To raise an avenger

What if the avengers had kids? What challenges would they face? Would it effect the team? Read and find out!


5. To install a car seat

A few hours later they came upon avengers mansion and was greeted by a joyous Thor. "Welcome back friends!"
"Sounds like we were gone for years," Steve said. 
"To us you were," said Clint. "What are you going to show junior B first?"
Tony smiled brightly. "Our own collectables."
Clint seemed confused. But Natasha understood completely. She grabbed Clint's hand excitedly. "Shopping Clint!"
"Ah! Midgardian toys of ourselves! Are we going to one of the great spending buildings stark?"
"Right on Thor. Just give us a minute. I ain't comfy in this." Him, pepper, Steve and Bruce went inside and changed into more comfortable clothes. Pepper dressed little Bruce in a small iron man booty onesy. She had gotten it as a surprise for tony when the baby first came home. It even had little mittens and a hat with the iron man mask on it. And the little heart reactor glowed when you touched it. 
She came out and tony was just installing the baby seat. Although on closer inspection it was actually tony, Steve, Bruce, and Clint installing it. Thor watched in amusement. "How many midgardian men dose it take to install a midgardian baby's place of safety. 
Natasha walked over to pepper laughing so hard she was starting to tear up. Then she saw little Bruce a instantly cooing over him. He was awake and reached at her with his little mittens. "They even have little repulser blasts on them."
At the sound of "repulser blast." Tony sat up and smashed his head off the car roof. He came out rubbing it and ran over to pepper. When he saw little Bruce he probably could have passed out. "Oh pepper!" She handed him Bruce and Bruce snuggled into his chest. But, being a stark, he noticed the heart reactor on tony and genteelly touched it then touched his own little one and it started to glow. 
"That's right Brucey. That's the heart reactor." He just sat and stared like baby's would but tony could see the intelligence in his eyes. He would be a great stark. 
His thoughts were interrupted by a whoop from Clint. They all got out of the car and looked at there work. 
"Something seems out of order," said Thor. 
Natasha, pepper and tony walked over. Natasha started laughing again and pepper shook her head. 
Pepper spoke. "It looks great. The only problem is its in backwards."
"What?" Steve was confused. "But the feet face forward."
"Not a newborn baby's seat," said pepper. 
Natasha, still laughing walked over to the car and took the seat out, flipped it the right way and strapped it in in less then a minute. 
"Show off," pouted Clint. 
"You guys tried. That's better then most men," said pepper. 
Pepper took Brucey and put him into the the now fixed car seat. She closed the door and turned to tony. "Now lets go see if they caught your good side on those plushie's."

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