To raise an avenger

What if the avengers had kids? What challenges would they face? Would it effect the team? Read and find out!


7. Taking her back

(AN: I found the time machine idea from a photo on Deviantart. I sadly can't remember what it's called or who made it but its amazing art work! Credit to them!)

Well, you can imagine what happened next. 
2 months later it was mid May. Two things were happening. 
They were trying to teach Brucey to talk but he just blubbered nonsense. 
And Natasha was pregnant. So when it came down to avengers assemble she would talk and give them info from avengers mansion well they fought. 
It was looking like a Christmas baby. Thor was very excited about that. 
Thor, believe it or not, was working on a time machine with Bruce and tony. Using tech and science with Thor's knowledge of how the rainbow bridge and super speed travelling, they were able to make it but it would use up so much power that the city would probably have a two minute power outage. Tony even had it hooked up to the arc reactor in order to make it. 
It was hard for Thor to keep the secret but he did. 
One day in late May, Thor told tony and Bruce that he couldn't do it any longer so they agreed to give it to Steve early. They knew what he was going to pick up anyway. 
Steve was in the kitchen getting a glass of milk when Jarvis told him that he was needed in the lab. 
He went drinking his milk. He loved milk but it couldn't match eggnog. Eggnog reminded him of past Christmas's.
 He couldn't imagine why he was wanted in the lab. He wasn't exactly up to date on today's technology. 
He entered the room to find all his friends there. Even Fury, Colson, and Marie were in the lab. 
Tony put a hand on Steve shoulder. "Me and Bruce made something for you for Christmas and with Thor's help your now able to time travel."
Steve was shocked. If he had been a normal person he might of fainted. 
"There's only enough juice for one trip. 2 minutes. So make it count." Said Bruce. 
Steve smiled. He knew what he was going to do. 
He set his milk down on the lab table as Tony led him over and helped him inside. 
"Just put in the time, date and location on this panel. Then push the red button." Tony closed the door. Almost immediately the power went out. 
"He knew what he was doing," commented fury. 
"I wish I knew," pondered Colson. 
"I think I know what he's doing." Tony smiled. 


Steve felt a rush and then was then exactly where he wanted to be. 
It was the day he went down. The exact moment he hit the water. 
The exact moment when he was talking to Peggy. 
He was standing beside her at that moment. He thought at first she might have a heart attack but she didn't. 
The first one to speak was actually Howard stark. "Steve? How?"
Steve smiled at him. "Your son is a brilliant man. Treat him well Howie." Then he turned to Peggy. "Come with me." He held out his hand. 
"Where?" She asked. 
"The future."
She smiled and started to cry. She hugged Steve. "Thank you for coming back."
"I would never leave you behind like that." He hugged her back. 
"My son?" Asked Howard. 
Steve looked up again. "Don't worry Howie. You raised him well. Don't change a thing you'll do because if me."
Howard smiled. "I miss you Steve."
"I miss you too Howie." 
Then suddenly Steve and Peggy where shot back to avengers mansion. 
Howard stark stood where he had been. Steve said not to change anything because of him showing up. He smiled and went back to his lab where he started making something to find Steve. 


The lights flickered back on. 
"He's back!" Said Clint. 
The door opened and out stepped Steve. And behind him was Peggy. 
"This is Peggy Carter everyone." Steve introduced her. 
Peggy smiled. 
Tony took her hand and started shaking it. "Pleased to meet you. I'm Tony stark."
Peggy was shocked. "Are you Howard's son?"
"One and only." 
The others introduced themselves. 
After Brucey was introduced Peggy whispered to Steve "I've seen three generations of Starks in 2 minutes."
Steve smiled. He was happy. 
Tony raised his hands. "What we all standing around for? We're not getting any younger! Lets celebrate the success!"
They all went upstairs. Steve holding Peggy's hand. 
He completely forgot his milk on the lad table. 

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