Apparently Bow-ties Aren't Cool

Doctor? Doctor Who?

(Cue opening sequence...Doweeoooooo)


5. The Embarrassing Return of Captain Jack Harkness

The girl really creeped Castiel out. It was kind of the way her big eyes just roamed everywhere to no specific point in particular. Finally they settled on the Doctor. She beamed widely. "I brought back an old lover," the girl squealed in delight.

"What?" the Doctor stared at her.

Dean and Sam sniggered, which earned them a whack on the head with a fez.

"Who is it?"

The girl didn't reply. She just danced almost drunkedly around the TARDIS with her hair billowing behind her. "Oh Jackie!" the girl giggled.

A man appeared out of nowhere. He had a handsome face and short cropped brown hair. "Hello," Captain Jack Harness said.

The Doctor sighed. "How many times have I told you? There's a time and a place."

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