Tom Riddles Diary

It is 2018 after the battle of Hogwarts. In year 3 at Hogwarts, Clementine finds a diary with a big hole in it sitting on a rusty sink in Moaning Myrtles bathroom but when she mends it with a spell and starts to write about her days, she is surprised to find that she isn't the only one writing in the diary...


2. The Diary

We had just finished the welcome feast. It was so delicious!!!!!

On our way back to the Gryffindor common room, Lotus and I took a wrong turn. "Hey look there's Myrtles bathroom, let's ask her directions to Gryffindor tower" I said. Though as we entered the bathroom, a tattered old book with a gaping hole in it caught my eye. It was black with a roughly patterned cover and gold plated corners. It was sitting on a rusty sink. As I inspected the sink I saw the it had a snake engraved on the side of the faucet. I turned the handle but no water came out. On the back of the diary were the words 'Tom Marvolo Riddle'. "OMG!!" I exclaimed. "This was the horcrux that Harry Potter destroyed in his second year". We looked at each other in awe and after a minute or two Lotus said "Put it back, it's dangerous".

"Naah" I added "Harry destroyed it so I'll just restore the diary and use it for myself" "I don't know about this" said Lotus looking worried. "It'll be fine" I assured her giving her a pat on the back.

We asked Myrtle for directions and then when we got to the common room I instantly said "Diarellas Repairo" and the diary looked good as new. I began my first entry, completely oblivious to the damage I was beginning to cause.

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