Just Another Ordinary Girl

Just another ordinary girl, who's life changes with one word... hello


1. A ordinary start to an extraordinary day


"Oh God..." I groaned, swimming into consiousness.


My annoyingly incessant alarm clock beeped again. "Okay, okay, I get it!" I fought with my covers, struggling to find my way out of the messed up tangle I had created during the night. I grabbed my alarm clock, punching the off button as I looked at the time. Why had I set this thing for so damn early?

I fought to remove my arms and legs from the tangle of my bed sheets, struggling to get up. I finally fought my way free, nearly falling out of the bed in the process. For me, a person who struggled to get out of bed before ten o'clock, an eight o'clock lecture was probably not the smartest idea, but it had seemed ingenious at the time... Oh well.

I went to the bathroom, fixing my oversized T-shirt and shorts that I had worn to bed. After flushing the toilet, I glanced at myself in the mirror. I looked like hell. Well, it wasn't so bad for six o'clock in the morning I guess... Oh who was I kidding? I had black circles under my eyes and my hair was sticking up in tufts at the back of my head.

I grabbed a towel, threw it over the shower door, stripped and stepped into the shower, turning on the hot tap as I got in. "Shit!" I swore dancing away from the freezing water. I stood as far away from the fridgid jet as possible in the small, confined space, waiting for the jet to warm up.

I hesitantly stuck a finger under the stream of water coming from the shower head. It was hot now. I turned the cold tap slightly, getting it to be the perfect temperature, before stepping under the water, letting it's hot jet soothe my muscles.

After washing my hair, I felt much more awake as I stepped out of the shower, onto my bath mat. I grabbed the fluffy towel and draped it around my body, before the freezing London air could touch my skin. I padded across the tiles in my bathroom, before reaching my carpeted bedroom floor. I walked to my cupboard, threw on some skinny jeans, a low cut, plain white long sleeved shirt and some white Tommys.

I walked back into my bathroom to brush my teeth, blow-dry my hair and do my makeup. After my waist length, blonde hair was dry and straight once more, I brushed my teeth. I then put on a light coating of make-up, consisting of a light eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and some lipgloss. Single and ready to mingle... NOT. I had no time for a boyfriend right now, and I was still nursing a broken heart over my last. He would have to be pretty special to make me change my mind.

After throwing my Galaxy phone, lip gloss (just in case) and my purse into a simple shoulder bag, I grabbed my coat (necessary for winter) and headed out into my silent and still dark flat. I left the lights off (when I got home again it would be light anyway) and dropped past the kitchen to grab the car keys to my little Mini Cooper.

It was still dark out, and I knew it would be cold, so as I walked to the door, I grabbed the beanie I was wearing yesterday, that still lay on the living room table. Also on the way, I grabbed my keys for my flat, locking it on my way out. I ran quickly to the car, throwing myself into the front seat and shoving the key into the ignition to warm up the car, while still shutting the door. The car warmed up as I reversed out the gate, closing that behind me as well.

I turned on the radio, finding it too quiet in the car, and sang at the top of my voice to American Girl by Bonnie Mckee. When I finally got to the university, I was, as usual, running late by approximately 5 mintues. But it was okay, the professor wouldn't be there yet. I parked in a parking space by the door and grabbed my shoulder bag from the car, along with another one that held my stuff for the lecture.

I ran into the university building, unzipping my puffy coat when I got inside. I found my lecture hall and sat down quickly. Amazingly the professor still wasn't there yet, so I glanced around. The early morning lectures were never popular, so the sparsely populated lecture hall felt bigger than normal. I put my coat on the chair next to me and glanced down my row. There was a guy sitting in it that looked vaguely familiar, but I was sure I had never met him. I couldn't place his face...

I shook off the thought as the professor entered the lecture hall, taking off his coat as well. "Right," he said, "Let's get down to business..."

After the lecture

I stood up, stretching my sore muscles after sitting through a three hour lecture that had gone on longer that expected. I shrugged on my coat, grabbed my books that I couldn't be bothered to put into my bag and grabbed both my bags. While I was leaving, I took my phone out of my bag and looked at the time. 11:10. I decided to go to starbucks on my way home to pick up a peppermint mocha.

As I was leaving, the books clutched to my chest, I wasn't really concentrating. I wandered towards the door, thinking about the lecture when suddenly, I slammed inro someone who was running the opposite direction. My books fell from my arms and I fell onto my bum with a gasp.

"So sorry,' Someone muttured, somewhere above my head. They knelt down, gathering up my books for me.

"That's okay, I wasn't paying attention." I said cheerfully. I looked up to see a flop of brown hair from the guy picking up my books. "I can do that," I said as I tried to scramble over to him.

He straightened up quickly, My books clutched in one hand. He offered me his hand to pull me up. "Sorry about that by the way," He said. He raised his head, blue eyes connection with mine. It was the guy that I had thought looked familiar in the lecture hall. "Hi," he said grinning at me. "I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson."


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