Tom Riddles Diary

It is 2018 after the battle of Hogwarts. In year 3 at Hogwarts, Clementine finds a diary with a big hole in it sitting on a rusty sink in Moaning Myrtles bathroom but when she mends it with a spell and starts to write about her days, she is surprised to find that she isn't the only one writing in the diary...


9. Death




I screamed while banging on the walls with a fist on the end of each arm.

I yelled and screeched for what felt like hours.

Suddenly my wand light went out and the was complete darkness.

"Lumos" I said, my voice quavering. Nothing happened. I tried again and again and each time I said it I got more a more frightened.

I may have gone a little bit mad  but I could see a small crack forming in the concrete wall in front of me. I could see a glowing green light. The wall slowly crumbled away to reveal a flourishing rainforest. I saw a monkey perched on a branch and as I walked towards it, Lotus' face replaced it's primal features.

"Throw away the diary!!" said the monkey with a very distressed note in it's voice. "Throw it into a nearby pond and stab it with something anything" came the voice again coming out of Lotus' mouth.

"I said throw it away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" This time, the voice was a screeching voice you would imagine coming from a demon. It sounded like a very angry version of the mer-people in the black lake back at Hogwarts.

Then out of nowhere, the monkey had a different face again and this time it had razor sharp teeth and bulging red eyes. It pounced out at me and tried to get at the diary. "You don't understand" I moaned desperately "I need it, It needs me!!". When I wouldn't give it up the monkey went for my face. I held it back but I couldn't for long.

My arms went limp and I knew that I was going to lose. As I saw the teeth getting closer and closer to me, everything seemed in slow motion. I thought about Lotus and my parents and my brother Archie. "goodbye" I managed to wheeze in one last breath.


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