The Royal Diary (16+)

It seems to be many girls' dream to be a princess. Of course! Who doesn't want to own priceless jewels and beautiful silk clothes? C'mon!
But after you have read this story, you won't think so. Being a princess back in 300 years ago wasn't easy. You have to learn all the table manners, be a perfect princess and wear all those funky clothes (including all beautiful silk clothes and priceless jewels). Worst of all, you might have to marry somebody you don't love or even know at a very young age just to keep your country safe and sound.
Coming next is a very good example. Princess Athena, 19, was going to marry some whoever he is called Prince Louis The Third. However, Princess Athena has already had a lover, which turns out to be a theif, Harry Styles. Would Princess Athena be able to safe her true love? Would it be a fairytale, or tragedy? We will see.


1. Prologue

1st Janaury

Dear Diary,

    Dinner was boring as usual. The grown-ups keep on telling non-funny jokes and I had to keep on faking a laugh. But that wasn't the worst part. At the end of the meal, I acidentally spilt Father's wine and his pants were all wet. Nobody dared to laugh at the king. Father was very embarrass and sent me an evil eye. I sensed his anger and went up to my room.

    Something keep on telling me that I am going to be grounded for a few weeks, but I decided to ignore it. My lady-in-waiting, Becca, said it's time to sleep, although it's only 7 o'clock in the evening. Becca helped me to take off my dress (actually I need a total of 4 people to do this, this time we spent 30 minutes) and dressed into my night gown. It seems quite elegant and pretty, but it's so not comfortable.

    Oh by the way, my birthday is coming. I know, I know. I was expected to be more mature as I am turning 19. But I wanna stay childish forever. I never wanna grow up. Father has asked me what I want for my birthday during dinner (although I'm not sure could I still recieve it). Maybe I should ask for a dress, or a new crown. Hmmm......let me think about it.



Sorry for the short chapter guys! But I really can't think of any ideas. Please stay tune for the next chapter.

Little Directioner


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