To raise an avenger

What if the avengers had kids? What challenges would they face? Would it effect the team? Read and find out!


1. Get in the car!

it's my first story so please don't judge! You can give me constructive critsisium though. :) anyways, away we go!

It was fine. Perfect wedding ceremony and on their way to Mr. and Mrs. Barton's wedding party. When tony stark shot 120m per hour in front of the whole thing. Of course, being as much a family as a team, everyone followed. They kept trying to get a hold of the three in Starks car. Yes, three. Tony stark. Pepper stark. And Bruce banner. Yes, the hulk was in a panicking mans car speeding down the highway with what everyone could only assume was a baby on the way. It was confirmed later when Tony's voice came over all the cars in the little parade to say "Peppers water broke!! I need Steve in my car! NOW!" "How do you expect him to get from our car to yours tony?!?" Shouted nick fury. Him colson and Steve Rodgers aka captain America were right behind the speeding locomotive. "I don't know!! He's a super solider! Jump or fly I don't care! I need him to get peeper out! Fury! Now please! I don't know if Bruce can help all three of us breath at once!" Steve was out the window before anyone could say anything. He measured the distance and sprung. His legs soon touched down on top of Starks car. He slipped in through the back window and rolled it up. He found Bruce doing, or at least attempting, breathing methods in the back seat. He was trying to explain to pepper how to do them but it didn't seem to be helping. It would almost be laughable as the beeping on his watch went fast, then slowed down, then sped up, and slowed down. Tony almost seemed worse then pepper. He was white knuckle driving to a point of getting purple tipped fingers from losing circulation. Steve grabbed Tony's shoulder. "Calm down tony. Focus on the road. Your goal is simple. Hospital. Where's the nearest one?" Jarvis answered from the car speakers. "3 miles by the highway." Pepper screamed and Bruce started breathing faster. "No good Jarvis!" Yelled tony. "More options?" Asked Steve. "There's a side road on the upcoming exit that would cut down time significantly." Answered Jarvis. "Directions please!" Steve was gripping the seat hard to keep from flying around in the car. He started relaying them to tony and tony flew down roads and turns like a mad man. Who could blame him? He would be a father soon! Which reminded Steve of the mother. He grabbed peppers hand and started rubbing her neck. "Breath pepper. Think happy thoughts. Think of the name you chose. If you want it to be a boy or girl. What you think it will grow up to be like. Focus on something other then the labor." It seemed to help. She didn't speak but she stopped screaming and started listening to Bruce's breathing methods. Bruce was calming down and was now making casual talk to pepper. Asking simple yes or know questions. Bringing things up for her to smile and relax. Mentioning how to breath every once in a while. "Sharp right sir. Your here." Jarvis's voice came over again. "She's reaching a critical point sir." "I can tell Jarvis!" Tony flew into two parking spaces as he didn't bother parking properly. His wife was having a baby! Before the car had stopped Steve was out and opening peppers door. He lifted her bridle style and ran towards the building with tony right on his heels Bruce waited a moment to catch his breath then ran after them with the rest close behind.

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