Moment in time

I gave birth to a shapely little girl. I was seventeen when I became a mom to my daughter. She had just me and I didn't tell her who was her father. I lived a pretty normal life, until he came back.


4. The park

It was a week! I worked and I took care of my daughter. Kim called me and she was enthused that Niall was at home and had spoken to me.
"He's so in love with you!" she cried into the phone, but I just laughed.
"He just wanted to apologize!"
She didn't agree.
"I was at a party and an there said one girl, who I don't remember the name on, that Niall had talked about you a lot!"
I sighed. I knew Kim was exaggerating all the time and I knew that I wouldn't believe everything that she said.
"He just wants to be friends!" I said tired "Niall aren't looking for relationship and I don't think he want to get back together with a girl who has a kid!"

Kim didn't give up and I heard her loose cannon believed in her opinion.
"So Niall sitting and babbling about you with other people, simply because he isn't interested. Tess Come and see the reality!"
She sighed.
"You're so boring and you never think something will happen that is good."
I gave up.
"OK, he's thunder in love with me?"
She laughed
"That's the spirit!"


I took Lilly to a playground and we had with us a little food. She loved the outdoors and she loved to play. I sat on a blanket and watched her carefully. She climbed tossing, running around and she found all the buddies to play with. Lilly had always easy to find friends and she was always the one who ended up in the center.


I was almost shocked when Niall appeared. Right at it was, he stood next to me and he smiled big against Lilly's direction.
"I guessed that you sometimes went here!"
I frowned and stared at him.
"So are you stalking me?"
Niall smiled and sat down next to me without question if he could.
"Come on Tess and try to be friendly. Yeah maybe I stalking you, but is that so strange?"
I swallowed
"Niall, I have a different life now and I have a daughter!"
He seemed not to care and smiled at me.
"And I have changed, I'm glad that we are singles both."
I swallowed again and felt stupid. My thoughts spun around and I didn't want to let him into my life. 

"Stop Niall!" I whispered, and avoided him. "Once upon a time, I had given you everything, but you hurt me., I can't trust you again!"
I felt a hand on my back and he leaned toward me.
"I promise not to hurt you again and I promise you can trust me!"
I met his gaze
"Why are you doing this to me?"
He smiled faintly and I saw that he couldn't let me go with his eyes.
"Tess, do you believe me if I tell you that I love you? I never stopped to love you!"
"I'll prove it!"


I was relieved when Lilly came up. Niall took away his hand from my back and he smiled at her. Lilly was surprised to see where Niall and stood at a distance.
"Hey!" she got out of himself and Niall laughed a little bit.

Lilly then looked at me.
"Mom, I'm hungry!"
I smiled at her and took out the bag. I gave her some to drink and a sandwiches. Lilly sat contented beside me and started to eat right away.
"What happened to her dad?" Niall got out. I swallowed and I felt myself blushing. Would I be honest: "Her father chose to become a big star before becoming a dad and he knows nothing!"
I chose dishonesty.
"He's just not in our life!" I said, and noted that Niall looked extra long time at my daughter. It surprised me that he didn't see the similarity between them. I swallowed and helped Lilly before I looked at him again.
"We two have a great life and Lilly is the best thing that happened to me!"
Niall seemed to understand me.
"Did you meet him right after me?"

I changed the subject
"How is it that you're single?"
Niall smiled and looked down at the ground.
"If you say like this, I don't know if the girl shows true feelings or if she's just in love with me as a celebrity. Lots of people want me, but they don't want the private Niall!"
I understood him and wiped Lilly's mouth with paper. I smiled at her and noted that she was sat. Cautiously peering Lilly on Niall and I understood that she was curious about him. Niall smiled at her and seemed to like her attention.
"Can you swing me?" asked Lilly gently and Niall nodded
"I'm really good at getting off on a swing!"


Niall came with Lilly over to the swings and I followed them with my eyes. It felt so odd to see them together and I couldn't help but feel a lump in my stomach. Had I done wrong that had lied about her dad? Maybe that Niall was more ready against what I had imagined? Still, I was unsure of him. What was he looking for? Maybe he just saw me as a fling and would again leave me alone?

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