Moment in time

I gave birth to a shapely little girl. I was seventeen when I became a mom to my daughter. She had just me and I didn't tell her who was her father. I lived a pretty normal life, until he came back.


16. The Future and Thoughts

A month went by and I struggled to feel comfortable in my perfect life. Lilly got more friends and sometimes came few and played with her ​​in the yard. Niall arranged so that we had swings and a small jungle gym in the yard. He did everything for Lilly and I saw how much he loved her. Although I doubted myself, he was far from not perfect and I didn't doubt him for a second.


One evening he came to the bed and lay on top of me right away.
"I have a question!" he got out, and kissed my face until I giggled lightly. He looked into my eyes and smiled. "I want more children!"
I froze and looked at him wonderingly.
"More children?"
Niall laughed and hugged me hard. I felt his hands slid over my body, and he nodded.
"Yes, It's okay to get them now? I want to be a young dad and you a young mom, and we can cope with more children!"
I swallowed and let him pull off my nightgown. I still ate contraceptive pills and had no intention of stopping with them. I let him undress me naked and I let him do what he wanted. Niall groaned lightly and kissed me so tenderly. I couldn't relax without a way of thinking just because he wanted to have more children. Niall noticed my reaction and smiled reassuring to me.
"It was just a question!"
I smiled weakly and let my hands glide over his bare back.
"I don't want more kids right now!" I whispered. Niall kissed me right on the lips and calmed me down.
"Then we'll get no more right now!"
He penetrated and I felt how he started working with the body. He moaned lightly against my ear and I smiled weakly.
"You promise?"
"Yes!" he whimpered and took his hand between my legs. He made me forget about the issue and direct I moaned lightly against him. He knew what he would do and he knew how to make me go crazy. In such moments, I was the happiest girl on earth.


Afterwards Niall fell asleep next to me, and I lay a long time and looked at him. I realized that he already had everything planned. Soon he would propose to me, or maybe start talking about it and what could I say?
"Yeah Niall, I might not want to?"
He would be sorry and I knew I'd hurt him. I did not want to hurt him. Not now that he had done everything for us.


I was five years old when my mom showed me her old photographs from when she married my dad. I had looked wide-eyed at them and smiled.
"One day, mom, I'll also get married!"
She nodded and realized that her daughter was like any other little girls. I dreamed of pink princess dress, about that the prince would come and save me. And like so many others, I wanted to one day get married.


When Niall and I were together, when we was sixteen year old, I dreamed of the day he would propose to me. He would kneel down on his knees and pick up a large ring to me.
"Will you marry me?"
I had planned how I would look at him. First I would just stare at him and then I would show with the entire body that I wanted. Just before Niall had broken up with me, I thought that day would come. I almost had planned the whole wedding in my head. I would have a white long dress, crown and I would have pink roses. Niall would have a rose in his breast pocket, and he would smile at me. Our cake would be large and in the middle it would just be our names and a heart. A few days later, he broke up with me and all the dreams vanished away! Maybe that was why I was so scared? Once he had hurt all my feelings and once I had stopped dreaming. Rather than living on, I grew up and took care of his children. Rather than marry him, I maintain the only thing that was a bit of Niall: My Lilly!

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