Moment in time

I gave birth to a shapely little girl. I was seventeen when I became a mom to my daughter. She had just me and I didn't tell her who was her father. I lived a pretty normal life, until he came back.


11. Fans

In the morning we made our way out of order and ate a big breakfast. I had no idea that the family Horan ate so much food, and they talked so much. Lilly just enjoyed and she sat between Niall and me at the table.
"Mom!" she whispered right as it was and pulled me by the arm. I drew attention to her and she smiled big. "Sure, we have fun?"
I smiled at her and nodded.
"Yes we have fun!"
She ate and seemed contented look on all with large eyes.
"Dad?" she then disconnect itself. "Why do we eat so much?"
Niall laughed and leaned against her
"Because we can cope with the day and we love food!"
"Oh!" she got out of her small mine, "And we will not be big and strong?"
Niall smiled and agreed 
"Well that too!"


Niall and I then took Lilly out to Mullingar. We went to school and Lilly wanted to know everything about where Niall had played and where he had been with his friends.
"Mom, I know all about!" she said with satisfaction and looked at me. "You not angry that I asked Dad about everything?"
I laughed and shook my head. Niall seemed to enjoy. He was like the sun, and really wanted to do this with her daughter. Right as it was I saw a few girls and they seemed to follow us with their eyes.
"Don't bother!" Niall whispered to me directly and I looked directly at him anxiously.
"I have read in the newspapers about what fans can do!"


We came to the shops when it did stop for us. Right as it was a few girls came up to us and they almost threw them self over Niall. Lilly wasn't scared but I looked at her that she didn't understand why. I picked her up in my arms and was about to leave, when Niall grabbed my waist
"You're staying!" he whispered, looking at me with a knowing look. I swallowed and stopped, but I didn't like it. There was more fans running towards our direction and finally I got panic. Niall saw it, but couldn't help me. Lilly took her arms tightly around my neck and hid her face against my neck.


Eventually I escaped!


I left Niall standing with the fans and I almost ran home to his parents' house. Lilly was crying because she didn't understand.
"Dad, I want to daddy!"
I cried too.
"But you did see all the girls?"
She almost wanted to beat me.
"You're stupid!"


It went totally wrong and Maura took over Lilly as soon as we got inside the door. She understood what had happened and she calmed Lilly down pretty soon, so she listened.
"Daddy's coming, but he has fans who want to take pictures of him!"
Lilly showed with the entire body that she liked it.
"Stupid Girls"
I could do nothing but swallow and try to stop crying. Finally Maura sat Lilly down on my lap.
"It's a transformation!" she said. "But that's how it is when Niall is out!"

Lilly didn't like it and I suffered with her.
"Dad's famous!" I whispered. "He sings in a group and travelling around the world!"
I nodded
"That's why mom didn't say anything about him. He has another life that we aren't accustomed to!"

Lilly hugged me silently and then she looked into my eyes.
"Mom, I want to go home!"
I wiped away the tears.
"I know!"

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