Twisted: A collection

Collection of dark romantic paragraphels.


2. Shelf romance

Not everyday you see a doll quite like the one in my shelf. The beauty of this doll is beyond comprehension. Her facial features seem to have been sculpted by god himself. Her white skin.. so soft and so real. It is a shame I am not able to touch her anymore. It's been a couple weeks now since her beautiful eyes have not met mine. She loves me and I love her, but she just got tired. You can see it in the way she stands on the shelf. You can smell her sadness. She doesn't understand me. She told me to make up my mind and do something to show I cared. She doesn't understand. She told me to leave her alone. To stop bothering her. And so I did...

I love her but I don't want to risk breaking her. She still doesn't seem to understand her now porcelain existence.

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