Underneath The Covers


2. One

I turn to gaze at the facade of Santa Noel Academy, wondering how my four years of high school life will ever be used up. Considering this as a very old school, I recall how my Mom praises her old school and even shares about her first boyfriend in Junior year and her first kiss and I was like “ew mom”. I had no choice after all. 

     Walking past the big tree halfway down the pathwalk, I finally reach the main hall as I remove my cardigan and tie it around my waist. Besides from my black cardigan, I’m in a white tank top and new neon pink Hollister shorts that covers only one-third of my thighs. I also had my favorite white cat-eye sunglasses on. These neon pink sneakers gives off sounds as I walk along the hallway, but I doubt that's the reason these SNA students are staring at me. 

      Sorry fellows, I just love spotlight. I thought and flash a smile. 

      I sound perfect but don't jump into conclusions. Petite? Oh no, I have a waistline of twenty-nine but definitely I've got great legs. Actually I'm thin, just with fats building up into a ball. But then who cares? Looking confident than ever makes you sexier, mark my word. It's neither my morena beauty nor my curved eyelashes. Not even my sexy lips nor my perfect eyebrows. But t'was the confidence I learn to chin up, smile and rock it that made me carry myself like a star. 

      "Miss Lovi, everyone is staring at you." Whispers Matteo, my driver, as he struggles to carry my suitcase.  Since SNA is far from town, Matteo is set to live in an apartment near school so he won't be too far from me and keep me protected whenever I leave the campus. He serves as driver, and also as bodyguard, and even errand guy. I wonder how long he’d be staying but I’m definitely sure he’s wondering more than I do. I even bet he’s worried.

      I face him, smiles, and give a don’t-you-worry wink. 

      As I return my focus on the way in front of me, three ladies block me as the central one extends her hand midair to stop me.

      Without hesitation, she asks loud enough for every individual who just stared at me to be able to hear, "Who are you?"

      My eyes widens but refusing to be blown away, I retorted, "Who are YOU?" and continued walking, leaving Miss Mean girl with her perfectly circled mouth. 

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