"A" Night to Remember

For those Pretty Little Liars fans... My character ~ Dana (made up) is a student at Rosewood High School that is the ex-bestfriend of Spencer and is having relations with Ezra. She gets caught in the mess of Ezra, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily's mess. Read to see what happens to this twist of plot of the Pretty Little Liars book series and T.V. show...


8. Do or Die

The next morning...

"Good morning guys." I yawned

"Ughhhhhh!" Hanna said as she covered her head with a pillow.

"Good morning Dana." Emily said nicely

"Hey sleepy heads! I made coffee." Aria told us as she handed us each a mug with coffee.

"Thanks." I replied to Aria

"No problem." Aria said with a smile

Aria was beaning nice to me for a change.

"Spence gets out today, yay!" Hanna blurted out

"First things first. What does Spencer know?" Aria asked

There was silence.

"Ok then we need to confront her right away cause if she knows something we need to know..." Hanna exclaimed

"Wait she just got out of the hospital we don't need to confront her now." Aria mentioned

"Yeah." I agreed

"Then what do you guys suggest?" Emily asked

"We should confront her when the time is right." I murmured

"Yeah! We should have a code word when it's time." Aria agreed

"Oooh our code word should be pancakes!" Hanna shouted

We laughed.

"Ok pancakes it is." I exclaimed

"What's for breakfast, I'm starving." Hanna blurted

Aria pulled out cereal and milk.

"Cereal!" Aria shouted

"Ok, fine with me." Hanna murmured as she got up


At school...

"Hey." I grabbed Ezra

"Oh hey,what's up?" He asked

"I have good news." I whispered

"Ok come in." He told me pointing towards his classroom

We walked in.

"I'm not pregnant." I finally told him

"What? Did you lose the baby or abortion or what, please explain." He muttered

"There was never a baby. Spencer put it in her purse like the day I took it so no one would see it and it was positive then when she was ready to throw it away somewhere far away it was negative." I explained

"Wow, I don't know what to say." He murmured as he hugged me

"I'll meet you at your apartment later ok?" I mumbled

"Ok, I'll see you there." He said as I left the room


In the hallway...

"Hey, do you guys wanna ditch to meet Spencer at the hospital?" Aria asked

"Yeah sounds good to me." Hanna replied

"I guess." Emily responded

"Sorry guys I have already ditch once this week I can't anymore or my mom will kill me so..." I told them

"It's cool, we will text you if you wanna come to Spencer's later after school." Aria told me

"Ok thanks." I replied

"Bye." They all said as they walked away

I pasted by Ezra's room.

"No Alison. I can't give you money!" Ezra fussed

He paused.

"Ok, fine just a couple of hundreds but don't ask me again after this. You know that I wanted nothing to do with this. Bye." He hung up

Alison? No. She's dead. Wait do the girls know?

I walked away and to my next class.


At Spencer's house...

I knocked on the door.

Spencer answered.

"Hey Dana, come in." Spencer motioned me

Hanna, Aria, and Emily were already there.

"I need to talk to you guys about something." I told them

"Yeah anything." Spencer said

"I think Alison is alive." I confessed

There was complete silence.

"I know it's far fetched but..." I mumbled

There was still silence.

"Look Dana..." Spencer stumbled

"What? What are you guys hiding from me?" I yelled

There was continuos silence.

"No one wants to talk huh? I'm done with all of you. I don't want to be friends with someone who doesn't trust me enough to tell me anything." I shouted

"Dana wait." Spencer grabbed me

"Spencer!" Aria shook her head

"I don't care. Dana, Alison is alive. We didn't tell you to protect you." Spencer explained

"To protect me? Wow. That still didn't change my mind. Why did you hide something this big from me? You know what, I don't want to know." I yelled as I ran out the door

"Dana!" Spencer called after me

"No Spencer I'm done with all of this!" I yelled

My phone beeped

Once upon a time a princess fled

from the kingdom.

Guess what? She ended up dead.


I kept walking.

Why does a want me to stay with them? I know some information that I thought was wanted hidden.

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