Insanes Haven

Bradie has a hard time dealing with her who has passed and her father who has been in the army for a while. As she cuts herself Cody, her childhood, best friend immediately suspects something. Cody tries his best to make Bradie feel wanted and not alone. Cody tries so hard to make her happy and as he was trying to make her smile, romance started to appear. But will this new couple drift away over college?


4. Fun

It was nearing one o’clock and I packed a bag filled with candies, my Pjs and other sorts of junk.  I plopped my shoes on and skipped down the driveway. A few steps away was his house so I didn't have to drive. I rung the doorbell and a few moments later I saw Cody's head pop out  

"Hello princess! We have the house to ourselves today! My moms staying over my grandmas house and my dad is at a business trip.”

"That's great!" we sat around eating the candies I had brought. " save some for later!" I warned Cody. None of the candy lasted. We tried to throw skittles into each others mouths which led to a huge mess on the floor and played tic tac toe with M&Ms. We watched “The Last Song” and snuggled under a warm and fluffy pink blanket. After the movie was over, we cleaned up and Cody was about to walk me home. “

Thanks Cody” I said passionately playing with his hair.

“No problem! I Love hanging out with you.” Cody says.

“Thanks for believing in me and making me feel like that I am perfect.” I say looking down to the floor then to his perfect full lips.

“Well, you are... Perfect.” He says in a manly voice that really turned me on. Silence aroused and I couldn’t help it, I smashed my lips against his and his arms grabbed my waist tightly. He slammed the door closed and pushed me against it.  We laid on the couch and  I my legs clinged to his waist. I pulled his shirt off seeing his abs in the corner of my eye. He started gently pulling my hair as I digged my nails onto his bare back. Both of our tongues took trips in each others mouth. It felt like a whimsical dance. His lips started making a trail to my neck then I suddenly stopped him. He stared at me with a confused expression. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I want to wait.” I said biting my lip. He got up quickly and looked at me with shame. He put his shirt back on. “I am sorry.” I sprinted down the olive green hallway and opened the brown slightly rusted door that laid in front of my crystal blue eyes. Tears were streaming down my cheeks like a small river leading to a waterfall. I ran into my house and rushed into my room. I screamed into my comfortable pink feather pillow that Cody got me when I was on vacation to Scotland for the whole summer. Whispers and yells were running back and forth in my brain. “YOU'RE WORTHLESS!” “You love him” “YOU'RE GOING TO FAST!”   "WHY WOULD HE LOVE YOU! YOU'RE UGLY" I ran to my unpainted bathroom and I grabbed the razor from my empty trash can. This time I didn't hesitate, I just slashed the razor right across my wrist. I couldn't feel the pain. I walked slowly to my bed, I lied down and as the blood was dripping out of my open arm, I lost control of the razor and it dropped on its own and splashes of color fazed every time I blinked. It was as if the room was spinning and I blanked out. Soon, I woke up and there was crusted blood on my bed and a large slash on my arm.  I glanced at my guitar and grabbed it as I slowly jogged to the creek. The creek was a place for me. I vent to my reflection in the water because my life was distant to others. Memories fill my mind as I remember bullying situations throughout middle school. I always used to come here “The Secret Chamber” That Cody and I used to call it. Cody spotted me here as he was taking a walk around the neighborhood. We talked and talked and then suddenly it became our hangout place. Since my dad is is apart the army and my mom passed, and Cody's dad is always at business trips and his mom is too busy taking care of his grandma, we would usually come here. I would pretend to be the princess in danger and he would be super man and try to save me.

 I held my guitar and I gazed at it. My left hand was holding the arm of the guitar and my right arm's fingers were on the rough strings. My cuts were exactly parallel. I got out of position and turned the guitar vertical. I stared at he opeg color and rough texture. It was a ombré color of mocha colored brown and fading into tannish color. I remember my dad gave it to me for Christmas before he left to Vietnam. Suddenly I broke into singing a song and I started getting ready to sing the melody about my life.


Ooh, ooh

  My heart is steady now I'm ready

To say these words that leave me heavy

Do you sense what I am sending?

Say you do make me brave


Not sure I should let it go

But what's my heart if it's hollow

Cause nothing's like the sight of you

I will tie your picture to the string of a balloon

And show the world you're brighter than the Moon

Ooh, ooh

In your arms I feel the safety

A thousands armies couldn't bring me

Keep this calloused heart from craving

Say you will make me brav..


"You haven't played in a while." A voice interrupts me.

"Why are you here Cody?" I say looking at my unsatisfying reflection in the water. "Why did you run off like that yesterday?" He says sitting down on the dirt next to me.

"I was scared." I say vividly.

"Scared of what?" Cody says.

"I am scared that if we start an intimate relationship that I am going to start thinking that everything about my life is okay." I say while warm tears fall against my pursed lips.

"But I thought everything was going to be okay." Cody says puzzled. "Cody, I don't want everything to suddenly be okay! And it will never be ok even if I try. I want to fix my problems or else they will be scarred in my past!" I say fiercely but softly.

"Well then, we will fight one battle at a time. Together." He says moving my hair. I nodded then I pecked him on the lips and then we fell into a different topic. "

So I was thinking about a date tonight?" Cody said giggling a little.

"Um yeah, I kinda need to get my mind off things so this is a good excuse." I said laughing.

"Where do you want to go?" Cody says.

"There's a festival today!" I say excited.

"Oh yeah! But that's at 5?" Cody says.

"Mmm I don't know." I say.

"Hmm I am going to surprise you!" He says.

"Ooooo suspense.." I say curious.

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