No Secrets (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Skai Webster and Harry Styles meet at a dance concert due to family. Rumors appear that they start dating, are they true? Is the 'love' real?


8. Eight.

Hey guys, I'm so so so so sorry I haven't updated. Things have been hectic but now I'm on holidays/break and I'll have more time to write. Christmas Day is in two days but to be honest it doesn't seem like I'm getting much. I think I'm getting Midnight Memories CD though!


Skai's P.O.V

We arrived the very first venue and the boys were squirming in their seats, it was around 7:00 that we arrived but the boys weren't performing tonight. We arrived at the hotel and checked in, getting wide eyes from the employees and visitors as we walked past. We got the penthouse, obviously as the boys were a famous boy band. There were only four bedrooms with double beds so we had to split into groups, Harry and I, Niall and Liam, Zayn and Louis leaving the last room for Paul to stay in on his own. We all dumped our bags in out allocated rooms and then we went out the back of the hotel to get into a black van, we were going to check out the venue and the boys would be rehearsing.

Once we had got to the venue the boys went backstage and Paul, some other guys and I went and stood where the audience would be. I watched as the boys ran on stage yelling 'heys' and 'welcomes' Liam talked first introducing and welcoming everyone, next Zayn announced the first song and the backing track along with the band played while the boys sung. When it got to Harry's solo in What Makes You Beautiful he stared at me as he sung, a small smile painted on his lips as he sung the words powerfully. I could feel my cheeks heating up and Paul smirked at me so I hit him playfully.

During the interval I got to go backstage to see where I'd be while the boys are on stage, I saw Harry sitting down with the rest of the boys so I ran over and hugged him, he realised who it was and hugged me back. I sat in his lap and he wrapped his arms around my waist, I listened into the boys conversation about this charity that they're gonna donate money to.I smiled at the boy's sweet thoughts and Zayn caught me smiling, he smirked at me.

"And what're you smiling at?" He laughed.

"Just how sweet you guys are, you're so loving and kind without even realising it." I said leaning back into Harry's chest. 

Harry kissed my temple, "You're too cute, Skai." He whispered.

"Says you." I whisper back, Louis rolls his eyes at us making me laugh. It's time for the boys to go back on stage and I decide to stay backstage and watch. As I'm watching a young guy around my age walks in and starts cleaning the floor, ah, a janitor. He slowly makes his way over to me with a big grin on his face, he shoves the cloth in his hand into his pocket.

"You're Harry Styles' girlfriend." He says excitedly.

"That's me." I wink, he brings out a piece of paper and permanent marker and hands it to me, "You want me to get Harry to sign it?" I ask him.

He shakes his head, "I want you to sign it."

"Really?" I asked, gobsmacked. He nods so I scrawl my signature across the paper and he returns to mopping the floor. I smile to myself, I wonder if anyone else will want me to sign anything. I find it quite cute, it also makes me feel special. That people actually want my signature. My phone buzzed in my back pocket so I take it out and look at the screen, of course. Mum. I open up the text and read it.

From MummaBear

Hey sweetie, just wondering how you're going? Having fun? Enjoy your time with Harry. xx

I laughed at Mum's text, hardly gone yet mum.

To MummaBear

Hey Mum,  we're at the first venue checking it out. We've checked into the hotel, yeah so far having fun. I will. Love you. xx

I slipped my phone into my back pocket and couldn't help to see that the janitor boy was staring at my ass, I walked off to the side of the stage away from him. He was creepy. I shivered and a sound operator came and stood next to me. I smiled, causing him to smile back at me.

As soon as the boys came off stage Harry walked over and pecked my lips lightly, I blushed and walked with the boys to where they had been sitting earlier. The janitor boy was over in that area sweeping, when I saw him I hold Harry's hand tighter. Harry looked down at e and frowned, I pulled him down to sit but Harry was still confused.

"Alright, what's wrong?" Harry asked me, I debated whether I should tell Harry or not.

"That janitor asked for my autograph earlier and then I caught him staring at my ass." I said fiddling around with my fingers. Harry rose from where he was sitting and walked over to the janitor, Harry was way taller than the poor boy and the janitor looked frightened.

"Why were you looking at my girlfriend's ass?" Harry huffed.

The boy stuttered, "I, I wasn't, H..Harry. I promise you."

"Then why did she see you in plain daylight look there?!" Harry through his arms up in the air.

"Harry calm it." I yelled from where I was sitting.

"I can't, Skai. Be quiet." Harry growled, he looked scary. Even I was scared myself.

"Just leave it, Harry. He most likely didn't mean it." I said, all the boys were paying attention now and some other technical guys were starting to look.

"Shut up Skai! He was looking at your ass! You're obviously dumb if you can see that!" Harry yelled at me, his eyes weren't that usual shade of emerald green. They were dark, very dark, almost black. I never thought Harry would yell at me like that, I thought he was different. I stood up from where I was sitting and ran out the closest door, someone followed me as I heard their footsteps thumping behind mine. I went out the back of the building to get some fresh air, I soon found out that it was Zayn who had followed me.

"Skai.." He trailed off.

"I thought this tour was gonna be fun." I sighed as Zayn pulled out a cigarette and lighter, I gawped."You smoke?!" I asked him as he brought the cigarette to his lips inhaling some smoke.

"Yeah, it helps me relax. I know it's not that good for you but I don't have one too often." He smiled after puffing the smoke out of his lungs. Gosh I know smoking relieved stress, I was given one from Talon last year and I couldn't quit for a while. Now that Zayn had one out it was so tempting.

"C..Can I have one?" I asked pointing to his pack, Zayn's eyes widened.

"You smoke?!" He almost yelled, I slapped my hand over his mouth making sure no one heard.

"I used to, last year when I was 16 but I quit. Now it's so tempting." I said to him.

"Woah, sorry." He said, I could tell he was thinking about stepping on the cigarette.

"Don't you dare put it out." I said, he nodded. "Can I have one?" I asked him, he opened the pack and slipped one out. I took the lighter from him and lit my own cigarette, I put it up to my lips and inhaled. The smoke instantly made me feel calm and relaxed, Zayn and I sat on the curb puffing. "Tell no one." I smirked, Zayn laughed and nodded.

"Harry didn't mean what he said." Zayn blurted out.

"You think?" I asked.

"I know."

Zayn and I put out our ciggies and then he handed me a piece of spearmint gum to get the smokey taste out of my mouth. We walked back inside and found the boys, Harry had his head in his hands and he was cursing to himself. Zayn and I sat down causing Harry to look up, he looked at me with sad eyes and I hugged him.

"I'm sorry, Skai." He whispered into my neck, I stroked his hair.

"I know you didn't mean it, I just needed some air." I whispered back to him, he snuggled his face into the crook of my neck and I kept talking to the boys, Harry was still sobbing lightly but I finally got him to stop.

We all piled back into the van, it was late by now around 10ish. On the way back to the hotel Zayn and Louis danced to the song while Harry filmed it as I was laughing too much to keep the camera still.

Once we all got back to the hotel we went to our own rooms to sleep, I got changed into some sweatpants and one of Harry's tops which was more a dress on me. I took my makeup off and brushed my teeth, Harry entered the bathroom wearing only sweatpants revealing his toned torso. I stared at him and he smirked, hugging me from behind. I finished up brushing my teeth and Harry grabbed his own toothbrush and starting to brush. I grabbed a hair tie and put my hair up into a messy bun, just the way Harry likes it.

Not long after Harry emerges from the bathroom with a grin on his face, he slides into bed next to me and turns of the lamp then wrapping his arms around me. We soon get our legs tangled together and he kisses my forehead.


"Hmm?" I ask.

"Why were you and Zayn outside for long."

I hesiate, I don't want Harry to know about me smoking, "We were just talking."

"Okay  bub." He says, eventually I hear Harry's light snores which acts as my lullaby as I drift into a peaceful slumber.



Okay guys, so I know it's a really really short chapter but my parents are nagging me to help get the house ready for Christmas because we have relatives coming over, BORE. I'm really sorry I haven't been able to update and this was a really bad chapter but I hope you keep reading and give me feed back. I love you all.

Merry Christmas for if I don't update before Xmas.


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