In the dark

There was something out there, something unknown, something terrifying..


1. Fear for the unknown

She stared into the darkness, prepared herself for what was out there. She knew it was something there, but did not know what it was. She had thought of what it could be multiple times, maybe a human or a dog. Lately she’d been thinking that perhaps it was something unnatural, like a werewolf or a vampire, or just something like that. Her parents had started to believe that she was mad. She’d heard them one day, talking in the kitchen about calling a psychiatrist for her. After that she’d tried to act as normal as she possibly could and kept her thoughts for herself. However she couldn’t let it go, something was out there and it could not possibly be an animal, because what kind of animal would follow her every night for half a year, the same trail she always walked from the school bus. If it would have been a human it would probably showed itself or at least appear when she turned around.


She took a step forward, felt her heart beat fast and hard of adrenalin. She knew the thing was out there now, close to her and watching her. She’d heard some branches breach just a few meters into the forest that the path she was walking on were. She felt terrified but also curious, there was nothing she wanted more than finding out what the thing was. She knew it could end badly, that she wouldn’t make it home to dinner in time and her parents would be furious. She knew it and decided it was worth the consequences; she had to know what it was. Suddenly she could hear a branch just behind her break. The thing was now behind her and she could hear its heavy breath. She held hers ad felt tremendous fear. She slowly clenched her fists and turned around as fast as she could. A very, very tall silhouette was all she could see because suddenly the creature throw itself at her, pushed her hard on her shoulder that made her lose her balance and fell down on the ground and then it was gone. She wanted to scream but she couldn’t make a sound. She’d never been this scared before. She got up on her feet as fast as she could and began to run home, she never turned around to see if the creature was after her.


It had been three days since Lily got pushed down on the path in the forest by the creature and she’d stayed at home those days. She hadn’t even dared to put her foot outside the house from that day, but now her mother had grown tired of her staying at home. This day she had no choice than walking through the forest and risk meeting that creature again. She tried to convince her mother to let her stay at home, at least for one more day, but she wasn’t permitted. She took a few deep breaths before she hurried out to the path. Her heart beat fast and she almost felt panicked. She decided to run all the way through it, it would be much faster.


She made it through the path to the bus stop and through the day and now she stepped out of the bus and started walking on the trail in the forest that would carry her home. It was getting dark and the feeling that the creature was waiting for her in forest somewhere was growing in her heart. She walked fast, she wanted to come home as soon as possible. Suddenly she stopped. There was someone standing on the trail, about twenty meters in front of her. She was absolutely sure it was the creature, she could only see the silhouette but she remembered it. It was a lot bigger than a human, wider shoulders, a really large head and an odd posture. It started to move, at her direction,  and she knew there was no way out of what was going to happen.


The creature was now really close, just a few meters away. Suddenly she saw its face and stopped breathing. She recognized its face and suddenly she knew, she would never get further on the trail and she would never see her house again. 

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