Time is running out, no one knows how long it will be until he goes completely crazy.


1. Chapter 1.

The teenager sat down looking down at the sharp objects digging into his wrists. His body was covered with beautiful, eccentric tattoos too hard to make out. His head was bent down slightly, showing his head of tussled, dark hair. His prominent features enveloped with dark shadows. The guard dressed in white left the room, shutting the door behind him, leaving the teenager alone. Tessa had her hands tightly enclosed around her, watching nervously. The teenager looked up, his green eyes piercing through the glass as if there was no barrier separating him.

Harry in fact knew there were people watching intently at his every move, through the thin sheet of glass. He knew their tricks all too well, and he wasn't going to let it get to him.

'I'm only entitled to speak to Tessa Woods,' he breathed out. Tessa jumped a bit at the mention of her name, her colleagues not questioning the male's actions, and with a firm grip on her shoulder they led her to the questioning cell, as if she was the prisoner. A few moments later the door was slammed in her face and she slowly turned around to see none other than the most dangerous criminal in the world. He was now positioned towards Tessa his hands on the table, his body language showing that he does not want to be there.

Tessa cleared her throat and tapped her earpiece to test if it was working. It was. She sat down and looked at the attractive stranger whom she still needed to match a name to his aI'm Tessa,' she said softly but it was enough to cause small vibrations around the enclosed space.

'His name is Harry,' said a rusty voice through the earpiece and Tessa nodded slightly, a signal to whoever was on the other line.

'Remove your earpiece,' a deep voice said. Tessa widened eyes looking at lone fugitive, whose eyes were frozen on his hands. Tessa panicked, biting a lip to prevent a slither of clamour to hiss out. She quickly looked to the side to ask for help, when she remembered she couldn't see anyone or anything, except a grey wall.

Tessa breathed in and took out her earpiece placing it on the table. From the corner of her eye she saw the criminal smirk.

'Harry, I hope we can become good friends...' Tessa said her voice wobbling. She swallowed her nerves, something that would mentally aid her all the time. But this time it didn't.

Usually if the patient was a hard one to deal with, Tessa would ask them about their hobbies or family avoiding the subject that would trigger their senses. She had no intention to ask Harry any of her usual questions, she couldn't really ask anything. Today, Tessa was not organised or prepared, a quality she rare's. She only found out today that a criminal was being shipped over from Spain. It made him sound like an object. An object being used. Maybe he was being used, but had the "brave" appeal conceiving his fragile emotions. Maybe.

'Are you scared?' Tessa blurted out. Harry locked his eyes with hers. He scoffed.

'Are you seriously asking me that?' He said. Tessa hated when someone answered her question with a question. It gave her more to think about her reply above all the pressure she had to not scare her patient away. She imagined her boss would now be shaking his head, probably added with a slight chuckle.

'Yes I am seriously asking you that, why would I ask you the question in the first place?' Tessa asked. The conversation seemed to be getting more complicated, each of them not answering the question being asked just replying with one.

Harry stayed quiet not saying anything. Tessa eyed the door wondering why any officers hadn't come straight away as soon as she took out her earpiece. She wondered why there wasn't a heavily armed guard standing in the room. Tessa wondered about many things.

'Are you scared?' Tessa asked again, softly. Harry looked up then back down. He hesitated.

'No, I'm not scared,' he answered in a bored tone. He definitely did not want to be here, Tessa likewise returning the lovely feeling.

'Everyone is scared of something,' Tessa said her eyes still concentrated on the tattooed stranger. Harry didn't bother to reply to her statement. He knew that it wouldn't lead anywhere like their previous comebacks. Did comebacks ever lead anywhere?

Tessa's eyes flickered to the clock desperately, as much as she wanted to scurry from the room she needed to do his. It was her job, a task only assigned for her. The CIA thought having any other people interact with the criminal would get them less likely to speak. Tessa only had a few months of "training" in the CIA but they were impressed on what they saw. She didn't read from a sheet of paper like the previous ones did. She had gathered enough confidence, in hope it would lead her to say the right words. One miss slip could lead the patient into frenzy. She wanted to seem understanding rather than intrusive, but her patience was occasionally tested as all she wanted to do was leap out from her chair and shake their shoulders for answers. She hadn't gotten to that stage. Yet.

Tessa let her eyes fall back to Harry, who was slumped back in his chair, his knee bended outwards. He was chewing on his chapped lips. Tessa sighed, knowing she wouldn't get anything from him now. It was enough for today.

As she stood up, the chair noisily being scraped along the floor and into the table, she didn't bother to utter anything to Harry. She would normally say goodbye to her patient, some of them wanting her to stay longer to talk to her. Sometimes it wasn't even about whatever they were in trouble for. Sometimes they needed a small chat about their personal lives with someone they could trust. Tessa cared. She always cared for her patients, who found enough confidence to open their mouths for the first time in weeks. All her previous assignments had just been to talk with them, to relief the pressure of them, maybe even get to admit their doings. It was not like now, where she had a job that the actual employees of the CIA were supposed to be doing. She was assigned to find out who Harry was working with and for. Tessa didn't know that she would be upgraded that soon. She didn't even know that she would ever get to that extreme level.

As soon as she closed the door, with a slight nod to the heavily armed guard who was supposed to be in the room, she was met with an angry face belonging to her boss. She prepared for the speech; she knew what he was going to say.

'What was that? You are not supposed to obey what the patient says, and what were you even talking abo...'

Tessa didn't pay attention to the droning of her boss. She stood a few steps away to refrain the worriedly large pieces of saliva spraying into her face. It occurred to her, if her boss was assigning her a task, to be done by her, then she could do it how she wanted to. Otherwise he could do it himself. Did he expect her to have a wanted criminal in all countries around the world, held guilty for five severe charges, earning millions illegally to just spill extremely important information to her? Harry still had hundreds, maybe thousands of people working secretly for him all around the word, who are still carrying on business as usual even if he is in prison, or even dead. Who are probably to this minute trading and shipping crates of gold or oil, to dangerous criminals situated in populated cities and probably planning his escape route right now?

Tessa explained this all to her boss, who knew she was telling the truth, but was not the one to admit. So with a quick wave of his hand, dismissing her, she went down the dimly lit corridors to get her belongings and go home.

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