The Royal Diary (16+)

It seems to be many girls' dream to be a princess. Of course! Who doesn't want to own priceless jewels and beautiful silk clothes? C'mon!
But after you have read this story, you won't think so. Being a princess back in 300 years ago wasn't easy. You have to learn all the table manners, be a perfect princess and wear all those funky clothes (including all beautiful silk clothes and priceless jewels). Worst of all, you might have to marry somebody you don't love or even know at a very young age just to keep your country safe and sound.
Coming next is a very good example. Princess Athena, 19, was going to marry some whoever he is called Prince Louis The Third. However, Princess Athena has already had a lover, which turns out to be a theif, Harry Styles. Would Princess Athena be able to safe her true love? Would it be a fairytale, or tragedy? We will see.


2. Big Day Out

2nd Janaury

Dear Diary,

    It was a big and important day today. As it's the fresh second day in the year, Father, Mother, my elder brother Niall and I went out for a parade. It's quite interesting, to see many people around, just to see my face. I've even heard some boys said, "Wow, Princess Athena is so hot." Apparently my father sent them an evil eye as I saw him gazing furiously at them.

    I turned to their direction, and saw two boys. One with curly hair and a cheeky smile. One with messy brown hair and a charming smile. I must admitt the curly hair boy is quite sexy (Father will surely punish me if he finds out I've written this). I told Becca to ask for their names. It came out to be Liam for the messy hair boy, and Harry for the curly hair boy. I looked at them, and wrote a note to them:

Dear Liam and Harry,

Thanks for your praise.


Princess Athena

    I asked Becca to pass it to them. Carefully enough she was not seen by my father.

    I didn't like to treat the villagers as peasants. I would like to be their friend. So the first thing to let it happen is to be kind to them.

    After several hours, we were back into our castle. Father was out for some royal meeting. Mother was out for some Queens' gathering. Niall and I were left alone. I suggested to walk in the garden, but Niall said it was too cold out there. So we have to stay inside the castle.

    I have nothing to do, so I started to read. However, after about an hour, I was too boring so ask Niall to play board games with me. It's not a good idea either as Niall was a cheater, but not a good one. You can easily see him cheat. I gave up the game and headed back into my room to finish reading my book. The rest of the day was boring, and I can't see any advantage of writing those.


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