talk as he laid me gently on his bed. For some reason my arms wouldn’t let go and it were as if they were glued onto him. He tried to pry them off but gave up because he nestled up right next to me under the blanket. The warmth of his body was absurd  since i was extremely cold when we were downstairs. I heard soft snores coming out of his nose. His breath tickled my neck and caused it to flutter.  I loosened  all of my muscles and deliberately amassed off to sleep.

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