Blair is the all around girl. She hangs out with the Jocks, Preps, Sluts, Stoners, Skaters, Surfers, Emos, Goths, nerds and everyone in between. I guess she's just that likable especially to Harry(the Heartthrob), Michael(the Emo) and Wesley(the Skater/Surfer). When it turns out she loves them back, who will she choose?
1D, E3, and 5SOS fanfic


1. Populars

Blair's P.O.V-

I decided to hang out with the "popular" kids today for some random reason. The popular kids are made up of the Jocks, Sluts, Preps and people who just look nice, dress nice and are rich. I normally sat next to Katy but she was sick today so I sat next to a random guy.

"Hello." I was kinda startled because I didn't know the guy was going to talk to me.


"What's your name love?"

"Blair." I just realized he has a British accent. "What's yours?"

"Harry, My friends Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and I all are exchange students from the UK."

"Cool... Do you miss home?"

"Yea I do but I get to live with my four best friends. So it's kind of fun. Who do you love with?"

"My parents died last year so now I live with my older sister."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"Yea most people say that but they don't mean it."

Then he grabbed my hand looked me strait in the eye and said "I'm truly sorry and even though we just met I would try anything to help you get them back, but I can't. So I'm very sorry and if you need to talk just call me.

He then took my phone and put his number in. Now that I think about it he's really handsome. Snap out of it Blair! He's just your friend!

After lunch Harry and I walked to class together since it turns out we have science to together. We decided to become lab partners since today we were changing lab partners.

After school Harry and I met up outside.

"You wanna hang out" he asked

"Sure but where do you wanna go?"

"Well it's California where can't you go?"

Harry and I ended watching a movie at his house and then I went home.

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