To raise an avenger

What if the avengers had kids? What challenges would they face? Would it effect the team? Read and find out!


6. Avengers toys

"Toys-R-us?" Asked Thor walking towards the building. "And a baby's-R-us." Said Tony. "We'll, go find avengers stuff and meet here in an hour." With that him, pepper and Brucey went towards baby's-R-us. They all separated. Steve went down an aisle and found stuffed animals. There were actually three aisles of stuffed animals. And low and behold, a whole section of avengers stuffys. He picked up a rag design one and found it was him shaped like a bear. It even had a little stuffed shield attached to it. He found the other plushie's of the avengers but he didn't like hulks. The face looked mean and aggressive. So he kept searching until he found a Bruce Banner one. It was smiling timidly but had purple pants and a green shirt. They even kept the curly brown hair. Good. Much better then the mean looking hulk one. He was soon loaded with stuffed toys and found a basket to put them in. He put them in the basket and was walking past a news stand when he saw a shocking headline "KIDNAPPER STRIKES AGAIN" it went on to tell of a man who had been able to get into the most protected of places and kidnap famous people's children. 'Well let them try,' thought Steve. He would later wish he didn't make the offer.


Bruce shuffled down the aisles. It was hard to find anything of him were its not hulk looking terrifying. He sighed. He walked past a girls aisle and noticed a sowing kit. Then he thought of something brilliantly simple. He smiled and asked a clerk were to find sowing materials. She looked at him funny but lead him to an aisle. He picked out the materials he would need and some fluffy stuffing. He smiled as he looked at his materials. Little Bruce would love it! ******************************************** Thor looked at the shelfs. There were figures of him that talked. He touched one and it went "For Asgard!" He pulled his hand back. "Midgardian's can be so strange," he mumbled to himself. He held his hammer closer. He touched the other toys. They emitted sounds like "I am iron man!" and "Hulk smash!" Thor found it amusing when he found that the archer and his lover came together in a package. When he touched the captains someone seemed to have removed the twist tie off the shield and it flew out of the box and hit Thor in the nose. It didn't hurt but surprised him and he put his hand on his hammer. He stopped himself from smashing the pathetic mortal play thing when he realized that playing with this thing might actually help the boys aim. He smiled at the thought of the child hitting the captain in the nose with the little shield. He let out a hardy laugh and picked up the figures. He was walking out of the aisle when he noticed something on the ground. It was a small toy of Bruce. It was squishy and perfect for a small baby to chew. He took it smiling to himself. ******************************************** Clint and Natasha went down an aisle towards the back of the store and saw something that's made Clint very happy. Natasha was looking at costumes and small things. Clint snuck down the aisle and into the next. There it was. Things he loved to play with. Lego. And a lego him! They had the avengers set made on a table for people to look at. It was set as the New York City battle. Clint saw himself up on the building and put his face against the glass. He started to narrate the scene. Iron man: Clint! We need your awesomeness! Cap: what do we do Clint? Thor: We need you great one! Clint: (in commando voice) Fight with all you've got! Thor keep them at bay at the vortex. Cap, get the people out of the area. The rest of you, keep fighting the alien's here. He made shooting noises. Black widow: (high pitched) we can't keep them at bay! Theres an incoming nuke! Please save us hawkeye! He imagined little him pulling her close by the hips and putting his forehead to hers. Clint: I will, but I can't promise I'll come back alive. Thor! Throw me. Thor picked him up and threw him towards the nuke and the vortex. Clint was so into his little game he didn't notice Natasha behind him. He continued: Little him shoot an arrow at a building top and kicked the nuke through the vortex. He yanked on the arrow rope and pulled himself back down towards earth. Little him pulled some awesome moves and landed beside Natasha with a "whoosh" and "nueww!" He pulled her close again. Natasha: I thought you wouldn't make it. Clint: I never said I wouldn't and never said I would. What matters is that I'm here now. He started making a kissing noise. The real Natasha grabbed him and turned him to face her. He went beet red. Natasha finished his fantasy for him by kissing him. They pulled apart and smiled. "When's Brucey's older I'm sure he would love to play with you but right now lets find something else." They walked off holding hands but Clint wasn't watching where he was going and almost knocked over a stand of newspapers. He stopped it but was shocked by the title of "KIDNAPPER STRIKES AGAIN!" him and Natasha read the article and pushed closer to each other as they walked on. ******************************************** Tony and pepper looked at outfits for newborns. They found some more avengers themed onesies. Then Pepper found a set for a baby and the father. It was just two blue shirts that say "I love my Dad" and "I love my son". They found two small circular soothers. One was a heart reactor and the other was caps shield. They had fun picking out toys and other small things. They even found some small dinkies that look like Tony's car collection. They finished and started heading back to the meeting place. Pepper was talking to Brucey as they walked. Tony was in front of her when he saw the news headline. "KIDNAPPER STRIKES AGAIN." He kept it in mind to look up when they got back. He made sure to block it when pepper caught up with him. No sense in worrying her. ******************************************** They met back up and had a few laughs at some of the things bought. Especially Thor's captain America figure. It was a happy day setting up the room. Even if he wouldn't sleep there for about another two weeks or so.

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