Moment in time

I gave birth to a shapely little girl. I was seventeen when I became a mom to my daughter. She had just me and I didn't tell her who was her father. I lived a pretty normal life, until he came back.


14. The evning

Slowly come everyday. Lilly was in preschool, Niall was in the studio or he planned something else with One Direction. I had gotten to meet the other four guys, so I knew who he was with. I myself was in our home and tried to get the day going. I washed clothes, washed dishes, cleaned and then I just sat there with a cup of tea in the hand. It wasn't the life I wanted, but I gritted. Niall was always happy when he came home and Lilly always told us if anything from her world.


"Next weekend we will walk on the red carpet!"
Direct I stared at Niall. He laughed and seemed amused by my reaction.
"We will be part of a charity program on the TV and everyone must take with their girlfriends!"
I swallowed.
"I have nothing to take on me and what should I do there?"
Niall knew I was scared.
"Smile, allowing photographers to take pictures of us, smile more and let the fans see us together!"
I didn't want to go! But I had to!


Niall arranged with clothes and all that we would have on us. My mother took Lilly over the weekend, but I wasn't sure I wanted to go with him. I put on the dress and the shoes. I saw okay out and I was happy with my appearance, but not with my insides. I just wanted to throw up and I wondered if I could ever get used to walking the red carpet?
"You're beautiful!" said Niall and hugged me. He had ordered a car that would drive us and he seemed so used to it all. "We can try to go home early?"
I nodded and walked toward the hall door. Niall followed me and gave me a light hug from behind.
"Love you!" he whispered and kissed my neck. "You are the best!"


Photographers, reporters, paparazzi and fans. I was becoming deaf when we got out of the car and immediately took Niall my hand in his. He smiled, waved and seemed not to care. I just stared at all the faces and swallowed. It was like entering a new world and I hardly dared to breathe. All stared at us and I saw the flash everywhere. Niall pulled me, talked to some who stood with microphones and we stood and posse for those who wanted to take pictures. I ended up in a fog and I wanted to go home. Home to the serenity, home to a safe world and to where I was in control of everything.


When we came into the building, people came up to Niall and talked. I knew none of them, but some were famous people. Some hugged me too and said something clever to laugh at. I either laughed or smiled. I hated being there and I felt like the black sheep. I didn't fit in and this wasn't my world. I had never felt so misfit earlier.


"Try to relax!" Niall whispered to me and I looked on him.
He smiled weakly and nodded
"Everybody's just people and I'm glad you're here!"


I've never been so bored. Maybe not bored, but I wanted to go home. It was the charity throughout the evening and we sat at a table. Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis. Their girlfriends were with, except Harry who was single. I didn't say much to anyone, and was just trying to suffer through the evening. One Direction should sing, so Niall gave me a light kiss on the cheek and smiled at me.
"I'll be back!" he whispered tenderly, and then vanished away. I followed him with my eyes and tried to smile. Eleanor moved directly toward me and smiled big.
"He really loves you!" she said happily. "He isn't talking about anything other than you and Lilly!"
I smiled at her.
"Oops!" had no more to say. Eleanor just laughed like that shrouds and seemed not to care that I was discontent.


It was the first time in a long time I saw Niall singing on stage. He sang really well and I was proud of him. He ran around on the stage and I saw that he liked. It made me realize the difference between us. It made ​​me wonder if we really had a future together. Niall lived in a world that I didn't know about and it made me just be rescuers. Was this the life that awaited me? See him stand and watch him show off before the screaming people? I looked around the room and noted that many smiled on stage. There were many celebrities there and I wondered if they had the same life as Niall and I had. Many thoughts and questions whirled around. I was not smarter, and I didn't come up with a solution.

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