Moment in time

I gave birth to a shapely little girl. I was seventeen when I became a mom to my daughter. She had just me and I didn't tell her who was her father. I lived a pretty normal life, until he came back.


19. Reunion

Darkness and silence ...




Can't be bothered, do't care! I know! I'm selfish, but I had no energy!


"Please, Tess!"


It was Nialls voice. I wanted to open my eyes, I wanted to look at him ... but I couldn't.
"You can't end like this!" I heard him whisper far away. It felt like he was standing at the end of a corridor and tried to whisper to me. I swallowed and tried to move. He reacted directly.
"Honey, come on and wake up now, you can't leave me twice!"


The doctor came in and talked about that I had "*hit the wall"! I had a lot of pressure on me and I had worried me for a long time. My body said received and therefore dried nothing. He said I would get better.


"Did you hear, baby?" Niall whispered directly to me and ran his hand over my hair. "You're going to get better. I will wait for you and I will not let you walk away again. You can't leave me and I don't accept that you lost again!"


(Hit the wall: In Sweden we have that expression for the people who work for a long time over the ability of the body and one day not able to do more. They've almost worked them self to death, and it takes time to get back to the old self!)


It went certainly a week before I one morning dried to open my eyes. I looked around the room and noticed that Niall was asleep on a couch in the room. Mom sat on another couch and slept. I watched them closely, but let my eyes be stuck on Niall. I realized that I couldn't leave him. He wanted to do everything right for me and he had to fight twice as much for my sake!


The next time I woke Niall sat next to me and held my hand tightly in his. He lit up when I opened my eyes.
"Hey!" he got out and seemed to almost start crying. "You slept a long time!"
I swallowed and looked into his eyes. I felt like the betrayer, and it was I who was the culprit. I was the one who left him and I got myself to blame.
"Sorry!" I was hoarse from me. "I ...."
Niall put a hand over my mouth and shook his head
"No honey, it's me who should apologize!" he smiled, "I was wrong to not thinking about you!"
He caressed my face and I saw tears in his eyes. He cleared his throat a little and seemed to collect himself.
"I love you Tess and I can't live without you!"
I got this time also in tears.
"I love you!"


A moment later I realized that I had been pregnant. I realized I had lost my baby and directly I began to cry inconsolably. All the emotions just poured out of me and Niall took direct his arms around me.
"But you don't have to cry, darling! It's all right now!"
I shook my head
"The baby?"
He looked bewildered.
"Lilly's at ..!"
I interrupted him.
"I was pregnant when I got here!"
Mom showed up and put a hand on Nialls shoulder. She smiled comforting to both of us.
"Niall, you are going to be a daddy again!" Then she looked at me. "You have the child still in the stomach, Tess! We never did so it became an abortion!"

Niall hugged me hard and he cried just as much as I did. I hugged him and felt his love just flow to me.
"Thank you darling!" he whispered tenderly. "Thank you that you didn't remove the child!"
I laughed a little weak.
"You'll have to thank Mom!"
Niall looked directly up at my mom and wiped away tears.
"Thank you very much!"


Yes! I kept the baby and yes, I chose to go back to Niall! I had no reason to leave him any more and I wanted to live with him.






Will be more!

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