Moment in time

I gave birth to a shapely little girl. I was seventeen when I became a mom to my daughter. She had just me and I didn't tell her who was her father. I lived a pretty normal life, until he came back.


8. Gossip

I heard giggles from the kitchen when I woke up. I heard pots and cutlery. I noticed that Niall wasn't beside me and I heard Lilly's hearty laughter. I understood that they were making food and I smiled weakly. It was as if Niall had always been with us, but still not. I was prepared to let him in? Did I really think it would be him who would be Lilly's dad forever. I didn't know.


Right as it was, I heard Lilly tiptoe towards my bedroom and I closed my eyes. I played like I was asleep and I heard her climb into the bed. She giggled, and when she was near me, I opened my eyes and threw me over her. She laughed and tried to get away from me. I hugged her and smiled.
"Niall!" she laughed out of herself. "We have food!"
I stopped to play with her ​​and swallowed.
Lilly nodded cheerfully at me.
"He fried eggs and he showed me how to boil water."


When we came out of the kitchen showed Lilly proudly up the table. There was everything and Niall came towards me. He smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"Aren't you hungry?"
I was surprised and smiled at him.
"Yeah, but I usually don't ...!"
"But Mom!" Lilly interrupted me and sat down on a chair. "You should say thank you!"
I laughed and hugged Niall easy.
"Thank you!"


I had never experienced such a breakfast. Niall and Lilly talking at each other and they laughed almost constantly. I ate the egg that Niall had fried and drank the hot tea that Lilly had made. I smiled at them and wondered if this was how it would be?
"And then we'll go to Nialls place!" said Lilly and I looked directly at Niall. He just smiled apologetically at me and laughed a little bit.
"She wants it!"
I swallowed


I helped Niall with the dishes and Lilly disappeared into her room. He stood behind me and hugged me tightly.
"Is it okay?"
I nodded and smiled. I washed a glass and felt Nialls hands caressed my stomach.
"Tess!" he whispered. "Is it okay with you if I ask her to call me Daddy?"
I turned around and looked directly at him. Given the way I couldn't prevent it, but at the same time, he went so fast forward.
"You mean she'll say dad instead of Niall?"
He nodded and was surprised by my reaction.
"I'm her father! Have you forgotten?"
I swallowed and looked down at the floor.
"I can't stop you, but isn't it too early? She doesn't know you and ..."
Niall sighed and hugged me tightly.
"But I'm her dad and she should get to know it soon!"


I don't know what happened to me, but I was almost angry with him. Niall came back, and right as it was, everything would be like he wanted. I wasn't ready for it and I wanted to fight back.
"The day I trust you she will call you daddy!"
Niall was disappointed and I looked at him. He didn't protested and he just nodded weakly at me. I realized that I hurt him, but at the same time I wanted him to feel pain. I had done that for three years and it was only right that he got back. Niall let me decide and hugged me.
"I'll take it easy!" he got out of it. "But I want to be a part of your lives!"
I didn't want to hug him, but I didn't show it to him.
"And your life then? When do we get to be a part in your life? Everything isn't about just me and Lilly!"
He laughing weak
"You are already in my life!"


I don't know how it came out in the papers, but one day I saw a picture of me and Lilly on a placard. "Nialls secret daughter and his girlfriend!" stood there and I went almost afraid about it. Would the whole world know about it? I was almost shocked, and I just had to buy the paper to see what they wrote about me.
"Niall has finally found his princess!" it said. "Tess and Niall were together before the X-factor and now it looks like they found each other again. A secret source told us that Niall's also the father of her daughter and this came as a shock to fans. They think that she's just after his money and that she should find another dad to her daughter! "
I almost started to cry. Was that what the fans thought? That I was just looking for money and wealth?


I threw the magazine in Nialls nose and I cried.
"So now the whole world knows who I am?"
Niall was as surprised as me and he read through the paper,
"But ..." he got out of it. "I haven't talked about that I'm daddy?"
I wiped away the tears and tried not to yell at him.
"So you mean that no one else knows about it?"
He shook his head and then looked up at me.
"You told me that no one else knows about it!"
Then it hit me! Mom knew about it. I sat next to Niall and immediately fell hag together.
"I might accidentally say it to my mom, but she wouldn't gossip?"

Nialls phone began to ring and he answered directly.
"Hi Mom!" he gave me a quick glance and I knew that he had to tell her the truth. I nodded and then looked down at the floor. "Yes it's true ... No she's not looking for anything! ... I trust her ... Yes Mom!"
I cried!
Whatever I had done, it had only been wrong and now also it hit Nialls reputation as the good guy. I swallowed and tried to think clearly, but it was hopeless. Niall chose to call the management and talk to them about the topic.
"So I'll come out with it?" I heard him say. "Yeah, I guess it's the right thing to do!"


"There will be an interview!" Niall said to me in the end. "I will be open about our relationship and who Lilly is. I promise not to say anything stupid!"
I looked at him and nodded
"Can I come with you?"
Niall smiled right away and kissed my lips quickly.
"Yes, you're mine!"
I smiled and tried to consider foreward, but it was hard. I just saw how everyone threw dirt on me and the fact that everyone would hate me. I had read about Harry and how the fans hated his girlfriends. The fans had an hard on them and no one could come between.


I don't know what channel it was or who did the interview, but when we got there they makeup Niall, and then he had to go into a studio. He sat down on a chair and an elderly lady sat on another chair. It was she who would ask the questions and I swallowed. Niall smiled quickly at me and then put the cameras on running. I barely heard what they were talking about and I chose to keep me far away from them. Right as it was a girl came up to me and hugged me quickly.
"I just want to say congratulations, I understand that you've had it hard!"
I looked at her in surprise
"Niall told us just now that you took care of the your daughter on your own and he said you were the strongest woman he knew!"
She realized that I hadn't heard anything and pulled me behind a wall. There was a TV that showed the whole conversation. I heard the woman asked Niall about Lilly and he shone like a sun.
"I'm getting to know her now , but I love her already. Lilly is a mix between us, I think, but she's just as mischievous as her father is!"


Actually, I was happy. Niall urges to the fans to leave me alone and he explained that no one could accuse me of anything. I was the only person who saw Niall as a regular guy and I wasn't looking for anything. He asked them to stop throwing dirt on us and that they would surely understand that I was more than just a girl.
"Are you giving Tess only one chance, you will see the wonderful person that I love. I will never let her go again and I don't allow you to be nasty!"

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