Apparently Bow-ties Aren't Cool

Doctor? Doctor Who?

(Cue opening sequence...Doweeoooooo)


6. When Loreal Shampoo is Involved...

"I know, I know," Jack sighed. He winked and settled himself by the railing. "You know…that girl right there. She ain't a girl at all."

Castiel took a step back in shock. "It's a transgender?!"

"No!" Jack shook his head. "It's Leggy in disguise."

Everyone's eyes settled on Sophella as her body seemed to shimmer. It was like all the atoms were shifting and changing. Then it wasn't a girl at all but a man with long blonde hair and a bottle of shampoo. "Hello," the man said in a strong English accent.

"What?!" Dean and Sam squeaked at the same time. "What's going on?"

"Oh, well, I somehow managed to stumble across old Jacky here and then he said he needed to see 'the Doctor' so we ended up in this TARDIS thing?" 'Leggy' explained.

"That doesn't explain the shampoo," Castiel explained.

Leggy blinked. He raised the bottle as if he hadn't seen it before. "I must carry one bottle around at all times incase my hair goes anything but silky soft and smooth."

Despite the random events that day the Doctor leant forward and peered at Leggy. He seemed fascinated by him- possibly because said Leggy was an elf. "An elf!" the Doctor said. Everyone ignored him.

"You're pretty vain. Even worse than I am and that's saying something." Dean frowned. "And…you're an elf?"

"Why yes. From Middle Earth. And you're not a dwarf are you?" Leggy asked, raising an eyebrow.

Dean took a while to process the insult. Then it finally occurred to him that he was neither short, nor stocky or even fat for that matter! "Hey! I wouldn't be talking you-"




Jack grinned. "Oh. We're in England already? This is going to be fun!" He rushed down the stairs to the doors and threw them open like in one of those Disney Movies where the princess is insanely happy about being free or something similar and rushes outside to embrace the feeling

"Come, you guys. Let's go after this detective!" The Doctor said enthusiastically. 

"You never mentioned a detective," Dean said suspiciously. 

"Oh, didn't I?" The Doctor blinked innocently like he sincerely forgotten about it. "Must've slipped my mind."

"Well come on. Tell us the name." 

The Doctor pulled his top hat onto his head and straightened his bow tie. "We're off to see Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. I do believe that they're staying in a said Author Conan Doyle's house."


A/N I would like to acknowledge that Loony started this chapter. I hadn't checked the drafts till now. And so I think this book should be dedicated to her.


This book is dedicated to Loony for being such a great author and a great person

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