Apparently Bow-ties Aren't Cool

Doctor? Doctor Who?

(Cue opening sequence...Doweeoooooo)


1. In Which Castiel Offends the Doctor Without Realising It

The TARDIS doors flew open as a great rush of wind exploded into the Doctor, who flew backwards a feet. He tried frantically to grab hold of the railing but he slipped and the wind hurled him back onto the hard floor. A cry of alarm burst out of his throat.

"TARDIS!" The Doctor said. He attempted to stand up but he was knocked down immediately. Eventually the Doctor began his treacherous crawl to close the doors. Every step took a great amount of energy as the ferocity of the wind greatened. The TARDIS began to shake like an earthquake off the Richter scale. 

Through his watery gaze the Doctor could just make out a figure landing lightly on the floor of the TARDIS as if there was no hurricane at all. It was a man, he could tell that much. With short, dark brown hair, a light caramel coloured trench-coat and...wings? Big white wings that spread out a few metres or so. The Doctor had never seen that type of alien before. 

The wind died down.

The Doctor staggered to his feet and shook himself. The man with wings stared at him. "Hello," the Doctor said. "I'm the Doctor."

The man glanced around the TARDIS as if he'd seen it all before. It didn't seem to bother him like it did other people. "I'm Castiel. Angel of the Lord," the man, with a name, replied stiffly.

"Oh. An Angel? Fascinating! I haven't seen your type in ages." The Doctor smiled.

"I don't like your fez," Castiel stated.

"Sorry?" The Doctor wasn't sure he'd heard him properly.

"I don't like your fez." Apparently he had. "And your bow-tie. It's not cool."

That's when the Doctor concluded he didn't like this 'Castiel Angel of the Lord' guy one bit.

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