Insanes Haven

Bradie has a hard time dealing with her who has passed and her father who has been in the army for a while. As she cuts herself Cody, her childhood, best friend immediately suspects something. Cody tries his best to make Bradie feel wanted and not alone. Cody tries so hard to make her happy and as he was trying to make her smile, romance started to appear. But will this new couple drift away over college?


7. Gone

I woke up suddenly as Cody yawned loudly and let go of my arms. I opened my eyes and smiled as he said “Give me a kiss.”

“Not with morning breath!” I replied

“Well brush your teeth I can’t wait any longer!” I said. He heaved the covers off me and made sure that I was on my way to the bathroom. I haltingly poured the toothpaste on and Cody walks in. “Thats not fast enough!” He squeezes the toothpaste so hard that scads of toothpaste was all over the counter. He nudged the toothbrush into my mouth and started to make fast circles around my teeth.

“Cody!” I mumbled  playfully and my face was veiled with toothpaste and saliva. He wouldn’t give me a chance to clean my face and just grabbed my wide but skinny arm and planted a big fat kiss on my lips.  ‘You’re pathetic!” I joked around and we sniggled for a little bit.  

“Go Take a shower! you’re stinky!” He joked again. I grabbed a towel and closed the bathroom door behind me. I undressed and turned on the faucet. I scrubbed myself with the soap and then used some shampoo that i had left over from previous vacations. I watched the suds go down the drain as I put in some conditioner. I rinsed everything off my body and wrapped the towel under my arms and around my body. I walked into his room and got dressed real quickly. Cody was waiting in the living room with his legs crossed on the table watching television.  He had at least 4 suitcases next to him. It was time to say good bye.

"Cody, what's going to happen?" I asked

"what do you mean?" he responded

" With our relationship.. I can't do long distant, there is barely any signal In Vietnam!"

"Then I guess our only option is to break up.." Cody suggested

" I'm not breaking up with you and you aren't breaking up with me, we are doing this because we are forced to, not because we want to."

"I Know Bradie. I just can't imagine not seeing you everyday." Cody says. A black van pulled up on His driveway. "Bye Bradie!" He envelopes me in a large hug, but we don't kiss.

"promise me when you come back in 5 months you will come visit me." I say

"I Promise Bradie! Love you!" he hopped into the back seat of the van and managed to squeeze all of his luggage in with him. I held back my tears as I walked back to my house heart broken. My luggage was already packed and I called a taxi to drop me at the airport. I walked down almost all of the hallways passing terminal numbers 1-29. Of course, the last terminal had to be the flight I was going on. It was a petite airport and not many people could fit on a plane. It was only me and a few other people waiting. A sexy bleach blonde hair and brown eyed boy planted himself in the seat next to me. The aroma of his cologne swirled into my nostrils and his breath smelled minty and cool.

“The names Brent.” He turnes to me and intruduces himself.

“I’m Bradie!” I replied. He was even more sexy when he talked.

“What is making you come to Vietnam?” He asked.


“Same! What college are you going to?” He interrogated.

“ Well I’m going to military base to live with my dad for a few months and there is a collage there.” I responded.

“Are you going to SLCOM?” He asked

“Yeh…” SLCOM means Student Learning Center Of Military.

“I’m also going there!” he cheerfully stated.

“There is only like less than 50 kids in the whole school.” I said

“Yeh i’m also visting my mom and she wants me to ‘Get a good education’ so shes making me go to SLCOM.”

“We are now boarding the plane. Please show the flight attendant your boarding pass before entering the plane. Thank you and have a great flight!” The announcer stated. We both got up and since the jet was so small and basically nobody was even on it we got to choose our seats. We sat next to each other.  It was a 20 hour flight from New York to Vietnam. I slept most of the time and Brent and I talked alot. We talked about our lives and our exs. I told him about Cody and he really didn't tell me about his love life. Although we got closer on the plane he was still a stranger and I couldn’t trust him. I woke up laying on Brents shoulder and automatically lifted my head up, embarrassed. He was up watching TV on the small television screen in front of him.

“Hey! How was your sleep?” he questioned.

“Good!” I replied even though it was horrible. I can’t sleep without Cody. I needed him to protect me and comfort me. I turned on my small TV and watched Spongebob. I felt stupid because he was watching some sort of Law and Order show and I was watching a show meant for 7 year olds. Soon enough the jet hit a few bumps and landed on the ground safely. We collected our bags from the compartment above and exited the plane. “Bye! It was nice to meet you!”I stated as we went opposite ways.

“Hopefully we will see each other in school!” He said back to me. I quickly grabbed a Starbucks latte and went though a quick security bag check. I exited the airport and grabbed a taxi and we headed off to the milatary college.  I paid the driver his money and I hopped out of the car as I dragged my bags behind me. I looked up seeing a huge gate with the letters SLCOM written above.

“Welcome to your new home.” I said to myself and entered into the camp. I spotted a handsome light brownish haired man coming my way. “Dad?”


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